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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to make long distance relationships work

relationship, Long distance relationship,How to make long distance relationship work.
No one ever plans for a long distance relationship or wishes for it. It just happens. Chances are that the one you love would leave you and move away to school, to work ,on a missionary trip or to war. True love transcends distance and because you won’t have the opportunity of seeing the person you are in a relationship with everyday, doesn't mean you should call it quits. Long distance however puts your relationship to test, as it affords each participant the opportunity to assess the whole relationship vis a vis the relevance of the other partner. If you have decided to keep your relationship, then here are ways to make long distance relationship work, otherwise you should be reading how to get over your ex.

1. Watch Television/Movies Together:

 This is the most common advice given to people in long distance relationships. Watching television programmes together and talking about them afterwards or during commercials would erase the distance between both of you. The challenge here however is finding that Television show that you both enjoy without sacrifice or pretense. The television show has to be something  you would normally watch together. You can also pick a book to read together, a religious book like the bible, a self improvement book like 7 habits of highly effective people or a dumbed down blog .You can also take an online course together or watch youtube videos together in sync.

2. Use Relationship Apps: 

There are lots of apps made specially for people in long distance relationships. A love device known as pillow talk is about the best device made for long distance relationships as it transmits the heartbeats of the partners to each other and they can simply go to bed feeling like their partner is right there with them.

3. Send e-cards, text messages and postcards: 

Long distance relationships are usually the most romantic for people who know how to put their true feelings  into words that exaggerate them. Luckily there is the internet , the 8th wonder of the world, where you can jack off romantic words and send to your partner on a daily basis. There is however a chance that both partners would jack off poems and messages from the same site.  You can also send e-kisses.These activities should not be confused with skype messaging, phone calls and web chats. These are necessities. Best of all ,you can use yourfonts.com and send emails in your own handwriting.

4. Play online games together:

 Words with friends is an app that you can use for playing games online together in a long distance relationship.

5. Cook the same dishes:

 Make the same meals, you can help each other with the recipe and enjoy the meal together.

6. Sing Karaoke together: 

Singsnap.com lets you make a duet , if you sing at the same time and even records videos as well if you use your webcam.

7. Make wax molds of your hands: 

Instead of dipping candles, make molds of your hand  and send to your partner, so you can hold hands at all times. You can also make life-size pictures of each other, if the wax molds was not creepy enough.

8. Use the same routine: 

Wake up at the same time and go about all your daily routines in sync. 

There are so many ways to make long distance relationships work, but they only work if they were meant to be in the first place. Distance is one of the ultimate strength tests of relationships.
The video below is an advert of a telecommunication company in Africa, it illustrates how to make a long distance relationship work.

If your partner has gone to war, you may not be able to do any of the above together, all you would both do is to keep faith and exchange letters.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

What Your Handwriting says about you.

Graphology is the study of handwriting especially when employed as a means of analyzing a writer's character , personality , abilities etc
What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Get Pregnant

Get Pregnant
Have you been trying to get pregnant. Then there are certain things you should know .In the monthly cycle of a woman, there are only a few days in which she can get  pregnant. These few days are called her baby days or get pregnant days. 
A woman can learn to recognize her baby days; she just needs to notice what her body is doing each day of her month cycle. If it is difficult for a woman to get pregnant, she should learn how to recognize her baby days. There are a few things she must  understand. Every woman knows that she has a few bleeding days, each month, but if a woman pays attention to everything her body is doing she will also notice each month she has a few days when the tips covering her vagina feel wet and slippery. In fact she will discover that, each month. She has a few wet and slippery days and about two weeks later she would have bleeding days.
Yes. A woman’s body produces two fluids , one is blood and the other is mucus. Mucus is a colorless fluid, nearly like the white of an egg. The amount of mucus is very small , it is just enough to make the vagina lips feel wet. 
On days when her body is producing mucus a woman may not be able to see it (since there is so little of it).But she will notice that as she sits and as she walks her vagina feel very wet. The wet feeling  is not inside the vagina ,but on the lips outside the vagina, the inside of the vagina is always wet (just like the inside of the mouth is always wet). But the lips that cover the vagina feel dry on certain days and wet on others when those vagina lips feel wet. The woman knows that her body is making mucus.
As a woman if you carefully notice what your body is doing, you will find out that
1. Your monthly cycle begins  with about 3- 5 bleeding days.
2. After that your vagina lips begin feeling dry, the dry feeling usually continues for several days.
3. Then your vagina lips begin feeling wet, this tells you that your mucus days have begun. Your body continues producing mucus for a few days.
4. After those few mucus days,  your vagina lips begin feeling dry again , the dry feeling continues for about two weeks.
5. Then your next bleeding days begin.

The important point is this, a woman can easily get  pregnant on her mucus days. In fact the purpose of mucus is to make an easy path for the sperm to enter the uterus.

The woman who wants to get pregnant and her husband should know which days to have sex in order to produce a baby.
 A woman baby days are
A. All of your mucus days plus
B. The three days following your last mucus day.
The best day for you to recognize your baby days is this, each day you notice how your vagina lips feel that day, then  in the evening, you write it down  such as- dry or mucus on a chart.(Each woman chart will be different)
Remember that a woman’s baby days are all of her mucus days plus 3 days following her last day. A woman can become pregnant on any of her baby days but some baby days are better than others. The two best days for becoming pregnant are
I. The last day of mucus and 
II. The following  day.
Go through your chart and follow it to know your days. It doesn’t matter whether your cycle is 27 days, 30 days or 20 days. Your two best days is the last mucus day and the following day.

In some cases but not accurately the  day in the cycle might actually determine  the sex of the baby.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

In Love with an Angel

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Just another blonde chick with her  boyfriend in tow.No! but this is the last dinner , the last outing before they split.

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
No! it's wasn't a break-up. He had Obligations to his country.

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
An obligation, not for the fainted Hearted

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
And it wasn't over in Months
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Until he lost both Limbs
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
And the angel was by his side all the way.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Both the big Angel and the Little one.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Helping him when he couldn't help himself

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Being not only a girlfriend
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
But a friend, a helper, protecting the one who was once the protector.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Helping him get his life back

Helping him move around

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
And then came the Limbs.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
One After the Other, with his angel by his side.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
It didn't come easy.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
But it was worth every step.

As Long as his angel was by his side.
Some days, watching the stars was the only thing achieved.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Don't just keep the Angel around. put a ring on it.
In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
And bring your friends along.
And they live happily
And this proves that love is not just a sign you make with Hands.

In love with an angel, relationship, Trending
Because Real Love thrives and Limbs are replaceable
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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Gay Father

The Gay Father.
gay father, eric meyers ,16 yearsAnne couldn't believe her eyes. Is that Eric?. It can’t be possible. Eric Meyers had been missing for 16 years and has been legally pronounced dead. He had gone for a Conference in San Diego and had checked out of the hotel on the first day of the conference, that was 16 years ago. Eric Meyers had a wife, Anne and five kids. Two girls Kristen and Erin and three boys adopted from Vietnam.  The family had prayed and hoped that he would return or that his lifeless body would at least be found, but it never happened. They then filed for the life insurance money and were paid $800,000 which was kept in trust for only the two girls. I guess they figured out the boys can go back to Vietnam. Eric Meyers reappeared after 16 years with a husband in tow, stating that all those years , he was living a lie and was actually a gay father.
The most interesting issue here is that Eric and Anne were High school sweethearts and had gone to the altar right out of high school. This further proves what we already know that high school love is  doomed and marriage out of high school is the biggest mistake you can ever make. They were fervent Christians, the ole traditional ones who  didn't believe a woman was meant for college, at least that is what Eric thought. Anne would hear nothing of that, as her mind was made up to go to college.
 Okay now, we have to tell you ladies, that any man that prevents you from doing things like going to college or taking up a job might not be a gay father but he is an asshole, and such husband needs to hit the road.
Eric complained of being in a dead beat marriage to friends and not being able to talk his wife , Anne out of going to college and worst still, divorce was not an option, because they were devout Christians.
So Eric Meyer decided to hit the road to San Diego and take his heart along with him, in search for what he always wanted, penises. He soon chased it down to Mexico, the warm sandy beaches of Cabo all the way back to palm Springs in California. In retrospect, this was God’s way of saving the butt holes of the three Vietnamese boys according to a random guy.
Anne was devastated but, eventually went to college and remarried. Kristen however, received the short end of the stick as she resorted to alcohol to help her get through each day, she only recently quit to comfort her mother.


One fateful day, friends of Eric Meyer received a cryptic message in their inbox, asking ” would you be curious in knowing what happened to Eric Meyers?”. That was it, Eric Meyers was back but now as a full blown homosexual with a husband in tow and went to see his mother , who immediately forgave him, because mothers are forgiving machines. His friends too, welcomed him back but his family would not agree to see him.
gay father, eric meyers
He is the one in a white hoodie.
Now the insurance company is suing for not only the $800,000, but also for the interests it has generated. The missing persons unit are livid that this occurrence would slow down the zeal and enthusiasm of searching for missing men without a trace.
The family had done nothing wrong but they have been hurt emotionally upon losing  a father and husband and now they have been hurt yet again but this time, emotionally and financially by their gay father.
The right thing to do here is for the deadbeat gay father to pay the child support for those kids to their mother , and since there was never a divorce, Anne should sue him for going against the marriage oath but she would still have to pay back the insurance company because the man is not dead. The worst thing that can happen to a woman is not that she marries a gay man but that he ran away and appears 16 years later because according to him to live in disguise is a horrible thing. You can check Eric Meyers gay life on lungmeyers.com and you would find his email there, where you can tell him whatever you want to.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Calling All Pedophiles to Nigeria.

Are you a pedophile  Have you been spending time having sex with under aged girls and babies? You should visit Northern Nigeria.
Trending, Pedophiles, Nigeria,underaged marriage,child brides
Why in the world would you risk 9 years of jail term, hard labor,prison rape and gang fights when you can easily have your way in Northern Nigeria with the backing of the senate. No matter how much of a pedophile you are, you cannot out do the ultimate pedophile, a man called Yerima Sani, a political topshot that dines in the corridors of power.  This man who has a harem of wives among which is a 15 year old Egyptian Girl to which he has been married for two years and allegedly paid $100,000 for her bride price has single-handedly turned the senate in favor of his pedophilia .
Are you longing for the softness of the vagina of an underage girl, while her warm blood flows down your genital, then look no further.

You see, Nigeria is a very religious place. It has the highest number of registered church ministries of any country in the world.It also has mosques  everywhere  or  at least praying centers, especially in the Northern part  It is often said that no matter where you live in Nigeria, there is always a church or a mosque that you can walk to. Most people however don’t worship in the church or mosque closest to them. They travel long distances to show their dedication and devotion to religion. If you want to kill a Nigerian, just tell him God told you to kill him or easier still, God  told you to tell him to kill someone else. Only a few would think twice, because as they say, religion takes away your power to think and knowledge is power. It is pertinent to note that Nigeria also falls on the list of the most corrupt African Countries and indeed the list of corrupt countries of the world and is laced with electricity problems, political thuggery  unemployment, poor infrastructure, poor health facilities, substandard educational parastatals to mention a few.

This is to tell you that religion just like everywhere it is in the world is a fa├žade which you use to make yourself up to appear appealing to your country men.  If you want to do anything  whatsoever, just find a way of backing it up with religion. You can say things like, it would enable me to practice my religion , “not doing it would hinder the practice of my religion”. And that is what was done recently, a man decided to enhance his pedophilia by religion. In it, he said, that every girl child is a woman once she is married. So, you can literally stand in the maternity ward of a local hospital and wait for a girl child to be born and marry her right there and then. In Nigeria, Dowry is paid by the groom , so this would also be a way of settling financial disputes. So, if you can not pay off your debtors, you can simply ask your wife to deliver a girl child and give her out for free.

All you need to do once you are a pedophile is to first become very religious, then walk on your street, find a girl you would want to have sex with, her age notwithstanding, then go to her parents and offer them some  money with some religious clerics in tow and woolah ,she would be in your bed inside of a week. Those are the benefits of religion.
Trending, Pedophiles, Nigeria,underaged marriage,child brides
Are you really a pedophile?,do you get sexually aroused when you see pre-puberty age girls, why risk your life and career, and risk jail term when you can simply visit a Nigerian Embassy and relocate to Nigeria.You can also marry as much as four of these girls all at once. Most of the initiators of these laws even have much more than four. It’s like a cattle market, you come in and pick yours. Again I ask, are you really a pedophile? you should visit Nigeria.


Friday, 12 July 2013

To be : PORN STAR finds God

To Be: Porn star finds God.
jenna presley, porn star find christThe angels are singing hallelujah in heaven as our sister from another mother Britni (Jenna Presley ) would no longer be taking it in the back door in front of a camera anymore. She has found God. Jenna Presley was the official porn name that she  used in  the industry marred with sex, drugs, lies, videotapes and addiction since 2005.
It always starts with the approach. You are siting in a coffee shop, having breakfast and having thoughts of changing the world by eradicating male genital odor, when all of a sudden you are approached  and this time around they are not holding Awake Journals or preaching about the endtime. They simply think you have all it takes to be a STAR. You find yourself stuck in the confusion  of “ to be or not to be”. In Britni’s case she was approached after her dance performance at Santa Barbara City College. She immediately overcame the battle of " to be or not to be' and chose not only to be but to become. Upon executing the first few scenes, she realized she was a star. She enjoyed the affirmation of beauty and power  that comes with the territory and winning fans' choice best new starlet award  because she didn’t get any love or validation from, her troubled upbringing. 

She went ahead to make her boobs bigger, to push her competitors into obscurity with the glory of her giant enormous breasts. She soon discovered, it never pays to be at the receiving end of a cum shot  It took her  over 275 films in 7 years  to realize that, some of which she had to dress as  a little school girl with pigtails to shoot several scenes in one day. Of course , she mastered the act of robotic intimacy ,unemotional penetration and drug induced thrusting. She also discovered that every scene left a big hole which she tried to fill up with drugs and wrist cuts until she finally summoned up the courage to call her grandmother, who obliged to fill the hole . Miles McPherson  the head of the Rock church in San Diego was able to let her know that only Jesus can fill a hole as wide as that. She let him in only to turn her back again because the devil had a plot but Jesus had a plan. Hallelujah!.

 Finally the XXX church , stepped in because this was their territory, bringing back the lost whores brides to the bridegroom and  now, she is back. She proclaims there is life after porn and prostitution which only Jesus can give. What would Jesus do?

A comment on this news read,
Before I became a Christian, I have struggled with lust. Jenna Presley is one of my favorite porn star. Even now, I'm still struggling with porn. But this video motivates me. I mean, what's the point of me getting back to porn f-cking with porn  when my favorite porn stars are  f-cking with Christ going to Christ. You don't know how blessed I am when I saw this video. I love you, Jenna! God bless!

Watch video Here

This just proves what we all already know, that Jesus came for the lost Dog sheep of Israel and bitches always go to Heaven.

 My name is Britni, I used to be an adult star. I met Rachel several times at the   exotical conventions. She would know me as Jenna Presley.I would stop by at the XXX church to see her. She is so beautiful and I absolutely love and adore her. I want to give her the most amazing praise report. Thank you Jesus, I found him, I’m home. It’s been a long 7 year journey of porn, prostitution, stripping, drugs,alcohol and several failed suicide attempts but I made up. Little did I know, little did I ever know that, I would stumble upon the XXX church again since leaving the adult industry. I could not believe my eyes when I realized , wow! , this are the "Jesus loves porn stars" people. Then I saw Rachel's picture and I just had to let her know that I’m saved. I want to thank her for all her kind words and loving spirit.  I have finally encountered the unconditional love of God and I would never go back.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Youth Development : The State of Dumbness

The state of Dumbness.
Youth development, state of dumbness

We know there are dumb people in the world, that is never going to change, but what we don’t know is that the number of dumb people in the world is higher than we think. See it this way, the dumb man or woman doesn’t know that he is dumb, it takes a sharp intrusion of the common sense embedded in the cosmic sphere to get any one to come to the realization of dumbness. It also takes a further zeal and power of the person in question to come out of the alleys of dumbness and  get over being dumb. Dumbness is in the street, on the side walk, on the television, being watched on television, being practiced as a way of life in some places around the world and maybe , just maybe, it’s just around the corner in between your ears and mine. If you think the sole purpose of this article is to let you know that you are as dumb as a door knob, you may be correct. If you also think the purpose of this article is to let you embrace your state of dumbness, you may also be correct. If you believe however that this article would help you deal with your state of intense dumbness, so you can get over it. You are correct!


Have you ever heard this statement? Chances are, you have and most people who have said it , didn’t know what exactly they were saying. Being in  a state of conflict and argument over everything is a great sign of being in a state of dumbness. Every response to your Facebook post , every YouTube comment  that doesn’t go your way must be argued out until you let the other dummy know that you know what you are saying and eventually drown them in the pool of their own ignorance.  Fact is, smart people don’t do that, their words are few, well thought of , well articulated, they don’t respond to every lousy exercise of the buccal cavity, they are not superficial, they are not dumb. Energy wasted on debates and arguments would be better channeled in youth development. The inability to listen when others speak or taking over a conversation all the time to drive it in your direction is also a surefire way of being not only dumb but being loud about it.


Words like this are bound be spoken by someone in a chronic state of dumbness. When people show you who they are , believe them. When you really see people for who they are as against who you think they should be, you would be doing yourself a lot of favour. Nobody would be able to cause you any harm if you have not in one way or the other permitted or encouraged it. The only problem here is , it takes a smart person to know and put that into practice. 


No!, dumb dumb, some people can do no wrong, not because they are perfect, but because they are smart enough not only to leverage on their strengths but also to effectively manage their weaknesses. When nobody is perfect becomes your sing-song and defense, you are in a state of dumbness. On the path to youth development lies excellence, Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. Studies have shown that the most important way to achieve excellence is to practice .Excellence looks like perfection.


Books are for nerds and nerds rule the world. Books with deep, thought provoking and youth development enhancing content as against some mediocre fictional piece are what are actually refereed to as books . You are a product of the books you read or don’t. The universe would not reveal everything you need to know to you in a dream or a lightning flash, you would have to commit to finding it yourself among piles of bookswritten from inspiration and research or remain in a state of dumbness.


If it really does, then clocks would have been made in the shape of birds or airplanes. If you are stationary and something is moving away from you, there is a  very high probability to overestimate it’s speed. Time management is something smart people know how to do well. If you always end up doing less than half of what you planned to do in a day, then you lack time management in both planning and execution, and you are dumb enough to think time is flying away  from you.


This is the greatest indication of dumbness. Being a failure is as a result of being in a constant state of dumbness. Smart people are usually able to leverage on their strengths, skills, knowledge, opportunities to give themselves somewhat of a success in their life. So if you still at the stage of wishful thinking and you are still trying to make a point to the world about how smart you are, hear it here first, Robert Heinlein was probably talking about you when he said, "never underestimate the power of human stupidity".  Never Underestimate Your Dumbness


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Foods that make your butt bigger

Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts,
Based on incoming search and the world wide quest to make the butt bigger. We have decided to list some foods that would help in this honorable quest to make your butt bigger. Foods in itself , cannot be area specific and just select where to make bigger. No! you would still have to do the work of “directing the junk where to trunk”. Foods that make your butt bigger work hand in hand with exercise. You would have to do cardio, like running, jogging, cycling, brisk walking at least three times a week to ensure that you do not allow fat store in any other part of the body . Five days a week ,  you would then, carry out butt exercises while eating these foods. These butt exercises should not be taken lightly or skipped unless you intend to be a fat formless mass. The butt exercises would sculpt your butt and build the underlying muscles and the foods would make your butt bigger.

1. Creatine:

This  is actually not a food but a supplement that would help shoot out that butt. It should be consumed orally within the prescribed dosage amount that comes with each package. If you however have a  kidney disease or liver problem, you should consult your doctor before administering creatine. Although creatine consumption has been described as clinically safe, it is always good to take the right precautions.
Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts,

2. Water:

Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts,
Now you know she's gonna have a big butt.
 If you have been taking 8 glasses of water per day, congratulations, this time around you would need to double that intake. Drink a lot of water. The more water you drink , the more results you would get. Water lubricates,cleanses and adds water weight and with the exercises, it would be in the right place.

3. Skim Milk:

Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts,
 This food was used for fattening pigs and was recommended also recommended for fattening purposes historically. Now, it’s a major content of weight loss meals prepared by nutritionist. Skim milk is going to make your butt bigger. Binge on it

4. Soyabeans:

Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts,
 All soy products would make your butt bigger by spiking up estrogen levels . This is however not recommended for men.


5. Fish and Fish oil

Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts, Fish oil would make your butt bigger, you would notice about 1 to 2 inches of increase but results are however based on continuous use of the  foul smelling liquid. Fish oil contains omega 3, 5, 7 and 9. It is administered on the butt continuously for any substantial increase. This should however not be taken with blood pressure lowering drugs.

6. Good fats: 

These fats  unlike bad fats are good for your body because they support your overall health , are good for the heart and help make your butt bigger. Such good oils include olive oil, peanut oil, avocados, walnuts, flaxsee, nuts and tofu.

7. Meats: 

Lifestyle, make your butt bigger, bigger butts,
Meats are high in protein and this would be needed to make your butt bigger, so stock up on chicken,  beef, soy protein and lean meats.
foods that make your butt  bigger,8. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed  to set the stage for your body to grow new cells , replenish hormones and for the body to carry out it’s daily activities. They are the ones who help all the body fully utilize all the above foods to make your butt bigger in the best way possible.

9. Serum Cream:  

These creams though not to be consumed is note worthy when talking about foods or materials to make your butt bigger. It lifts your butt, perfectly shapes and firms and fills it up and also has anti-cellulite effect on the butt. It is definitely worth trying . 
Maca root, aguage fruit, moringa, fenugreek seeds are all part of foods that would make your butt bigger. Remember everything here still has to be done with butt excercises , if you are too lazy to do that, then your results might not be noticeable. Set a goal for yourself, follow all the instrutions and do tell about your results.