Monday, 27 May 2013

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Whenever you get a job offer, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself, the employer and someone who would be able to answer some questions about the job offer and the company truthfully and give professional advice concerning the job and career path.  

The most important questions are the ones you ask your employer second only to the ones you ask yourself. 

The distinction of these questions according to whom to ask would go a long way in ensuring your development, your progress, your life plan and  would afford you a clearer picture of your goal and purpose on the job.
The questions you ask your employer gives the employer an instant impression of you and might determine further assignment or deployment in the company. The most suitable time to ask your employer questions is mostly during the job offer interview and then during the first resumption meeting.

The major advantage of questions to ask your employer is to let them have a good impression of you upon a job offer.  For you to come out as smart enough to get the job, you should have done your research on the company. When people think of company research for job offer interviews, they think history of the company. History of the company is just a minimal part of the comprehensive research. 
You should be able to find out what profits the company is recording, who the competitors of the company are and what steps if any, is the company taking to outshine it’s competitors. You should know the business direction the company is taking or about to take, the products the company is offering and any new products in the pipeline.
Questions to the employer should now be based on these researched  issues. Questions like, this company made a remarkable outing last year, what steps are in place to improve on last year’s returns ? This company’s competitor, XYZ is really defaulting in this particular area, is there a way you think the company can leverage on this fact ?

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Can I ask a question? Can we grab a cup of coffee after this interview?

Some of these questions would be answered and then thrown back at you for completion or a better answer , so you must have prepared yourself for  the best answer possible to these questions. In answering them, you might find yourself and your employer trying to choose which answer is the best, in such cases, you always let the employer win , so as not to sound stubborn and head headed, remember, the essence of these questions is to give the employer a good impression  of you upon a job offer. In asking these questions you would also need to have the appropriate terminology and slangs used in the organization.
It’s always good to ask the employer this question,
 “ what else do you think I need to know about this position to be able to function well in it? and “ are there any other assignments and jobs that are not included in the job offer that I might be required to take up at any point in time?

Always remember that the goal of questions to ask your employer during an interview or a resumption meeting after a job offer should be to give a good impression of yourself to the employer. To show the employer that you really care about the growth of the company and that you are willing to do all in your power to make the company grow by manning your own position well and it would  be a plus if you really do.

All questions to the employer should be devoid of personal benefits questions,health of the company, your colleagues and boss those are questions meant for a professional adviser,  or a potential colleague. Stay calm, speak eloquently and smile.