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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


The Top Butt Enhancement Cream presently available (2016-2017)include
  • Isosensual Curves
  • Major Curves
  • GluteBoost
  • Slim 3D Extreme
  • Booty Magic
  Butt Enhancement is the new craze in town. Thanks to Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, everyone now wants to have a little junk in the trunk as people have come to appreciate the beauty of having a big well rounded butt. The key word here however is the word try, try, meaning that results are not guaranteed for everybody as some swear by these butt enhancement creams while others feel it's just a waste of money and we are all having some form of placebo effect. 
If you have some money and you are not comfortable with how your butt looks and feels, then why not take action. Here are 10  butt enhancement creams you should choose from.

NOTE: If you end up using anyone of this , use strictly as directed by the product company and wait till 12 weeks before you start writing reviews. You might also want to eat foods that make your butt bigger as well as  finding other ways to make your butt bigger such as exercise and  learning all the sex positions that can make your butt bigger.

1.  IsoSensual Curve Butt Enhancement Cream. 

Isosensual curve is one of the most popular butt enhancement creams . It is made by Isosensuals, a company dedicated to body parts proportion improvement using Natural ingredients. It boasts a wide range of products such as breast enlargement creams, butt enhancement pills, female arousal gel, vaginal tightening pills. and even hair supplements.
IsoSensuals CURVE | Butt Enhancement Pills (60 Capsules)Isosensual curve boasts of all natural ingredients  which in United states has absolutely no meaning according to the Food and Drug Administration, while it claims to have a 90% success rate, it is safer to say it has a 60% success rate. Isosensual's chief ingredient is something called voluplus, an all natural active ingredient derived from nutmeg (Macelignan) solubilized in macadamia oil. This ingredients (though very little is known about it outside the butt enhancement market) voluplus is believed to accelerate the creation of new cells able to store lipids while increasing the capacity of those cells to store higher volumes of lipids. More cells with enlarged capacity to store lipids result in enlarged butt size up to 18% its original size.  You would have to use isosensuals curve butt enhancement cream for 6 months, twice daily before you can accurately say whether it's effective or not. Isosensual Curves ships to Asia and Africa as well


Kylie Jenner and the Pure leef Enhancement Cream
PureLeef Breast Plumping Lotion (ALL NATURAL PRODUCT)
Butt and Breast Enhancement cream
This product has been in the market for a while and people in the butt enhancement cream industry kind of knew it but it wasn't on the top of the charts as far as butt enhancement was concerned, since butt enhancement and breast enhancement products thrive by recommendation. Pure leef never had a strong positive result that could market it until our dearly beloved Kylie Jenner decided to take a picture with it, in one of her instagram photos. So now, with the help of Kylie Jenner, pure leef is back on the charts since Kylie Jenner wants the world to believe that her enhancements have been due to this all natural product and pure leef company are claiming , they didn't pay Kylie Jenner to endorse pure leef, then we would have to add this cream to the list of butt enhancement creams we could try. This cream works for butt and breast and should be rubbed on breast and butt twice a day.

 I wonder what Bruce Jenner has to say about this,not to be disrespectful but if you have been in the kardashian house for that long, you would desperately want to have a vagina.

2. Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream

Major Curves Butt Enhancement | Enlargement Cream (1 Bottle)Major curves Butt Enhancement Cream is also as popular as isosensual curve in the world of butt enhancement cream, and just like isosensuals, Major curves is health product company that makes butt enhancement creams as well as other body enhancement products. Major Curves butt enhancement cream has more natural ingredients synonymous to butt enlargement such as wild yam root extract and maca root extract. For Major curves, the major ingredient here is LipidMaxx which is  believed to help differentiate, proliferate and increase the volume of fat storage cells in the body. Like isosensual, Major curves should be used twice daily for six months and  promises noticeable results in two months.


3.  Slim Extreme 3D Super Serum 

Slim Extreme 3d Super-concentrated Serum Shaping Buttocks, 200mLOne of the major advantages of Slim Extreme over other butt enhancement cream is that apart from making the butt bigger, it also shapes , perfectly firms and fits the buttocks. The Slim Extreme is also one of the cheapest butt enhancement creams on the market. It also ships to most  parts of Asia and Africa. Volufiline is the major ingredient that stimulates lipids production in fatty cells and regulates their storage. Extreme 3D super serum is also believed to improve elasticity of connective tissue fibers, Shape the buttocks line and gives immediate push-up effect. It also contains  Hyaluronic acid which  acts like "molecular sponge",  and  has the skin moisturizing effect.Effectiveness is like 50% and it should be used twice daily for six months.
*Booty Stacked* Butt Enlargement, Enhancement Cream 8oz (8oz)

4. Booty Stacked

Booty Stacked is another butt enhancement cream, anyone looking to make their butt bigger can try. Booty stacked comprises of fish oil, maca oil , castor oil, all very popular ingredients in the butt enhancement industry. Aside increasing the butt, it is also believed to improve the skin texture.

5. Gluteboost

Gluteboost Butt Pills | Booty Enhancement Supplements
The catch with glute boost is that it comes with free fitness and diet guide which would  help the effectiveness. Voluplus and Volufiline  are the major ingredients  of Gluteboost which works to increase the volume of your buttocks and curves while tightening and smoothing the skin . Glute boost stimulates growth of the adipose tissue, reduces stretch marks and deliver anti-aging effects. Like most butt enhancement cream manufacturers, they also have butt enhancement pills and other body care products.

6.  Reshape.. is actually a butt enhancement pill but it's noteworthy in the list of butt enhancement.  Gentiana Lutea Root Powder is the leading ingredient of Reshape and it's marketed as a dietary supplement which has butt enhancement properties. It is recommended to take 2-4 capsules daily of reshape and watch the magic begin.


7. Bootiful Butt

Volufiline is the major ingredient in bootiful butt, butt enhancement cream. It is said to have a tingling effect when applied and a remarkable success rate.
Bootiful ULTRA All-Natural Butt Enhancement Cream (1 Jar)

8. MaxiCurve Butt Enhancement Cream

Maxicurve® Butt Enhancement Cream - 6ozThis is a relatively unknown butt enlargement cream and it's relatively new on the market. It can however be given a try.

9. Glutimax

This gentle butt enhancement cream would require 8 weeks of daily use after bathing to achieve a bigger butt. This actually has a lower success rate but remember this post is about trying to get what might give you effect.GLUTIMAX Buttock Butt Booty Enhancement CREAM Enlargement As Seen On TV New

10. Pureleef Body plumping cream

With a low success rate, you can still try the pureleef butt enhamcement cream that purports to help the body stimulate the growth of fat while eliminating stretch marks and toning the buttocks. It is made of natural ingredients  such as Macelignan, Sarsaspogenin,  Chaga Mushroom.PureLeef Body Plumping Cream (Butt & Hip Enhancement Cream) ALL NATURAL PRODUCT


Use a butt lifter, get one that fits and wear underneath your pants and jeans. Thank me later. 
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Now this is how far as quick fixes can go.