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How to bleach skin without any Health Hassles

how to bleach skinSkin whitening or skin bleaching as it is often known is commonest among Asians, Africans and of course African Americans. White and toned skin is often believed to be better looking and more attractive than dark or black skin. This line of thought is completely erroneous but it keeps gaining momentum with each passing day. India is the worst hit, just look at Bollywood for instance, you can never tell that there are actually lots of black Indians in India from Bollywood, because only the light skinned Indians are paraded in films and movies, there was even a movie about this discrimination but that only strengthened it.
You would never see this beauties in Bollywood.

Skin whitening and bleaching is a multi million dollar industry in Asia and indeed in the world and most people not exactly satisfied with the color or the look of their skin buy skin whitening and bleaching creams over the counter and are often faced with the hazardous effects associated with skin bleaching and whitening with the wrong products.

A lot of times though, most people are just looking to get an even skin tone or color because in reality, even skin tones otherwise known as  the consistency of skin color is considered more attractive than having a certain skin color . This is usually the most common reason for skin whitening and bleaching and most want to bleach their skin evenly to achieve this.
African American Celebrities spend thousands of dollars monthly to get their skin bleached appropriately and they don’t seem to suffer the adverse effects that most skin bleachers suffer.  Adverse effects like hyper pigmentation which often results as bleached or whitened skin begins to age, redness of skin, skin irritation and skin cancer are a few of the many side effects of skin whitening or bleaching.
At least Nicki Minaj never complained of anything.

Skin whitening and bleaching however can be done slowly and surely just like celebrities do it without any harmful effect.
Here is how to bleach your skin  without any health hassles.

1.    Consult a Dermatologist:

Okay ,chances are you are on a budget and can’t consult one, but honestly the best way to whiten your skin is to first consult a dermatologist who would check your skin before recommending appropriate skin lightening and bleaching treatment. They would be able to test your skin to see if your skin can withstand the action of skin whitening creams. All celebrity skin whitening except for the cheap ones begin this way.

2.    Eat the right foods.
Eventually you would look like this
The best way to bleach your skin effectively is to do it both from the outside and the inside, paying much more attention to the insides than the outsides. A well bleached skin has to be bleached first from the insides that is the roots of the skin, than just applying harsh chemicals on the skin surface. There are a host of foods that help to bleach skin naturally. Some of these foods include antioxidants such as glutathione that prevents melanin production. Melanin is responsible for pigmentation of the skin, hair and eye color. With increased stress, hormones, medications and sun damage, melanin production might greatly increase leading to dark splotches and spots. Skin whitening pills falls under this category, they are supposed to help reduce melanin production, the same thing lacking in albinos. 
3.    Buy the right skin whitening creams.
In doing this, you have to be very vigilant about the ingredients of the skin whitening cream in question. Remember it is not about the immediate effects but about a lasting hassle free bleached skin. The words hydroquinone on a skin whitening cream should be a deal breaker for purchasing the cream. No matter the quantity or the doctor or celebrity endorsing the bleaching cream. These ingredient lightens skin fast but increase sensitivity and irritation which would lead to burns from sun rays, dark spots, varicose veins and age spots. It is also one of the leading causes of skin cancer. There are now several variations of these ingredient and care must be taken not to miss them on products.  

When using a lightening or brightening cream, you have to take utmost caution and use from the best whitening creams available. Apply first to the darkest parts of your body, the knees, armpits, elbows and butt only. Do not apply evenly on your skin except your skin has an even tone already. Most creams bleach evenly, so the fairest spots still appears fairer than the rest spot and upon continuous application might lead to over bleaching of the skin which might result in skin damage.

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4.    Start an all-round full skincare and treatment.
An all-round skincare treatment and maintenance is needed if you are to commence skin bleaching or whitening. Even without bleaching and whitening, you are supposed to take care of your skin but when you intend to bleach your skin, you have to up your skincare. The following should become part of your beauty regimen.
a.    Sunscreen Protection: this is to prevent sun poisoning from ultraviolet rays. Remember bleached skin has less melanin and should not be directly exposed to the sun for long.
b.    Toning and exfoliation: this is to constantly remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. As we age, the ability to effectively shed dead cells reduces and  here is where exfoilants come in
c.    Moisturisation : Bleached skin has to be constantly moisturized to ensure that it does not  chap , dry and appear flaky.
d.    Use natural bathing soaps for your skin, Use goat milk soap, African black soap and a host of natural products.