Sunday, 16 June 2013

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sex, Trending, preaching in the bus
NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA: It was a Saturday afternoon and passengers had boarded the usually dirty and cranky commercial buses of Lagos. They were obviously not expecting their journey to be marred by harsh words of condemnation from a self acclaimed preacher. He had introduced himself as a messenger of God and was beginning to deliver the  message that he was sent .
He started like every other preacher by saying a word of prayer and saying statements like, “ may this message not stand against the hearers on the judgement day”. In Lagos, some commercial buses carry the “ no preaching” signs but this bus didn't . In a country where about 51% of the population are practicing Christians, it wasn't uncommon to meet with bus preachers .
He immediately warned that the world is about to come to an end and that the present unrest in most areas of the world from earthquakes, wars, suicide bombings, recession and corruption were all tell- tale signs that the world as we know it was soon going to end. After the world ends, we would either go to heaven or hell based on what we have done on earth. He went further to warn that since the passengers were still alive, they had the choice of changing their ways so that they could eventually make heaven and miss out on hell where there would be fire and brimstone and gnashing of teeth.
He warned that those engaging in premarital sex or any sex outside the walls  of marriage were going to go to hell. Those who spent time on their bodies as against spending time to feed their mind and souls were going to watch those same bodies decay and their souls burn in hell. The words were harsh, undiluted and indiscreet.
He went further to say that if you apply make ups products, most of which puts the user under satanic influence, you would be a tool for the devil and would eventually born with him in hell. He said ear piercing was a sign of slavery and that wearing of trousers by women were not appropriate and would only lead them to hell.

sex, Trending, preaching in the bus
John Mbakogu was there, he was furious himself, he wasn't married and while he has not had sex in a very long time, he was a masturbation junkie, he had also engaged in premarital sex at one time in the past.
The bus preacher was not to  be stopped or ignored. His voice was loud and clear, echoing all around the about 60-seat bus which  has even  been reworked to house more passengers. He then offered to lead the passengers back to God , if they would surrender their lives to him and  turn a new leaf. The guilt was contagious, most of them were already filled with guilt and so offered to be prayed for and led back to God.
He started praying and prancing along the aisle of the bus while laying hands on people who had indicated interest in surrendering to the Lord. While at it, he slipped, his bible fell and wolah, it was "spirit filled" condoms that fell out of the holy book. This made the passengers mad. In  Lagos, condoms were mostly used by  people engaging in premarital sex or extra marital affairs, not even the family support program and ministry of health’s campaign to ensure condoms are used by married folks to reduce unplanned pregnancy, improve women’s health and help with child spacing could stop the general perception that condoms were meant only for extra marital and premarital sex.
On citing them, the passengers became enraged and immediately pounced on the preacher, accusing him of deception and not practicing what he preached.There  is no law against people who practice hypocrisy or public deception , so the irate passengers decided to take the law into their own hands and beat the hell out of the preacher while in the bus. The bus had to be stopped and the preacher hauled out, all this while screaming “ I  ALSO PREACH SAFE SEX! I ALSO PREACH SAFE SEX!”.

Law enforcement agents immediately came to his rescue to avoid him being beaten to hell. They also seized the condoms to be used as exhibit.  In the words of the famous bus preacher, no not the televangelist , the one that started his ministry in a commercial Lagos bus, I also preach safe sex.