Saturday, 1 June 2013

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male genital odor, Lifestyle, Health Masturbation, the act of touching oneself to produce a favourable feeling in the groin area ,usually accompanied by some  sort of mental, visual or audio stimulation to assist in reaching climax can most times cause male genital odor or penis smell.
When masturbation is not followed by showering and  cleaning of the genital area, semen  or pre-ejaculate would be left on the male genital  and would lead to male genital odor or penis smell due to the breaking down of sugar such as glucose and fructose which are about 102mg per 100mL and 27.6mg per 100mL in a sample of semen.
The penis smell would last for a full day until the sugar is done breaking down, a quick washing preferably with a male genital wash as against toilet soaps would do the trick of eliminating male genital odor.
Semen itself can sometimes have a bleachy smell because it is alkaline to protect the  sperm from the normally acidic environment of the vagina.  Semen smell can also be influenced  by certain food intakes like broccoli , asparagus  , coffee and other pungent foods.
Masturbation especially when uncircumcised would liberate smegma by the motion  of the foreskin across the glans of the penis during the exertion of masturbation.

Male genital odor can also be due to the nature of lubricants or lube used in masturbation. The use of saliva as a lube would definitely produce smell especially when the mouth is not well brushed or the use of saliva after eating pungent smelling foods.
When male genital odor is due to masturbation, it is advisable to step up personal hygiene and to take all the fap to the shower and immediately clean the male genital. Having sex also has the same effect, it is therefore advisable to shower immediately after any sexual activity  to avoid male genital odor caused by left over semen, pre-ejaculate, natural  body oils and bacteria ( which  can be cured by antibiotics). Showering can be done with
Wiping the glans of the penis even after urinating to prevent the drip of urine on the male genital would also prevent male genital odor caused by urine leftovers or stains. Urine on the  genitals also smells the same way semen or pre ejaculate does.
Most times when a man gets excited , his penis releases a little pre-ejaculate and even if  he doesn't masturbate , the pre-ejaculate still stays on the genital area and breaks down to cause male genital odor. The same applies to little drops of urine . It is also advisable to use lubes  instead of soaps, saliva or water in masturbation.