Monday, 3 June 2013

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relationship, Lifestyle, LetterMy child,

Its just over 31 months since walking down the aisle with your mom, reciting our vows before God and Man. Since then we've been waiting patiently for you. Sometimes we wonder what's taking you so long, we then conclude that it's probably because you are a very special child. We know deep down in our hearts that your arrival is closer than we think but you don't have to  keep us waiting anymore.

We've had our fair share of  " being on the safer side" in making your coming unhindered and quick. I have been  tested on several occasions with a clean sheet,having millions of you inside me. Mummy has been  tested too and she has no cysts, no fibroids and what not. And we have sown seeds financially and otherwise investing in other children while following a  plethora of advice on what and what not's. We have not allowed our expectations to metamorphose into anxiety… yet we still await your arrival.

 Mummy needs you! Daddy needs you! Everyone needs you! There is just something about the African culture and the African woman that has made having you a certificate of completeness. You are the very person she needs right now. She has God, she has me, but she needs you to balance the equation. She has heard how discomfiting pregnancy can be... and how  painful a natural birth is. but I can tell you that she is ready to go through all of that and more just to have you. 

Mummy G , who you would eventually know as your aunty,that has a 3yr-old and a 2yr-old just gave birth another 2 months ago. Mummy T, another one of them, that has a 2yr+ old is already carrying another. These people live in the same compound with  your mummy. In fact, your uncle and aunty that married after your mummy and daddy already hold their children in their hands. 

Granddaddy and Grandmummy are not putting mummy under pressure. They call her from time to time to encourage her to be patient. My siblings and hers do the same too. But little by little, mummy is beginning to put herself under pressure. I am doing everything I can to help her, but I need you to help me.

 I want you with the last drop of my blood. I love you so much my heart literally aches sometimes. Children’s day was celebrated yesterday in church and it was beautiful. My eyes were flooded with tears to see so many lovely children showcasing their talents. I know that if you were here, you would have been one of the best! Anyway, I bought some gifts for children that are needy on your behalf; so know that your name is already recorded in church! 

 If you were here, I would have taken you to Inspiration FM’s Children Day’s Carnival at Dreamworld Africana. We would have had many lovely rides and yummy ice cream together, and I would have been overwhelmed just to hear you laugh. Nothing can describe how I would feel just to hold you in my arms knowing that you are my seed turned to  flesh.

Please do not heed all the bad news on the airwaves and think the world is a bad place. Do not listen to statistics that show that Africa is uninhabitable. We have sworn to do all we can to make the world a beautiful place for you. You will meet many challenges, but most importantly, you would have been prepared to overcome them.

I have to stop now because i'm in the office and my eyes are teary again. I can't afford crying in the workplace,  but i'm not ashamed to cry if it will make you come quickly. I know that we will surmount any mountain to finally have you in our arms… it’s just that waiting can be so hard sometimes. 

relationship, Lifestyle, Letter
We love you as no other human can ever and will ever do.

From the best Dad you could ever have,

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