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Sunday, 31 March 2013


Parasitic relationships,
I'll see you later in the day, i'm getting married now
Parasitic Relationship: Are you in one?

Relationships are meant to be mutual. The ideal relationship should benefit both parties involved in one way or the other, while some relationships are consensual  where only one party benefits and the other party is neither benefiting or losing, there are the parasitic relationships in which one party is benefitting at the expense of the other. Science tells us a lot about parasites and if we dare to look closely at a lot of relationships we would see  clearly defined traits in some parties  synonymous to parasites.
First science tells us there are two kinds of parasites, the macro parasites . Macro parasites live  different stages of their lives in different hosts. They come in, suck the host dry then move unto another stage of their life in another host who can support that next life stage. The same applies to some parasitic relationships , a party sees all the benefits they can derive from another party and then cozen them into a relationship. A typical example of this is recent case of an African Young Man that went out with a girl that paid his fees with the hope of getting married to him only to leave her after he graduated , a similar case is that of a  guy that goes out with a girl in school, so that he can get a place to keep his stuff and also get  free homemade food and immediately breaks off the relationship when he is out of school , to date another chick who can put a good word for him in the company she works.
Another kind of parasites are the micro parasites which can be transferred from one host to another through all forms of contact. The same applies to individuals who move from person to person within a short span of time hoping to get a better benefit than they are already getting from their present relationship. 
Parasites get into parasitic relationships with the hope of getting love, affection, attention, companionship, material things, money, social and economic benefits and career development without bringing anything to the relationship table and would only remain in that relationship as long as they continually receive those benefits or don’t find any better option that offers those same benefits. They may also leave the relationship as soon as they are no longer in need of the  benefits they were in the relationship for .

How do you know you are in a parasitic relationship?

Pin pointing a parasitic relationship requires the individual involved to first come to the knowledge and understanding of themselves, their goals, their dreams and wishes in life. If at any point in the relationship you feel you have to let go of your goals, your dreams in life in favour of the other person’s  goals and dreams then you are in a parasitic relationship. Worse still, is if you have to hang in your boots and divert all your energy into the other parties goals and wishes .

In a relationship, both parties are supposed to meet halfway over almost everything and anything, but if in a relationship, you discover that one party is only in it for the benefits that  they can get and is in most cases useless to the other party then that is a parasitic relationship. To bring it home, Lola says she realized she was in a parasitic relationship when she took a break from herself to analyse her relationship critically. She was providing her boyfriend shelter, love, care, affection, basic needs, cleaning his clothes and keeping his stuff and he was doing nothing for her. He couldn't even help run errands, fix things in the house they were both living in and couldn't even stick up for her in times when she needed him, like when she was sick and he was out all day, probably to avoid her. Most relationships out there today are basically parasitic . The disadvantage of being in a parasitic relationship is that it always ends with the parasitic partner leaving the host devoid of love , trust and self esteem. If you are in a relationship, list out all the benefits, you feel the other party is getting from being with you, and then list out all the benefits you are getting from the other party, if the ratio of benefits don’t fall among 30:70, 40:60……..70:30

You can use a black board instead of a paper

then you are in a parasitic relationship.  When such is discovered you should go ahead and communicate your findings to your partner  or eventually end the relationship  if no adjustment is made or in some cases improve on your weakness by finding new ways of affecting your partner positively if you are  the parasitic one.

Experts say the parasitic nature of humans can in fact be  traced down to their upbringing.They claim Individuals who grew up without any family responsibilities or parental supervision and direction may develop into  immature adults ,  never gaining a conscious awareness and understanding  of the needs of others. This also applies to individuals that had to live in a home or with a family where they were seen as an incidental member of the family  where the individual's individuality was dismissed . This environmental behavior promotes a lack of empathy in the adult and they may believe that people are sources of resources from which they are supposed to get from  rather than emotional beings that deserve time, love and support.

The parasite usually  evolves overtime to be an expert at using people around them, and then discarding them when they're usefulness has been depleted. Many people often hold on to parasitic relationships with the hope  of a future benefit  like marriage, future gratitude and homage. Most times these expectations fall short, because a parasite thinks only about himself or herself. When parasitic relationships are to be broken off, the parasite often times would go into survival mode cussing, and threatening with anger and betrayal if they don't  continue to get their benefits but in such situations you have to stand your ground and do not be moved. Parasitic relationships are not worth it , get out of it while you can.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013



To get rid of Male genital odor, you will need

male genital odor
  •       Genital wash.
  •     Grooming Kit. 
  •       Cotton underpants.
  •       Baby Powder
  •       Loose Clothing
  •       Wipes

How does male genital odor come about? 

 Male genital odor is a plague to everyone and it builds up to become completely unbearable as men grow older. Male genital odor  can pose adverse effects to one's self esteem and can also be a  complete turn off to one's partner.

Well, it’s simply a combination of sweat, bacteria, shed skin and water that hides  between the thighs just below the scrotum and smells like rotten fish.It can also be due to a substance called SMEGMA produced from the minute microscopic protrusions of the mucosal surface of the foreskin whose function ironically is to clean the male organ but immediately smells like a  pack of decaying fish once it is not thoroughly cleaned off daily. 

Penis smell after masturbation might also occur if a bath is not taken immediately because pre-ejaculate might contain sugars and the bacteria on the skin would break down the sugar to produce fowl smelling substances.Until the sugars are completely broken down, penis smell would  occur.Using saliva as a lube would also lead to male genital odor.  


Male genital odor is one of the major turn offs on the male body, the others being body odor and mouth odor. There is much awareness and precautions for both the body and mouth odors but very little is said or known about the male genital odor. Mostly because the scrotum has very sensitive skin and cannot withstand any form of alcohol or chemicals mostly contained in antiperspirants, deodorants , perfumes and even toothpastes. There are little good  products available in the market for keeping male genital odor in check and most of them are usually very few in stock. Putting a finger down there and bringing it close to the nostrils is still the ultimate test for male genital odor or as it's sometimes called Stinking Dick.  

How do you  eliminate male genital odor ?

1. Take your bath twice everyday and also after a strenuous activity like soccer, exercise etc paying attention to your inner thighs, your armpits, behind the knees and the back of the ear-all enclosed areas. If you have foreskin, pull it back and wash the penis carefully as well. The choice of soaps to be used is also very important. Organic soaps that contain no harsh chemicals like sodium laurel should be used to wash the male genitals. Male Genital wash might come in handy here. You can also soak the genitals ( or whole body) in a mixture of a cup of water,  half cup of white vinegar and salt( preferably epsom salt) for about 10 minutes once or twice a week.
male genital odor, public bathing
You can take your bath anyway

2. Clean in between your legs and under the scrotum till it is completely dry after taking a bath. Most men when cleaning up after bathing, do not pay attention to cleaning down there, till it is dry. Any moisture still remaining there would eventually settle there and mix with dead skin and skin excretes and smell. Clean the scrotum till it is  dry and give about 5 minutes space before putting on your briefs or boxers. You can also clean the genitals with Apple Cider Vinegar, after you have first tried it on your arm to see that it doesn't burn.If you find yourself in a position where you can not quickly take a bath, use Dude Wipes (UK Dude Wipes)  for those areas around the male genitals.

male genital odor, pubic cleaning
Clean this areas between the thighs
3. Shave. It is very important to shave down there, the hair down there would always act like a sponge holding moisture and eventually lead to a pungent smell. It is mostly advisable to use a Mild Hair removal cream as against blades which might result in razor bumps or use a Bikini Trimmer or a Body Hair Management System . The most important hair to eradicate is the one in between the thighs and the one in between the butt cheeks. The hair below the abdomen can just be trimmed.
male genital odor, body shaving
I would just shave my whole body instead
4. Cleaning the anal region after defecating is also very important. It is advisable to use soap and water as against tissue papers alone. Fecal matter still lying around the anus would get stuck  in the hairs around that region  and produce a very unpleasant smell. Experts have advised that the best way to take a dump, is to sit on the toilet with your legs placed on a foot stool, that way your thighs make an acute angle with your chest and your colon has more allowance to push out waste matter in the rectum.  This is a modification of the ancient squatting technique still very much practiced in the middle east.

5. Use dusting powders or baby powder to prevent friction, bruises, bacteria and smell to the areas in between the thighs just below the scrotum, it is the same treatment mothers use for babies. Having male genital odor eliminated sends a subliminal message to your brain that boasts your confidence and  increases your self esteem. You can also use the acclaimed fresh ball lotion  and Diem Duroil to relieve the wetness of sweaty and sticky balls.

6. Going commando (free balling) when you sleep is advisable, wear something airy and let your balls breathe at night . Get rid of that fishy smell, the male genital odor. Going commando, experts say would reduce your chances of getting urinary tract infection as this would reduce chances of bacteria growth on both female and male genitals which could make it's way into the urethra and cause bladder infection.Never wear your underwear twice without washing, that's 7 underwears a week. That's not too much.

male genital odor, naked sleeping
Oh please! at least use a coverlet 
7. Male genital products might be necessary, if you still have smelly balls after putting all the above instructions to practice,male genital wash should be used.
Male Genital wash such as DIEM DUROIL BOND GINSENG CARE MEN's INTIMATE WASH     can be used to wash the genitals instead of toilet soaps. You might also want to try this  New Korean Product. Men's Genital Area Cleaner . These Products are made specially for the male genital skin and do not contain soap that can lead to skin irritation or bruising. Using such Products would come in handy and helpful. However if smell still persists, then a doctor has to be consulted.Now say goodbye to smelly genitals.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013


permissible not beneficial, bad habits
Now, a lot of things are permissible but not beneficial. As far as the law is concerned, depending on where you live or what you do, most of these things are relatively permissible in the most liberal of all countries and even practiced in those overly restrictive and conservative countries. These things are not only not beneficial to youth development or fulfillment of life but in most cases are detrimental to life.

1. Recreational Drugs:

permissible not beneficial, bad habits
Drugs are bad
 With the exception of tea, coffee, caffeine which surprisingly also fall under the broad term of recreational drugs, mind altering substances come with no benefit. Actually, it comes with a pseudo benefit, mind altering. There are reported cases of  persons being at their peak performance when drugs like cocaine, marijuana and ethanol(alcohol) have been ingested. This  cannot be disputed, as the mind altering ability of these drugs enable the  consumer to harness the fruits of his mind. The down turn of this , is when you have to use an external  catalyst to conquer your mind that would eventually make you addicted, destroy your health and put your reputation in question, then it is not worth. It is actually the lazy way out and it always comes back to bite. To harness the  fruits of your mind, clear your head, take a warm bath, listen to jazz music, eat fish, drink milk, meditate and take a quick nap. They would in the long run help you learn mind control, save you from depression, give you a good health and make you look younger than your age. 

                               Addiction and Recovery For Dummies

2. Home Wrecking:

 This is one thing that is quite permissible in some parts of the world but not beneficial in anyway. Home Wrecking is when a  married/unmarried  person goes ahead to have a relationship with a married person with the intention of breaking up the marriage. In African countries, it is common practice for single ladies to go out with married men for cash, companionship and some other privileges  This never became so poignant as when a single Nigerian  actress advised single ladies via media to go after married man if that is what they want. It sucks to be the other woman and it  always will. Worst still, to be regarded as a mistake , a home wrecker. As men grow older, they eventually come to the realization of the mistakes they had made in their youth and often times they make restitution. And these restitution mostly doesn't favour the mistress. Let marriage be the deal breaker in any relationship for you.
permissible not beneficial, bad habits
The lady is a self acclaimed husband snatcher, unfortunately
she is late now.

3. Promiscuity:

 In some parts of the world, middle east to be precise, drastic laws are in place against promiscuity mostly appearing misogynistic .It appears so because the major culprits of promiscuity is the male gender but most of those laws seem targeted mainly towards women. It got so bad recently in Pakistan that a girl was sentenced to jail after she was supposedly raped. The downside of promiscuity is that it becomes really difficult to settle down with one, when stability is seriously needed. It is totally permissible in most parts of the world but not beneficial. 
permissible not beneficial, bad habits

4. Impulse Eating:

permissible not beneficial, bad habits
For Food only
 Humans live for their bellies. We  need to stop emotional eating. You need to start eating to stay alive and healthy and not eating to rid you of a particular emotion or fill you with another. Impulse eating would only make you obese, unhealthy and take you to an early grave. You should instead take water as an oral fixation, you can never go wrong with that.
                  Life Extension Natural Appetite Control, Softgels, 90-Count

5. Cultism: 

there are two kinds of cultism, there is the one common among youths in high school, tertiary institutions, societies and  communities. These kinds have no immediate or long time benefit, except for what they call protection ,which is in most cases just a way of terrorizing others to validate themselves. These are the types involved in hazing, ragging, jack rolling, initiations and lots of unethical practices. It never ends well, it always leads to loss of life and destiny. The other type is the high profile cult in high places of government and leadership, this cults seem to guarantee power and prosperity but they are all served on a plate reeking of bloodshed, ruthlessness and evil, which eventually ruins the soul .Join a book club, a progressive group, a youth group, something that would edify you without paying a price as  high  as  your soul.

6. Pornography: 

This is one of the most permissible but highly unbeneficial  issue in the world. Most people confuse pornography with sex manuals and guides. They get stuck in the lies that it presents based on imaginary fantasies. You can never  learn to be a good companion from pornography except you are preparing to be a porn star or marry one. The acts are completely devoid of true feelings and the original beauty of sex, worst still, it reduces the female gender mostly to a sex object who is just supposed to act out some kinky script.

Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame

7. Malice:

permissible not beneficial, bad habits
Malice eats your soul
 Malice is totally permissible all over the world, but not beneficial. It is a negative energy harbouring in your entity and it would only wear out your bones. Similar to this is revenge. The negative energy they generate reduces the positive and useful energy  you need to get on with your life and make yourself  somebody. Malice is the desire to cause pain , injury or hurt to another.

8. Bigotry: 

This is mostly as a result of difference in religion.A lot of people in the world have come to the knowledge of a greater power  which is the source of life as we know it and reference it. This has somehow paved way for man-made religion, which is often times laced with hypocrisy and deception. As a result of this, hatred and intolerance has been sown in the hearts of men who have ignorantly forsaken their faith and have taken up religion as a vindication for themselves. Bigotry has the same effect as malice and revenge , it destroys the soul and eventually deprives you  of what you wanted in the first place,  a soul communion with God.

9. Impression Management: 

Most corporate companies actually have departments who are in charge of impression management. This is basically not only bothering yourself about what others think about you but in most cases going all the way to determine what they think about you. The truth about this, is that it always fails all the time even for corporate bodies. The best rule of impression management is being yourself and constantly improving yourself  and maintaining a state of influence and empowerment.  That way, you rub on the people around you the right way and they see you as real, not a propaganda or a bloody commercial.

10. Foul language:

 The use of foul language for emphasis or to express anger, intolerance or disgust  is not beneficial.   It is considered  to be lazy speech and causes the user to appear uneducated. Use of foul or obscene language at inappropriate times or places can taint your reputation, cost you friendships, or even ruin your chance at advancement in a career. It might also be considered disrespectful and you may actually be seen as having very low moral standards which may hinder your advancement. There are a lot more of these permissible habits , altitudes and personalities which overall has no remarkable benefit but mostly get you in harm’s way

Sunday, 24 March 2013


job offer, questions to askJob offers can be very exciting when they are received especially after a long time of waiting for one or searching for one. The joy usually overshadows reason and curiosity most of the time until way later into the job.  There are a lot of questions to ask when you receive a job offer. Questions to ask yourself, the employer and someone who might be able to dish out advise on certain issues pertaining to a specific industry. The most important of all these questions are the ones you should ask yourself after a job offer.

First you have to know who you are " who are you?". This is the biggest question that  anyone could ever ask oneself. In answering this question, most people make the mistake of talking about what they have or what they hope to possess but  shy away from the real answer to the question, which is asking about that entity that is you. The question can be rephrased into “ what is you?” . This is what you have to first figure out. What are you gravitating towards, what is your whole existence all about? Then you can look at a job offer and ask the right questions because in the long run contrary to what people say, your job is who you are. That is why when people die, their obituary in the news reads, village chief dies at 50, veteran actor slumps to his death, bus conductor yells to death etc…….

Now, jobs are of two types.
1.       The jobs that help you earn a living
2.       The jobs that help you make your life.

   Salary or benefit isn't a criteria for this two groupings, contrary to what you may be thinking. 

    The jobs that help you earn a living are those jobs that don’t conform to the person who you are-your entity but are needed at some time in your life to help you pay the bills, get  some comfort , get ahead in life, keep the body and soul together or afford you the resources with which you can use in preparing yourself for your life goal. 

    The jobs that help you make a life are those jobs that are a big fraction of your entity, they make your life, they make you, they  fulfill your destiny , the job is you.

Armed with this knowledge, you would have to group your job offer into one of these two jobs. Unfortunately most people mix up working for a living with working for a life. A lot of people spend their whole lives working for a living, and then someday get fired, retrenched or retired and then they ask themselves, what next?


1.       What  is the job offering?
Give me the money, i need to go to Mars
The real essence of this job is the benefits that it comes with , with which you hope to redirect your life. This job is to present you with the empowerment with which to build up your destiny.  It could be a job that doesn’t require much skill or expertise .It could also be a very high paying job which although is high paying brings no fulfillment in the long run. So what exactly is the job offer? The salary, health insurance, vacation, illness bonuses, growth, travel allowances, job security. Can all the job is offering get you by.
2.       For how long?
How long can you work there, how long would the job need you and how long would you need the job. For example, the ultimate job of a person might be writing, script writing, novel writing, blogging or academic writing and would probably need  3 years to get out his first work or something meaningful for that matter and so if such a person picks up a job as a customer service personnel in an I.T firm, he has to be able to keep that job at least for about 3 ½  years while still creating time to fulfill his ultimate job which is writing. Taking a year contract job might cause a disrupt in the creative process of  writing for the writer. If he has to be jobless after one year with bills to pay and all, it would definitely affect the person. How long would the job be available? Some times,some jobs might also come with bonds that tie down the person even when he is ready to leave. You have to make sure all these things align.
3.       When is take off time?
job offer, questions to ask
This is always much more fun 
Resignation letter sample
Mixed with Good Advertisement and Marketing

job offer, questions to ask
Than this

When would you tell the organization to take the job and shove it figuratively and what are the policies and protocols involved in leaving the company. If you are working for a living, you have to have a take off time or you would eventually be taken down.


4.       How convenient is the job?
How compatible with your life is the job? Does it create time for you to pursue your ultimate goal or would it sap you off of all energy that might eventually kill your dream and stall your goals while you are stuck on the job. Any job that you are doing for a living that would totally prevent you from ever doing the job you want to do for a life should be immediately dropped, no matter how much it is paying or it’s benefits. It would be very difficult to do this, if the job in question pays so much and you are used to all the comfort it brings, so this question is very important to ask yourself when it counts-During the time of the job offer. Convenience is a major criteria in a job you are doing for a living, the location of the place and how far it is from home, the working hours and special assignments and all.
job offer, questions to ask
If only i had not allowed that peanut at the end of the  week
get me stuck, i would be a famous author by now.


One major test of knowing whether a job is your life, is if you can still go ahead and do that same job even if you weren’t paid for it. This kind of job fills you with much more energy even after you have spent hours on it. Some people are pushed into this jobs unconsciously by fate while some are not usually that lucky. A typical example is the case of a school teacher who taught for several years in middle school/high school/ secondary school while developing her culinary skills, she started small but never had the guts to branch out until she was eventually fired. She now runs a food chain which  has recorded remarkable success. All the while, the catering business was just on the side, she catered for the school’s get together and birthday parties for the school students until the school downsized. Some times these jobs might initially not pay the bills or even be worth talking about but the joy and fulfillment that comes with them are priceless. At times, a person may have to work  certain jobs because of the effect they would eventually have upon the person’s life goals.

1.    What is the job description?
job offer, questions to ask
Some times you make have to work as a makeshift table
when there is a furniture overhaul.
What exactly would you be doing and how would it affect you in the near future , how would it align to your life goals. Which duties would you be allowed to handle yourself without supervision.
2.    What are the opportunities available for development?
Are there sufficient trainings? Career development and exposure to catapult you to your goals.
3.    Who are the kind of people you would be working with? Are they people that help and support you as you gravitate towards your life goal. What kind of temperament do people who work there have?
Whenever you get a job offer, the questions to ask yourself are countless, but the right answers to these questions would let you know if you should accept a job offer or reject it as soon as possible.
job offer, questions to ask
If these are the people you work with, you are either on a reality show
or on a photo shoot for shutter stock