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Sunday, 9 June 2013

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Foods that kill Male Genital Odor

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There are two  reasons to eliminate male genital odor.
1. Self confidence-It's just a matter of time before a smelly genital begins to affect your self confidence. Picture yourself in that board meeting when you have to move close to the CEO and tell him something by his ear. You immediately smell the very expensive and classy cologne gently oozing out of his entirety and you immediately get worried what you would retaliate with, a cheap perfume? garllic or milk breath?  or male genital odor? . While the latter is the least likely, you can  bet if it smells , the CEO would know. That's how he got there, he could smell a dead rat from miles away.
2. Pleasureable Intercourse- If it smells down there, you can bet your partner would see your sessions as punishments and would do anything to opt out of them.
There are certain foods that help to not only prevent male genital odor or vaginal odor but go the extra mile of making them smell and even taste good, says some dumb guest blog article writer with a  Phd in some dumb course no one reads anymore. Think I.T beyotches
Just like foods that make you horny(red wine, water melon and pomengranutes), or foods that make you fat (diet soda, junk foods)or skinny(celery), or foods that improve skin tone(carrots, spinach, almonds)  or foods that make you poop (juices,legumes and vegetables)and even foods that make you dumb (sugar, pizza and junk food), there are also foods that make the male genital smell nice and eliminate male genital odor.

1. Water: This is very esssential, nothing less than   8 glasses per day, even in winter. Water rids the body of toxins and harmful bacteria that result in male genital odor. 
2.Pineapple: The Kardashians were right for once, pineapple contains a chemical called Bromelain which helps cure urinary tract infection  and make the genitals smell good.
3. Watermelon, celery, citrus fruits,red grapes. cranberries and apples.
4. Yogurts: Yogurt contains lactobacillus which helps to regulate the pH of the body. With a balanced body pH, odors would be eliminated.
5. Baking soda and White vinegar: A table spoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water would do mighty works.
Foods that make you fart continously and have smelling pee would increase male genital odor. Once taken, you have to balance out with the foods mentioned above. Smoking, would improve male genital odor, it just does.