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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


http://www.elijahforce.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-best-protein-shakes.htmlProtein shakes are a necessity for anyone interested in  Muscle building or simply just exercising. This is mainly because protein is the building block of muscles and global diets are often lacking in the amount of protein needed to keep the body in fat burning mode as against fat storing mode. For fat burning, the percentage of protein has to be the highest in your meal whereas for muscle building, you might want to maintain a balance between your carbs and protein. Your carbs would provide energy for the weight and strength training, while the protein taken before and after workout would help with the muscle building.
Before workouts, protein shake would help to burn up your energy reserves and after workouts, the protein shake would help repair and build the muscle. While setting up your home gym, you should also  set aside some money for protein shakes.

The amount of protein daily requirement for men and women is between 0.5 to 0.8 grams to each pound of body weight.

Protein calculator

 Meaning, say you are 77kg in weight or about 180 pounds, you would be required to take 90 to 144 grams of protein daily. For a regular guy with little or moderate exercise routine, 0.5grams to one pound would be okay, while an intense body weight lifter might want to take up 0.8 grams.
Contrary to popular opinion, 1 gram to one pound of body weight is too much for the body and the body would simply convert the excess protein to fat. A lot of times, you would come across these body builders in the gym with the bouncer kind of look, which makes it impossible to tell if the guy is really pumping iron or just licking butter. A lot of times, these guys workout a lot and then go the route that Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie went in preparing for their roles in Pain and Gain 

The Rock is the only one with actual muscle right here

. They take too much protein and they became bulky as against having proper muscle definition and being ripped. Of course, genetics also has a major role to play in how your muscles are formed and shaped , but back to protein shakes.
To effectively measure the amount of protein you consume per day and ensuring that you don’t overdo it, it is important to have a little food weighing scale. Rounding up grams and pounds in your head while you eat is synonymous to filing your taxes in your head.
Now we know why flo rida looks like this.
The RDA for men and women of 77kg is about 61 grams, so with your workout you are taking a little above the recommended amount. Remember this should make up  at least 35% of your calorie intake with carbs and others taking the rest

Why take protein shakes?

Simple.  Most of our foods, the world over, don’t serve enough proteins. At times, when they do,  it comes from animal sources which in most cases comes with its own share of problems. With animal protein such as beef, you now have to start worrying about the state of the cows killed , if they were organic or not, if they were killed because they got sick or if you are a PETA member , why they were killed at all. With animal proteins, especially red meat you have a higher risk of heart disease or cardiovascular disease, kidney stones and even cancer. Protein shakes then come into the mix.
The best protein shakes are the plant based protein shakes, although most of them are usually left in the back burner for whey and casein protein shakes.

What is the difference between whey and casein and which is better?

Whey and Casein are simply biological brothers, with one taking all the shine. WHEY!. Whey digests quicker and comes in handy immediately after workouts as it can be quickly absorbed by the body and has a biological value of 104, casein digests slowly and is not efficiently used by the body , the fact that it stays in the body longer might also be good for curbing appetite. However both whey and casein promote muscle growth with no remarkable difference between them. Protein shakes that combine whey and casein is preferred. In milk , for instance, 80 % of the protein in it is whey (the liquid portion) while the rest is casein (the curd).

The Best Protein Shakes.

Green Foods True Vitality Plant Protein Shake, Vanilla, 25.2 Ounce
      This is not by popular opinion, but this plant protein shake is good. It’s comparatively cheap and actually contains protein extracted from plants with digestive enzymes in tow. Okay no BS! It tastes like sawdust and doesn’t mix well without a blender bottle. For me the chocolate flavor is worse, but this protein shake is by far the healthiest and clean especially if you have issues digesting protein.

1b. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

Okay, this is actually not a protein shake , it’s a blend of fruits and a lot of herbs but it goes well with smoothies, revitalizes, alkalizes , detoxes and helps with good skin. 
Amazing Grass Green SuperFood, 17-oz. Tub

2  2.  Optimium Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound, 80 Ounce
     This whey protein isn’t as cheap as the others, but is the most recommended by trainers and gym instructors. I personally don’t get the hype though, but it is said to be the best quality of whey protein. It doesn’t taste bad either and mixes instantly. It is however recommended to be taken three times a day. First thing in the morning, pre-workouts and post workouts. There is a truckload of flavors and sizes and every gym junkie would claim to have taken it at one time or the other.

3.   3.   BSN SYNTHA Protein Powder.

BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder - Chocolate Milkshake, 5.0 lb (48 Servings)If you have a sweet tooth and taste plays a major determinant for putting anything in your buccal cavity, then this protein shake is for you. The peanut butter is one of the sweetest. What you have to know though, is peanut butter is 25% protein and 50% fat, so in addition to your protein a lot of fat is added just to make it taste good for you. It comes in about 9 flavors and several variants and can also be pricey.


Nitrotech is a protein shake that is as good as it sounds, not very soluble but well prepared and remarkable good for muscle growth. Within weeks of taking this, mixed with appropriate diet and exercise, you would see remarkable muscle definition, which is exactly what you wanted in the first place.
Muscletech Nitrotech Performance Series Milk Chocolate, 3.97 Pounds
Muscle Pharm Combat Powder, Cookies and Cream, 4-Pounds



Great tasting protein shake, takes like cookies and cream, it goes a long way in curbing appetite and it is also very easy to blend, with glutamine added to aid muscle recovery. It is one protein shake that give optimum nutrition a run for it’s money. It however seems to live a little after taste.

Monday, 31 August 2015


male gential odor antiperspirantsAntiperspirants, we use them, we seem to need them, and without them, we believe we would smell like rotten wildebeests and in most cases, we are not usually far from the truth. However, in recent times, it has been discovered that antiperspirants may be a major cause of male genital odor or even body odor.
If your penis smells like rotten egg and you are heavy on the direct to skin antiperspirants like rolls ons and gels, then you might want to ease up on the antiperspirants, if male genital odor products don’t work for you.

How do antiperspirants work?

Antiperspirants perform two functions.
1.      1. They reduce body odor, just the same way that deodorants do. This ,they do by reducing or eliminating   bacteria such as Escherichia coli that live on the skin and break down sweat to produce pungent smells. It is important to note that sweat in itself is mostly odourless but only when it comes into contact with the bacteria that lives on the skin does it begin to smell. Antiperspirants like deodorants aim at killing these bacteria.

2.       2.  They prevent sweating. Antiperspirants mix with moisture on the skin to form a gel that acts like a temporary sealant that blocks the pores from releasing sweat to the skin surface of the underarms.
The second function is what is believed to lead to body odor and eventually male genital odor. Sweating is a natural body function, sweating is the body’s natural cooling system that helps to regulate the body temperature when the body is heated up, or stressed.

 The apocrine glands, a type of sweat glands also releases some materials with sweat which also makes the skin an excretory organ since it eliminates waste from the body. When the armpit is completely blocked from releasing sweat, the body finds a way to send that sweat somewhere else such as the genitals producing male genital odor. This phenomenon also happens to people who get botox for their armpits to prevent them from sweating. A lot of such women reported extra unprecedented sweating from their asshole, their butt cracks, their genitals and inner thighs.

if only she told you that her butt crack is drenched in sweat

If male genital odor is an issue for you, it might be important to look into the kinds of antiperspirants you use. If possible, go without them and develop a clean lifestyle.

How to ensure you sweat less?

1.       Work in a temperature regulated environment to limit your body’s need to sweat
2.       Bath regularly to help eliminate the bacteria that might have gathered on your skin, this would prevent your sweat from developing a pungent odor
3  3.    Wear light fabric to help with your body heat regulation.
4 4.   Use antiperspirants natural alternatives

                                                                 FEMALE GENITAL ODOR ELIMINATION

What are antiperspirant natural alternatives?.

Apart from the female and male genital odor causing properties of antiperspirants, some antiperspirants ingredients have been linked to cancer such as aluminum salts, preservatives and parabens contained in most antiperspirants. Here are a few alternatives to these antiperspirants
1. 1.     Using baking soda and corn starch:  This combination would kill the bacteria on the skin and thereby prevent body odor , it would however not prevent sweating that much , but it’s a better alternative
2.     2.   Lemon juice: Simply rubbing lemon juice on your armpit would prevent body odor as the citric acid in lemon juice  would kill odor causing bacteria.
3.      4.  Reduce the consumption of food that cause the body to sweat and cause odor.
4.      5. Use an organic  product:  These products are made from every day organic materials and ingredients that not only spare the user from the consequences of the harsh chemicals sometimes found in unnatural antiperspirants but would also kill odor causing bacteria and help regulate the body’s temperature thereby reducing sweating.