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Sunday, 23 October 2016


https://www.elijahforce.blogspot.com/2016/10/are-beards-cool-should-i-grow-one.htmlI love beards! I sure do
Are beards cool? Should I grow one.
Beards for men goes way back to the medieval times. It was either a sign of wealth, a sign of class or status, a religious obligation or was abolished to prevent vulnerability. In the 19th century president Lincoln made beards popular for Americans and today about 33% of American Males have facial hair while a whopping 55% of males worldwide have beards. Cool beards are more of a fashion statement, not for wealth, religious but a fashion statement.
Cool beards are the type that are trimmed, nurtured, cultured and maintained to make you look older, more respectable , powerful and of a higher status.
As cool as beards are, beards would however not make men more attractive to women. Women tend to feel intimidated by a bearded guy especially since 98% of men on the Forbes list don’t have beards but bad asses all come with beards. Most corporate organizations that offer mid-level careers to men are also against growing beards, so a lot of times, with a full nurtured cool beard, you are either working for a millennial tech giant, or your own company that manufactures dork whistles or you are just a cool classic state of art hippie.
One of these guys runs a tech startup, the other is a state of art hippie, #GoFigure
There is a #beardgang family on Instagram and Twitter that consists of young fashionista men, making fashion statements with their cool beards and breaking all kinds of preconceived notion about beards because real men have beards. One health benefit of growing beards is that beards help to filter out dust and pollen if you have allergies, meaning that your beards is basically a dust catcher and insect trap.
In religion, while the Moslem and Sikhs seem to  favour beards growing , Christians, Mormons and a couple other religion frown at it.

To grow a beard, you simply need to

1.    Stop shaving, if it grows naturally. If it doesn’t then you need to get  help either with a beard cream, a beard oil , a beard pill or the age long low budget grow your beard fast regimen that uses  methylated spirit and cotton wools to simply dab the jawlines in the mornings and evenings after shower. Though this seem to have no scientific basis, a lot of boys and men swear by it. This would however be more harm than good if you have a facial skin that is sensitive to the alcohol in the methylated spirit. Others swear by constantly shaving any little trace of facial hair on the face to stimulate the growth of better stronger, nicer looking beards. Although the shaving of beards to make it grow has often been regarded as a myth. It still works. Just like shaving the hair of babies to make a fuller one grow, the best grow your beards fast activity might be to lose the little scattered, horrible looking beards you have to make the cool beards grow in it’s place.

Beards have been known to grow faster when the male has abstained from sex for a long time. Just ask the  Arabs, all that pent up sex energy and testosterone has to go into something. 

Although contrary to popular opinion, beards have also been known to grow faster in the summer , than in any other season.
Testosterone, vitamins supplement and zinc has been known to encourage facial hair growth in men and this is contained in most “grow your beard fast” creams.

2.    Even after you grow your beards, then the nurturing needs to  takes place. Beards would never look  good in their natural uneven glory. They need to be constantly groomed, maintained, plucked, caressed and picked for that cool beard look on the #beardgang family.
To care for your beards you would need
1.     A beard grooming kit
A complete beard grooming kit would have the following materials
1.    A beard oil
2.    A beard balm
3.    A beard wash
4.    Beard Trimmer
5.    Beard comb
6.    A toiletry bag.
 With a beard grooming kit, a medium size mirror and a little time on your hands, you are fully equipped to shape out the beards of your dreams. For professional beard carving, you might need a barber with years of beard grooming experience (yes! you have to request for his resume) to help you out.

2.     A beard brush and comb
Depending on the size of your beards, an additional beard brush and comb might be required, as the ones that come with the beard grooming kit or beard management set as it is often called might not be enough to tame the seaweed growing out of your face. Just in case you were wondering, the longest beard ever was about 17.4 feet, that is the height of two LeBron James on top of each other while standing on their heels  and it literally killed the owner when he stepped on it.
3.    A beard conditioner and relaxer.
This might be necessary if you want to make your cool beards even cooler by making it a work of art. Beard conditioners and relaxers would help give you beards a perm and are basically just hair relaxers made for the facial hair. Can I use hair relaxers for my facial hair? Just try it first and thank me later. Although with a beard relaxer also comes the need for a beard wrap because you don’t want to be rubbing that greasy beard all over the pillow or your significant other.
Beards are cool, they’ve always been and if your face is not your best feature, try growing a beard across it, to cover a significant portion of it and then constantly rock some cool sunglasses like Rick Ross.