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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Start a Business: Beginner's Guide.

If your goal is to start a small online business that replaces and exceeds your current income this may be the most important article you read this year.

Brash, huh?

Here’s the deal: I’ve been working online full time for almost 10 years, since age 19. I’ve had a lot of failures and a lot of successes.

There is no better way to learn how to succeed than to learn from someone who has already done it.

Tip #1: Focus On What’s Important

What’s important? Action.
In the beginning, just get started. Don’t get too caught up in details that don’t matter.
Dealing with the paperwork, business cards, and other ancillaries isn’t absolutely necessary.
It’s an online business for a reason. Save the time, paper, and money and don’t get business cards.
If you happen to meet someone who wants to know more about you or wants to visit your site ask for their e-mail address and actively follow up with them.
Handing out business cards is passive, and even more than that, ineffective.
Other paperwork a lot of people get caught up in is registering a corporation or other business entity. That will be important eventually. But you can (in the US anyway) start a business in your own name with very minimal paperwork (a simple Doing Business As form) and cost.Consult a tax advisor for specific insights.

start a business , focus
The most important thing right now is bikini waxing,

Tip #2: Invest In Education

Whatever business you want to start, be it blogging, eBay sales, information product selling, affiliate marketing, or any one of the countless other ways to make money online, there are hords of people who have done it before you.
Sometimes those people will have written about what they did to succeed. In those cases, if their business aligns with what you want to do, don’t be afraid to invest money into their products.
Personally, I have easily spent upwards of $40,000 on non-University education. That includes buying eBooks, print books, seminars, coaching, membership sites, you name it.
I want a refund of my college fees though
As a general rule, the most important skill you can learn, no matter what business you’re starting, is marketing. I don’t make a distinction between online and offline marketing. Once you learn marketing you can use it anywhere, with a few tweaks of course.
I liken it to learning computer programming. The language you learn isn’t as important as the logic behind it. You can adapt to any language.

Tip #3: Ask For Help

If you look closely, you would realize, the worst
enemy of the man on the ladder is the one
at the top.
If you’re a bit introverted like me you might be shy about asking for help.
Don’t let that be a barrier to your success.
In other words, feel the fear and do it anyway.
You will deal with rejection. Many people won’t respond to your e-mails, phone calls, or tweets.
But you know what? It doesn’t matter.
Starting a business isn’t supposed to be easy. That’s the filter.
I promise you, if you talk to enough people, you will get the help you need. I’ve been quite surprised by just how accessible some people I was initially afraid to contact are.
Bonus hint: I’ve had greater success connecting with ultra successful people than those who are just ultra successful in their heads. :)
The key to getting a response is to send very short, very succinct e-mails. Practice the http://five.sentenc.es rule. Keep your e-mail to five sentences and make it clear what you’re asking.

Tip #4: Participate In The Community

Whatever niche you’re in there is a community.
For example, back in the days when I used to sell on eBay, I hung out on a few eBay message boards. I helped people where I could and I got help where I needed.
As an added bonus, when I decided to start selling eBay how to products (I haven’t sold them for over 5 years), guess who helped me launch that business? The same community that I had participated in freely for over a year.
These days, whichever community you should be a part of is larger and more easily accessible. Take advantage of that.

Tip #5: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Your ultimate goal may be to quit your job, but don’t jump the gun.
You will find tons of stories of people who quit their jobs before they had their businesses going, but there’s a reason for that.
People who failed furiously because they didn’t have an income to support themselves in the lean business startup phase don’t usually write about it. And because they don’t write about their failures, you never hear about them.
I want you to quit your job as much as you want to quit your job, but I don’t want you to do it before it’s time.

Karol Gajda is a lifelong entrepreneur who blogs about Freedom, Health, Travel, and Life at RidiculouslyExtraordinary.com. He (yes! he is a man) has an excellent guidebook, How To Live Anywhere.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Foods that Bring Good Luck

Foods that  bring good luck
foods that bring good luck
You must have heard the saying that “ you are what you eat”. This is not only true health wise but also in terms of favour, good luck and good will. It is believed that certain foods help turn the winds in your favour and are eaten   especially when the new year arrives to guarantee good luck all through out the year. Some of these foods are not eaten but are instead smashed or put on the door post. These beliefs are held all across the world. Here are some foods that are believed to bring good luck. 

1.       Pork: 

   pork  {pig meat} is the most common food believed to bring good luck. The pig is fat, round and mostly obese and gives birth to dozens of piglets at once. Although some of them devour their piglets immediately after birth . something dogs hardly do. Pigs also produce lots of oil and a host of fattening meat which surely makes them signify good luck. Because nothing says good luck more than having love handles and a food baby. Pigs route forward with their noses and cannot look up into the sky, which means that in what ever situation they find themselves, they move forward, when in doubt, move forward, when being chased by a predator right in front of you, you also move forward.  Unfortunately some muslims around the word stay off pork for religious reasons and Christians believe in looking up to heaven when they have problems. Half of Hindus too don’t even eat egg not to speak of meat. Any wonder why there is so much bad luck in the world.

2.       Ring shaped foods: 

doughnut good luck

    Doughnuts especially,are believed to keep the circle going and making good things come in full circle, no end no beginning. Ironically, a life in which you are running in circles is a life headed to nowhere, but if you ever find yourself lost in the woods, don’t panic, bring out that doughnut( which you must have been carrying ) and eat it and watch yourself go round in circles in the woods in good luck.

3.        Fish and lentils: 

fish goodluck

    Fish is also a food that brings good luck, as they swim in packs  and have scales which symbolizes money. Lentil symbolizes money too. A combination of lentil and smoked fish  would definitely have you winning the lottery, as you would be overwhelmed with good luck and good tidings, except of course, the fish is smoked with his pin-like bones and one of those razor shaped bones happen to get stuck in your throat. Now that’s good luck.

4.        Black eyed peas and grapes: 

black eyed peas good luck

   These foods would send good luck your way  like a heat seeking missile.  Apart from the fact that they taste good,  they literally look like the ancient cowries used as money in Africa.  Although it is not really clear if they would attract those same cowries or they would attract paper bills. We are guessing the former which you would use as  collectibles  and make some paper bills for your future generation in the year 3055, when your bones must have turned to dust and a Chinese factory must have been built on your grave  with part of your dust used to set the foundation concrete. But the good thing is that these foods would always bring you good luck.

5.       Pomegranate:

pomegranate good luck

    The national fruit of Armenia is also known to bring prosperity and good luck. They  would not stop until it tracks you down and decapitate you with good luck, this must be what kim kardashian took after making her sextape. Some believe in smashing it on the floor and watch the red blood like color stain your walls and floor and make your room look like a crime scene, while others just hang it on the walls.

If you need good luck, big breaks and prosperity, combine all these foods that bring good luck and eat them on a balcony overlooking a metropolitan area ,naked.


Sunday, 27 October 2013


Male genital odor is a broad them used to describe smell between thighs, testicular odor, smelly balls and all forms of  rotten fish smell in the genital area. There are very few products out there that actually combat male genital odor or testicular odor as some would call it. The causes of male genital odor such as choice of underwear, masturbation, wet skin, trapped air or yeast infection has already been clearly explained on this blog. The most appropriate care for the genitals is bathing regularly and more hygiene awareness and of course the use of male genital products.
More and more male genital products are being made  now , with varying results and prices. Male genital wash is to be used for washing the genital area as against using other kinds of bathing soaps which is used for the body. They are made specifically for the male genital skin. The common and remarkable ones include

1. Bond Ginseng Care Men's Intimate Wash

BOND Masculine Wash Men's Intimate Wash 2.5 Fl. Oz. (75mL) Hygiene Care Products for Men (Ginseng Care-Red)
This is a product of Thailand  which contains a combination of herbs which help to remove bacteria, odor and impurities in the male genitals. It helps to reduce the risk of infections and get rid of unwanted odor caused by day-to-day activities. It is also recommended for washing off residual left behind from condoms and lubricants. Ginseng , one of it’s main products is known to enlarge blood vessels and cause improved circulation to the genital region, making for good sexual performance and enjoyment, an additional advantage of the intimate wash. This is the most recommended genital wash for sexually active men.

The fresh balls solution is an antiperspirant solution for the male genitals. If you tend to sweat a lot down there, there this solution meant be good for you. It doesn't have much smell, applies easy and dries quickly much like a roll on for the genitals. It's aluminum free too. Depending on your level of perspiration down there, you might still need to use a powder to get the male genital completely dry, but the fresh balls would particularly eliminate male genital odor because of it's antibacterial properties. You however have to be sure you are buying the grey package as the orange pack is an inferior product. Beware of that.

Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls, 5 fl oz 2 Pack

3. BOND - Daily Masculine Male intimate Wash

This product is also being distributed by the brand name bond, although it is not made in Thailand, it contains most of the ingredients as the ginseng care but comes without the Thailand twist. It is also one of the most effective wash available now to combat male genital odor. It is soap free with a neutral PH and asides herb extracts , has olive oil to restore moisture to the genital area preventing male genital odor due to dryness which some of the other soaps would cause due to stripping of the genital skin oils.


Intimate and Male Genital Wash - 150mlDiem Duroil is a product that has been around for a while but has been out of the elijahforce radar. It is made in Malaysia and it helps to fight pungent smells emanating from the genitals. The foam wash wouldn't be discomforting or irritating and would easily blend with your hygiene products. 

5. Diana Stalder Masculine Wash

This male genital odor product has a strong smell. It comes in a small 100ml bottle and should be used sparingly due to it’s strong vinegar smell. While the other products add a lot of scents to the wash. Diana Stalder  just mixed all the essential ingredients together and rammed it into a bottle. We are guessing , she is a no nonsense woman and her partner’s genitals must smell really bad before she made the wash. This is also  the most effective intimate wash for male genital odor due to yeast infection . It however has a  4.5 pH value which is a little acidic but she claims it helps balances out the pH of the genital region which is supposed to be a slightly acidic environment to prevent pathogens from cultivating in the area which would in turn prevent infections, itching or irritation. This  product has unfortunately been phased out.

6. Bluemoore Cleanser: 

This male genital product is also one of the list of available genital products and though is a little mild is quite effective.

Does your balls smell like rotten fish? Well, you are not alone 75% of men have issues of male genital odor but never talk about it or do anything about it but just let their partners die in silence while trying to avoid the pungent smell oozing out of a rotten fish genital penetrating an extremely high pH Vagina. But it is not always bad, as that nasty smell turns out to be some freak’s fetish.This  product has unfortunately been phased  out

Friday, 18 October 2013


Sexting 101
"i would show you mine , if you show me yours"
The word Sexting was coined from the words  “sex” and “texting”. Sexting involves the transfer via phone of sexually suggestive text messages, audio sounds, MMs and selfies usually between two lovers who may or may not be in the same location. It is also known as cyber flirting. Sexting can be a very good form of foreplay between lovers who are about to meet each other . Sexting however requires creativity. Both parties have to be on the same page and understand one another. It’s mostly dirty words, or like Hindus say, “gandi baat” and sexual pictures of oneself

Rules to Sexting

Keep it Short

Texts should be brief, mysterious and tantalizing; this will keep your partners imaginative juice flowing and leave them wanting more..

Go Hard or Go Home

The beauty of sexting is that you can live out your fantasies in words without any fear or judgment except you are sexting with a prude or just about anybody who gets irritated by dirty talk, so go hard. The urban dictionary would help you with words to use, as conventional words would kill the mood. Instead of saying, “ that tie you are wearing, let’s use it tonight”, you can say. “I hope that tie of yours is strong enough to hold my ass in the air why you grill me from behind”. Safe the emoticons for “get well soon” messages, except you download sexually suggestive emoticons. LOL is as dumb as it looks and sounds, this is not preschool. Go hard, nobody is going to get pregnant.

Headless Pictures Keeps everything safe

A selfie would be a very good initiator of sexting but if you ever intend to run for Mayor of New York or any political position for that matter in any country in the world , and you happen to be sexting with someone other than your spouse, then you should keep your pictures headless. As a rule, even if you are sexting with someone who you might break up with, then except you live in California, you should keep your pictures headless to prevent revenge picture leak. A sexting picture is just as scandalous as a sextape if it gets into the wrong hands with your face in it. Take your best features with an app like snap chat that deletes the picture after it is received and viewed to keep things safe. Tattoos would always give you away, so be careful to exclude tattoos from  your pictures and it would be nice to slap some filters over it before sending ,so it turns on and not off. Deleting the photos off your phone would also prevent any form of embarrassment in case of a possible phone hack or theft. Ensure that everything in the room is not taken and the ones that are should look good and compliment the selfie. Sexting should be fun , use a good sexting phoneand take quality pictures.
This Man  is a Judge in Detroit.

Be Sure you are sexting the right person.

The worst thing that can happen to anyone sexting is to sext the wrong person. It is very embarrassing and can even lead to grave consequences, like firing, ostracizing and what not. Don’t sext with a phone on which you group chat all the time, be sure of what you are doing and be sober while doing it.

Keep it between us

Sharing photos or text messages used in sexting is wrong except you are using it in court to nail a bastard. Same as sexting with multiple people at the same time, if you can do it well without any mistakes (which rarely happens ) then why not? Otherwise stick to one.

"I am not wearing any underwear"

Sexting is every where , 15 percent of adult phones owners received a sext and 6 percent sent one by spring 2012 in America alone.

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Monday, 14 October 2013


Male body odor elimination
Male body odor , male genital

Body odor is the scent given off when your body sweats and breaks down bacteria. Your body will always give off an odor because your body is always getting rid of toxins and bacteria. But the scent of your natural sweating is not actually that pungent. It becomes worse and therefore more noticeable with diet or heavy sweating. If you fail to bathe properly or your diet is heavy in spicy foods it will increase foul body odor. Your body will sweat all the time but the severity of the sweating can increase the scent you give off.


The most basic way to eliminate foul odor is to bath regularly with warm water and soap. If this is not enough to remove the scents left over by a day outside then scented soaps should be integrated. Soaps that have some form of scrub in them or are used in conjunction with a scrub brush can reach places and pores that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Another way to eliminate body odor is to use deodorant. While this may seem remedial not everyone remembers to put this on each day and when combined with lack of showering it often leads to something quite foul. Believe the Old Spice commercial as it is one of the deodorant that keeps everything smelling good. Some Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant also come with body heat activation.


Hair located in the areas where you sweat profusely will actually act as a trap. It will keep the odor coming off of your body inside of the hair where it will remain until you bathe. So if you are prone to heavy sweating under your arms that gives off a foul odor you may consider removing or trimming the hair that you have under your arms. If you sweat heavily on your chest and it gives off a foul odor it may be best to remove the hair or at least remove some of the hair. Once you do this it will allow your glands more room to breathe which will eliminate foul odor.  


The clothes you wear can also affect the severity of your body odor. In much the same way that hair traps bad odors your clothing can do the same. You may consider wearing clothing that allows for better evaporation of your sweat. Things that are natural fibers and allow your skin a chance to breathe is much better at eliminating foul odor than constricting clothes. Cotton or wool are very good choices. Of course it is important that you also wash your clothes regularly. If you wore a shirt in which you sweat heavily the previous day do not wear it again. Wash it first to eliminate any bad odors that have collected there.



You can change your body odor and severity of said odor by altering your diet. Certain foods can increase the foulness of your body odor including garlic and curry. Spicy foods will increase the pungent nature of your odor. You can reduce the amount of red meat you consume as well.
Cologne is great to wear but should not be used to mask your body odor. It should instead be used to enhance your natural smells. What many fail to realize about cologne or perfume is that they are not made for everyone. There is a wide variety of selections available because many people have a different natural odor. Their chemical make up and DNA are different and therefore some smells will work better than others. By speaking with a professional at the cologne counters you can test different smells and see which ones actually work with your natural make up.

                                     MALE FACIAL GROOMING

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Safe Sex Vs Rough Sex.

safe sex vs rough sex
For a while now, we have being trying to prove that safe sex  does not only involve the use of condoms and it took a blog post to prove that. Now we have more prove to show that rough loud sex might not be considered safe anymore, at least if children are in the neighborhood. Read for yourself what Mister Spencer had to right to his neighbor after a noisy evening and a sleepless night.

complaint letter over neighbor's loud sex, safe sex
Needless to say, the love birds turned it up the next night and Mr John Williams had to relocate, forgoing his mortgage for the sake of the sanity of his girls. Safe sex anyone?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to Handle a Cheater

how to handle a cheater. 

Whether you are male or female it is heart breaking to discover that your partner has been cheating on you. There are many ways in which you can handle this depending on the situation.
If you just caught your loved one cheating and you need to confront them it is best to take some time away before doing so. This will help you keep calmer and reduce any chances of fights.  Like on the show cheaters, the  person cheated upon already knows their partner is cheating and so knows what to do or in most cases doesn’t. They keep saying the same dumb line like “ how could you do this to me?” and  filling the air with curse words which gets bleeped out and makes the show like something meant for the deaf. The worst that can happen to someone being cheated on is to find the cheater and then put up a sob story and afterwards regret you didn’t say the right things or act the right way. There is a name they call people who throw tantrums when they catch a cheater, they are called, Losers in Love. You might consider taking a walk. It is not recommended that you drive if you are in a heightened emotional state. The worst thing you can do is to just act stupidly on impulse. You should instead go and plan on how to handle the cheater, so that maybe next time, they’ll think before they cheat.

Now here is a job well done!

 When this happens one of two things will take place: either you will talk through the issue and agree to work on it but stay together or you will be unable to stay with them and you will have to leave.
 If you are married and planning to divorce your spouse, you would need substantial evidence to nail the bastard in court  and that is if you live in a developed country, so instead of just going off in a rant, plan instead.
Way to go girl!
You might considering writing a letter instead of ranting and looking pathetic and pitiful. You can even hire someone to help put your letter in perspective. You can make a breakup video and earn some money if it goes viral. In order for you both to stay you will need to consider ways to improve communication. If you can accept that this cheating was a one-time incident and it will never happen again  then you may consider staying with your partner.  But bear in mind if this is what happens it is up to you to try and forgive your partner amidst the loss of trust and pain of heartbreak—you cannot just make them pay for their single mistake for the duration of the relationship.
If you are ready to do the time, you might go find a weapon and probably put them down through the  door of a looked bathroom door .
Be open and honest in your communication. Start by asking them why the cheating took place. There are many reasons someone might cheat but knowing why can be a big step in helping you to heal. You should then consider if the reason they cheated was in part because of some issue in your relationship. This is hard but it is often the case. If you stopped having sex because you were busy with a work promotion it may have had a bigger effect on your loved one than you realized. What might have seemed like weeks may have actually been months. Perhaps communication stopped between you too or you both let your physical appearance dwindle. We hate to admit it but physical appearance does matter a bit. Your spouse or partner may still love you for you but that does not mean that letting yourself go physical will still turn them on. You  have to be careful here because cheaters can be very cunning and manipulative and might eventually find a way of blaming the whole thing on you and you would foolishly fall for the lie. Perhaps the issue is something bigger such as a pattern of bad behavior or personal depression. Whatever the reason it is important that if you talk it out with them you actually listen. You may be surprised what you hear.

Taking down the other person who you partner cheated with  is the dumbest thing to do. You have no business with that person and for heaven’s sake, it might have even been anybody if you are dealing with a serial cheater.
 If you need to take breaks during the conversation because of frustration then do so. It is better that you take breaks than stand around and let your anger bubble and overflow.
If you are unable to work through these issues with communication and patience then unfortunately cheating may be the end of the relationship. You will break it off and this can be just as messy as learning to deal with the issues. You should communicate that you are unable to remain with your partner and take the steps necessary to end the relationship. For some this may be as easy as walking out the door while for others it means legal paperwork and searching for a new home.
No matter which you decide it is important that you make sure to take care of yourself emotionally. Both situations are difficult to say the least. It is not the end of the world, people cheat on people everyday even as you read this, someone is cheating on someone right now , so make sure you come out of this or stay in it with your head up. If you come out of it though, you would have done the right thing, 95% of the time.

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Male Genital Painter

Male Genital  painter( Pricasso).
male genital odorIf all you do with your male genital is to pee and pong, then you are probably not utilizing all it’s potential. According to pricasso, the Australian painter that paints with his male genitals( penis) , balls and buttocks and he probably doesn’t have to worry about male genital odor or what some people call testicle odor.
The 63 year old man named Tim Patch but mostly known as pricasso because of what he has been able to do with his penis. At 63, he probably has little use for the penis aside from peeing and so painting seems to be something he could possible do with the limp shaft. He paints celebrities mostly and even has a Wikipedia page, a website and probably a personal assistant. He once appeared on a German television talent show, in which he painted a female portrait. The dumb female judge voted it down , trying to act like she was a prude but the other male judges didn't buy into her hypocrisy and he was put through.


male genital odor

Of course, there has been a lot of criticism as with any thing that has to do with the male genital, some art galleries in Johannesburg  South Africa refused to associate  themselves with any of his work. Pricasso, makes his own paint because normal paints contain lime which would erode the skin. He makes his paint water based and rubs his penis , testicles and balls with Vaseline before dipping them in paint to avoid any penis irritation. He also washes clean with  male genital wash to ensure that his balls don’t smell like fish.
His art was once described as “sexting the canvas”. He has since performed in exotic shows which have had it’s share of protests . Pricasso thinks, he is as good as anyone with a brush and even quicker.
male genital odorNow, using your male genital  to poke a wall with paint dripping out of it might not be something anyone would want to do, except of course you are one of those dumb dudes on reality televisions but this might actually result in male genital enlargement. The male genital being held for hours and used in a completely different way would definitely need a little bit of tissue adaptation to the new task. This would make the male genitals thicker, longer and of course more adhesive to paint.
Issues like male genital odor would be non existent because, the painting is mostly done in the nude and the genital area is washed after each job. This might even boost the man’s sexual stamina in ways we can only imagine since we don’t have any scientific proof . A better proof of merit to the male genital painting would have  being provided by a lady who wants her  real ovaries painted but so far, no woman has been directly associated with him. This is not to say he isn't getting laid, because in the world of today , all you need to do is to make yourself different, and someone would talk about you and you would get laid.
male genital odor, pricasso
And like every other thing in the world, pricasso was inspired to start this in 2005 while watching a  program called puppetry of penis on television. His first painting was done in the urinal with his urine to draw a smiley face.

Here is an NSFW video of pricasso at work.

Lessons we have learnt from this include

       1.The male genital has unfathomable power and uses beyond our imagination
       2. Some dreams take off in the urinal.
3  3.  Everybody has something that they have, that would make them successful and sometimes it may be the genitals.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Foods that help you Get Pregnant

Foods that help you get pregnant(i.e foods that boost your fertility).

get pregnant now

Most people want to conceive as soon as possible once they get married. It can be very difficult if you are faced with infertility and still in your relationship. Thankfully there are many natural ways in which you can boost not only your sex drive but your fertility in order to get pregnant. You can get into shape while also increasing your consumption of certain food groups which help with both male and female fertility.
Fertility can be aided by staying healthy and fit. This means that if you are overweight it will reduce your chances of conceiving. The same is true of being severely underweight. Many people do not bear this in mind and instead only focus on removing birth control and having sex near ovulation in order to get pregnant. But this is an often overlooked and important aspect to conception. A study showed that having a Body Mass Index of below 20 or above 24 would make it difficult to get pregnant. Calculate your BMI
To get pregnant there are certain things, a woman should be mindful of .Drinks play a large role in fertility as well. If a female consumes more than five cups of coffee per day it will greatly lower her chances of fertility. The same is true of more than 2 glasses of alcohol daily. By reducing your alcohol consumption and staying fit you can enjoy higher chances of conceiving when you want to conceive. You don’t have to cut these items out entirely but just reduce them.
Other things which increase fertility in  order to for a woman to  get pregnant  includes detoxification from toxins from  such activities as smoking and eating junk and unhealthy foods. Smoking would not only reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant but would also harm the foetus if she eventually does.


get pregnant with fruits

As a man there are many foods you can consume which will increase your fertility.
 Fresh fruits give you high levels of Vitamin C which is known to increase the health of your sperm and your potency. By consuming two portions of fruits which are high in vitamin C and antioxidants you can increase your chances of impregnating your partner.

get pregnant with fruits
Garlic is another food you should consume. It actually improves  blood circulation which in turn  increases fertility. In addition it has aphrodisiac properties.


get pregnant with fish

 Fish are high in fatty acids which can improve your fertility. Fish also improves circulation in your reproductive system and will boost the quality of your sperm to get your partner pregnant.
For women there are four main foods which can boost your fertility.


get pregnant

Meat( Beef and chicken) is perfect because it has a lot of iron in it which reduces your risk of infertility during the ovulation process. It also helps to increase the level of red blood cells in your body which reduces your threat of anaemia. This is important because it will reduce complications once you conceive.


get pregnant

. Nuts like walnuts and almonds have a high amount of vitamin E which will increase the female sex drive and protect your embryo from a potential miscarriage.


get pregnant

Potatoes are also good for females because they are high in vitamin B and vitamin E both of which will enhance  cellular division in order to get pregnant by increasing  the chances of producing a healthy ova.


get pregnant

Lastly eggs are full of folate and vitamin B12 both of which will minimize the potential for birth defects. They also have cartenoids and antioxidants which increase your fertility.


                                                        supplements to get pregnant

Fertility supplements are probably the most important of these lists as they promote reproductive wellness and improve a woman's chances to conceive. Supplements like  FertilAid for Women: Female Fertility Supplement comes with a one month supply for a woman intending to get pregnant.

You can find creative ways to integrate the aforementioned foods into all three meals each day and watch the fertility levels of you and your partner rise. Soon you will both be able to squeal with delight as you announce to your friends and family that you are pregnant!  Taking all these foods alone would not get you pregnant. Not until a good swimmer meets a good egg before you can get pregnant. You have to be sure you are able to conceive and that the man is not just shooting blanks.