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Thursday, 6 June 2013

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Why People behave the way they do.

Why do people behave the way they do? Why won’t they?
The only thing that made sense to me was the music lesson after school. Music had been kicked out of the curriculum and moved to the period immediately after the closing school bell rings. The Music teacher, Frank, had started taking vocational studies during the school period. The humming and vocal ramblings always gave my memory the perfect blur and it made perfect sense to play the instruments the way you felt and listen to it produce the sound that it did.

Learning the guitar was far better than learning how molecules are formed or how a car functions, how to interchange between the accelerator and the brake without the car jerking, the guitar never jerked, it played several notes but never jerked. And when you pulled, it made good music or annoying noise.”
why people behave the way they do, Lifestyle
You had to fall in love with the melody of the song and play them like you wrote them. Pull the strings to play the root note of each chord, then pull the stings to play the first two then three notes of each scale.

But that is before you had learnt how to tune a guitar.

“why do people behave the way they do?”
“You sneaked out of the house with a boy? Papa yelled at Sharon
“So you know how old that boy is?” he didn’t wait for a reply.
“You are always acting like your deranged mother”,
 “That left you and your brother with me and left with another man”.

And he kept on pulling till the hair gave way and she cried loudly.
She wasn’t going to get attention anymore, the beauty left with each strand and this wasn’t the first time but, this was the beginning of a wrong pull.

“David, your notes are not coming out clearly” Frank noted
“Check your hands, you are pulling wrongly”, he commented

“You wicked bastard!” Sharon yelled
“You wanna make me as miserable as you are”,
“Living in this dung hill, listening to your stupid ranting about how the government doesn’t care for you?”
“The government doesn’t care for you because you don’t care for the government”. She barked.
“And you know why mother left you, the same reason why I’m leaving you”.
“You are a fool!”.

He groaned loudly and made for her direction with his fist tied
But it stayed that way with blood gushing out of his left ear and his body still.

“why do people behave the way they do?
Sharon only comes home in the afternoon for a change of clothes and a decent bath.
She is always at the cheetahs on Western Avenue showing off her goodies.
why people behave the way they do, Lifestyle
 The gust and the charisma to do it she had gathered from the multiple hairs that had been pulled out of her head.
She was perfectly out of tune now as a man frantically pulled at her panties till it snapped.
“You idiot!” she muttered with a dry slap across his face.
And then his face changed, his smile disappeared like a lost tune and then he made for her.
But she had been pulled out of tune and it was not the alcohol. There was soon blood on the dance floor.

“Keep your hands on the strings” Frank told us

“If you pull the strings wrongly you are gonna get an awful sound”
“And we don’t wanna hear false tunes because one false note and the melody is gone. So pull gently and pull long.

Why do people behave the way they do? Why won’t they? Do we still need to wonder?