Thursday, 13 June 2013

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 Right from the beginning of time, bigger boobs were in and were a mark of beauty. There was never a time in the history of man where it was okay to make boobs small, limp, lifeless or underdeveloped, except in East Africa, where young girl’s boobs are ironed out to make them stay in school and prevent people asking for their hands in marriage. A large portion of a man’s life revolves around boobs which has heightened his love for them. He was breast fed and later on he goes down the throes of passion with the twin towers. Boobs are used to feed our kids. Boobs gives women confidence,and makes clothes and tops fit better. Boobs are one of the major body parts for sexual pleasure. It would just be reasonable to make boobs bigger.

The boob enlargement industry, a faction of the beauty industry is a growing and thriving one and shows no signs of slowing. It is driven by one ultimate goal- to make your boobs bigger. If you intend to make your boobs bigger ,you have to understand that  bigger boobs might in some cases lead to back pain,  ask Dolly parton or Queen Latifah, but that can be overcome by constantly wearing sport bras that help to carry the weight of the boobs, doing yoga , pilates and mountain climber exercises to strengthen your core muscles and running on an inclined thread mill to reduce bounce.Results in boobs enlargement  would also vary based on the amount of fat cells in the boobs which is genetically determined. That said, here are ways in which you can make your boobs bigger.

1. Appearance Management: 

These are simple tricks to make your boob appear bigger. These include wearing the right push up bra , wearing tops with detailed necklines such as flowery designs over the breasts, using boobs pads, wearing a belt and developing a good posture of walking straight, shoulders on your side and your chest out.  Tanning with a good beauty tanning lotion also helps make your boobs appear bigger. Appearance management goes a long way in giving the impression of bigger boobs.

2. Natural Boobs enlargement: 

You can make your boobs bigger naturally by daily massage and constant drinking of milk. Though experts tend to call BS on this method, some women have sworn by it to make their boobs bigger. It is similar to jelqing in male genital enlargement and it’s main focus is to increase stimulation and blood flow to the boobs which can also be achieved during sex.  Foods like tofu , flax seeds and most especially soybean milk  have been known to make your boobs bigger in a sizable proportion if they are taken everyday for a period of six months as they increase the estrogen level in the body significantly. The video below are a duo of flat chested chics fondling each other to make their boobs bigger.


3. Boobs enlargement creams and pills: 

This is a very tricky way to make your boobs bigger. Although some ingredients in some beauty breast enlargement pills  such as  Zearalenone and doug pai are carcinogenic. Kava , a common ingredient in breast enlargement pills and creams have also be known to cause liver damage. The best option to make your boobs bigger using pills is to buy the herbs severally and use them and see what works. The most common and effective herb in breast enlargement creams and pills is Fenugreek . This ups your estrogen levels and is used in lactating mothers to increase milk production. The use of birth control pills have also been highly credited to make your boobs bigger. They always do, but in most cases not only your boobs, every other place and this might not afford you the ultimate goal-beauty.

4. Exercise:

 Exercise would not make your boobs bigger. They would only improve the chest muscles and make your boobs perkier. Push ups are the best exercises to make your breast perkier and have your nipples front facing even when your boobs eventually sag because they will eventually, it's just a matter of time, exercise might make that time very slow in coming..

5. Breast implants:

 This is the best option for women above 25, as you grow older, your estrogen levels reduce except during pregnancy, the above methods would work better for younger women. The best option for older women who want to increase their sizes like from a disastrous AA to a huge DD is breast implant surgery.
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Now you can get those bigger boobs you've always wanted.