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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Is dairy causing your acne or pimples?

One of the most effective ways to cure acne is to find out exactly what the cause is. It is not advisable to just go on the internet and  start shopping for acne treatment products, applying them on your face and turning yourself into a lab rat. There are a thousand and one causes of acne and it is very important to know what triggers your acne the most, that is the only way you can effectively prevent them from appearing in the first place as against having to treat them and clear the resultant scar. Acne breakouts can be frustrating and embarrassing, but trying out acne and pimples products might even be more frustrating.
Dairy causing acne
A lot of acne products don’t work, that’s the fact. Some do, and then later stop and for the ones that work, you would have to keep an extra bottle in case , you run out, because you would most likely have acne breakouts within few days of not using the products. These products were made for continuous dependence, in order to build what has become one of the largest industries in the world, the beauty and cosmetic industry.
Understanding the major triggers of your pimples, is definitely the right step in putting your acne problem behind you. One often overlooked trigger of pimples especially for people with oily skin is dairy products. Especially milk. Milk in all it’s forms, (pasteurized, organic, toned, double toned, skimmed, powdered, homogenized, creamed, full creamed) is a major trigger for acne.

How does milk cause acne?

dairy milk causing acne and pimples
Those tits even look like giant pimples, Don't they?
Cow milk contains hormones apart from a shitload of over 20 chemicals which are contained in drugs and painkillers, some of which are given to the cow while maintaining “ best veterinary practices "  while some are contained in the cow feed etc. These hormones which includes estrone sulphate is responsible for triggering oil glands. They occur naturally during the menstrual cycle of the cows and are heightened during pregnancy and lactation, which is when we take this milk from them. A lot of these hormones are therefore transferred into the milk, which was originally meant for the calves. 
Dairy product especially milk is the third of three major causes of overproduction of cells that line the pores, the others being ovaries/testicles and adrenal glands.  The ovaries and testicles usually cause this overproduction during puberty , pregnancy, use of some contraceptives and sometimes as a result of over masturbation. The adrenal glands cause overproduction of cells as a result of exposure to stress and dairy products just do it because they can.

 These hormones plug up the pore and lead to acne based on individual threshold of hormones peculiar to each person known as the acne threshold.
The acne threshold is the level of ingestion of hormones that trigger acne for which acne breakouts would occur. Puberty, stress, genetics , environmental factors all influence how, when and how long, different individuals cross the acne threshold and experience breakouts.

The casein and whey in milk boosts  the insulin-like growth factor alongside the insulin in the blood respectively. The hormones trigger the oil glands and puts them into overdrive, eventually blocking the pores and causing acne.

Take action against acne and dairy

If you are dealing with acne breakouts, try cutting out milk from your food for two weeks and see how your acne reacts, if there is a significant decrease, you might have found the major trigger of your acne.  In that case , the best option would be to stop taking dairy products completely, this would include whey and other supplements made from milk.

Acne and pimples caused by dairy. milk
Can i get a sandpaper?
In cases where cutting out dairy (milk) from one’s diet is difficult, the best bet would be to use dairy or milk alternatives. There are a couple of non diary milk out there, which you can try such as almond milk, coconut milk, soyabean milk and even tiger nut milk. Goat milk, camel milk or kangaroo milk would not be suitable for the same reasons the cow milk falls short. 
For women, ingesting birth control pills alongside cutting out dairy would put a stop over the hormones messing with your oil glands . Birth control pills that contain drospirenone are highly recommended. It is however laughable to take birth control pills just for acne and risk having blood clots.
Another reason while you may want to join the milk alternative craze is because presently, there are ongoing researches which are progressively linking dairy consumption to breast  and prostrate cancer.