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Friday, 28 June 2013

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Ways to quit your Job.

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There comes a time in one’s working life when you have to quit a job. When the job sucks or when the job is totally different from the job offer letter or when you have finally decided to go after that job that helps you make a life. Quitting your job is no longer as important as how to quit the job, hence the creative ways to quit your job. 

There are two ways to quit a job.
1. The right way
2. The even right way.
The right way is definitely not among the creative ways to quit your job. It  involves planning, focusing, impression management and keeping your tongue in your cheek. The right way to quit your job is to pre-plan, draft a resignation letter (or get a freelance writer to do it for you to include your specifics like date of resignation and make it good enough to stand in court), meet with your boss, as it would be disrespectful for your boss to hear it from word on the street. In breaking the news, you should use words, like, "I've found something better that aligns with my objectives" if you have found a better job, or "this is the best thing for my family right now". The only similarity it has with the creative ways to quit your job is that it also involves planning and giving about two weeks notice. The planning also has to do with preparing to answer questions that might be thrown your way after you break  the good news to your boss and how you  would turn down the new job offer which purports to increase your allowances because you know it’s a trap. It involves reviewing all the clauses stated in the job offer letter that you received sometime back when you started the job. It also involves being professional up until the very last minute as you clear your seat and finalize all your handing over to the next victim who has received the job offer. You would have to be straight, discreet and appreciative of the great opportunity the job offer had awarded you. This should be done after you have received all your bonuses and benefits because your employer might not be as discreet as you because if they were, you probably won’t be leaving. In some cases , you have to request to be fired so as to get  unemployment checks  if you live in a developed country and want to take time off to  be a couch potato and binge on food high in trans fat.This is a right way to quit your job because , it sounds right, and it would help someday when you need a reference from your former employer or when you get into politics and need to suck up to everyone and present a squeaky clean history slate.


The even right way to quit your job involves creative ways to quit, when you don’t just give a damn, it involves literally not just burning the bridges but  deep frying the bridges until they become charcoal and serving them to the boss cold.  Here are examples of creative ways to quit your job.

1.Using the platform as a spring board for your new enterprise: The best example of this very creative way to quit your job is Chris Holmes who resigned from his job as an immigration official in border force UK to follow his passion of  food making  and finally had the balls to go out and do this job since he realized the importance of doing the job that makes you happy. Needless to say, that  www.mrcake.co.uk  has received great overwhelming hits and bookings and the cake business is booming. Way to go!
ways to quit, Lifestyle, job offer, jobs

2. Cause a nuisance: Another creative way to quit your job is to make a nuisance. The best example so far is that of the Joey DeFrancesco,  who used to work with Renaissance Providence Hotel where the workers had issues with the way the hotel was being run. He wrote a letter and he came loaded with a marching band in tow, to put a stamp to his freedom and his new life in the deeper waters of life.

Okay, you might not be able to afford a matching band, because if you did, you probably won't be leaving the job, but who needs a matching band to create a nuisance when you have yourself. Walk into your boss's office and yell in a voice that could be heard miles away, "I QUIT". You can also break the work rules on your last intended day, sleep on your desk, watch movies during office hours, leave clients unattended to and then best of all. go to work butt naked.

3. Create an entertainment package: Another creative way to quit your job is to create a nice entertainment . It might have to be contrived with an American Tv network and a Motown quintet called the voices,but  at least that is what phil sipka who used to work as a barista in robust coffee lounge in Chicago did. Whatever you do, it must receive an applause after it all. Because its meant to entertain.
A more recent job quitting video which has gone viral with over 14 million views as at October 2013 is the Marina shifrin video which she made in the wee hours of the morning on her day of quitting a very strenuous job.In her own words she described the company as awesome but thinks the working conditions are terrible. Needless to say, she would earn a lot from the ads which might equate her annual salary if the views continue. She also got an offer from Queen Latifah few days afterwards. Sometimes taking a very bold step is all that we need.

4. Make an indelible stamp: This creative way to quit your job might be a little risky  as it might get you arrested. A very public example is that of a jet blue air host, steven slater  who just lost it when an unruly passenger decided to act terribly by trying to retrieve a luggage when the plane had not completely stopped. He gave the other passengers a  piece of him while emptying all what he had to keep inside since he started the job. He was arrested the next day for criminal mischief and reckless endangerment, but he also became a celebrity and his facebook page is booming. 
ways to quit, Lifestyle, job offer, jobs
This guy plastered the walls of his work place with this deadly sign. He also had to repaint it
5. Say it like it is: This embodies the even right way to quit, it involves just saying it like it is, shaming the boss to think right for once in his lifetime and do things correctly. This can be done verbally or done in writing by the cowardly.
ways to quit, Lifestyle, job offer, jobs
Way to go sheila.
If you don’t have the balls to follow these creative ways to quit, then it’s better to sit down on that job and share this blog post or better still send us some other examples that we missed.But remember. sometimes you have to find ways to quit your job before you get fired.