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Saturday, 8 June 2013

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Male Genital Enlargement.

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Jack never told anyone why he found it very difficult to use the urinal , at 14 , he was so  uncomfortable with his penis size and it’s was beginning to affect his self-esteem., it all started when he saw that of a friend  who was slightly older and bigger. It didn't help matters that  pop culture  seems to  always talk about it being  very big to be acceptable

. “There’s a monster in my pants
And it does a nasty dance
When it moves in and out
Everybody starts to shout”

She want the big bamboo, always long 
The big bamboo grows so bold and strong
The big bamboo stands so straight and tall 
The big bamboo pleases one and all 

No  one seems  to understand and  he couldn't tell anyone about it. This has not really helped  his confidence in dealing with other people especially the opposite sex.  He was determined to do something about it, the best place to go however was the internet , he went through tons and tons of male genital enlargement sites and products looking  for the right one  to give a boast  to his penis size.
 Penis size is one major issue that teen males worry about , the same way girls worry over their looks  is the same way guys worry over their penis  size, and 90% of teenage males are not satisfied with their size. This size craze  gradually grows with them to their early 20s but it starts in the teenage years. The need for male genital enlargement then becomes so poignant, this is further fueled by teens who have at one time or the other stumbled on pornography and have seen the males  with mighty out of this world junks  thrusting their partners away.

. The  average size of a penis according to Dr OZ is just about 5 inches when erect and this transcends to about 3 inches flaccid. The size of a penis has absolutely nothing to do with sexual satisfaction or pleasure. During puberty, the penis size is the last to change and it changes gradually, secondly the penis always looks small from your eye angle just the way your feet look smaller than it actually is. The actual size needed for sexual satisfaction of a partner is just about 3 inches, it is more important to know how to use what you have than having something in abundance. The penis also grows larger as you grow, this might not be as much as you want it but it does.
Male genital enlargement is however an option. Male genital enlargement options include  natural hands exercise called jelqingpills, creampumps  and surgery. Pills have been known in most cases to cause a lot of side effect such as migraine with little result. Creams on the other hand gives a slow and steady male genital enlargement .Pumps have been often regarded as a waste of time and energy. Surgery, which gives the best result is rather too expensive unless you are in Cuba where it is reportedly free. “Male genital enlargement  products are now increasingly  being used by teenagers now”, says  a report which tracks the ages of buyers.

Before you go about investing in your penis , you need to know that nobody has ever married a man for the size of his junk, it takes more than a big dick to make a man. You should not be worried about the size of your junk but instead be courteous of what you eat and your habits to ensure that you are in great shape and lose belly fat. But if you are in great shape and the Wong isn’t then it might just need a little bit of assistance.