Tuesday, 4 June 2013

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Job offers, youth development, questions to ask, Every now and then, a job offer comes one's way but it's usually preceded by some tough questions. The answers to these job offer questions would further determine if the job would be given or the interviewee would be shown the door. The following job offer questions are usually common in interviews and each of these questions are followed by guidelines to providing the best answers.

1. Tell us about yourself.

To answer this question,keep it short and precise. Start with your name, your objective and drive, your education and your relevant work experience. Ensure that all you say correlates with what you have written on the resume.

2. What do you know about our company?

To answer this job offer questions, you need to have done your research in terms of the mission and vision of the company, the products and services they offer, their brand, reputation and image and also a little bit of their competitor’s.In answering this job offer questions, you should keep the name of the company in your answer. “Thanks for that question, ABC company prides itself amongst the leading providers of XYZ nationwide, it has a yearly revenue of CDE with investments in FGH. To answer this question correctly you would need to have done your homework on the company.

3. Why do you want to work with us?

 In answering these question you need to leave out all the benefits you hope to get from the company, because the benefits would be as a result of what you can do for the company. You should instead talk about the needs of the company and how you are equipped to fill it. For big companies in which you might not really make much impact maybe as an entry level trainee, you would have to talk about the need of the company in building a team of hard working , dedicated and motivational people which you are one. “ ERF is in constant need of a proactive and high flyer at all areas of it’s business to forge ahead, I believe I am able to satisfy that skill based on my skills and talents", Also you might also say things that the company is involved in and supports and let them know you want to be a part of a company that carries out such social responsibility because you have a passion for such .

4. So why should we hire you?

Here, you have to answer this job offer questions based on the highlights of your resume without appearing egotistic . I believe you should hire me because of my track record of success, my leadership experience and my touch of excellence and ability of getting things done. In whatever you say, you must ensure that your answers with this job offer questions aligns with the requirements of the job that was stated in the job opening. If you can quote what the job opening says while stating that you have those qualities is a plus. Let your ability, experience and energy show forth.

5.Description: What do you think a [position you are being interviewed for] really is?

For this job offer question you still need to fall back on the requirements stated in the advert of the position, It would really come in handy because your idea of that position might be different from the company’s idea of that same position.

6. How long do you think it would take you to settle down and how long would you be with us.

Your settling down period should be as short as possible, immediately would be the best answer here and letting the company know that you would continually be with them as long as there are new hurdles to climb, and new challenges.

7. What pay are you expecting ?

For this question you have to have also done your research about how much they pay for that position, it’s always good to state an amount close to what they pay, not too high or too low.  Here are the 7  most common job offer questions.

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