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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

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The Pregnant Woman and Her Husband's Questions.

 One of the most challenging time in a man's life is the period when his wife is pregnant . The pregnant woman and her husband's questions has been written to answer some of the questions mostly based on the search keywords by which our new visitors find us.

1. Should I accompany my wife to her prenatal sessions, considering the fact that I would rather be anywhere else than be there?

Yes!,  You put it there, so you have to do the work. Prenatal sessions would help you understand the pregnant woman, the pregnancy and the birth process and of course parenting. Nothing says support as much as going for prenatals together,except of course, back rub and doing the chores. Pre-natals would afford you the opportunity of videos  ( if you don't have youtube) and  materials on pregnancy and meeting with the doctor on any specific conditions or precautions to be taken by your partner during pregnancy.
pregnant woman and her husband, Pregnant women, relationship, Health
Don't forget to smile and appear supportive.

2. Am I going to have sympathy pains during her pregnancy?

Yes, except, you are not the father. Experts call it, the covade syndrome, where a man or a boy suffers some symptoms for no reason other than the fact that he successfully knocked up someone and good enough there is no medical diagnosis or cure for it. Husbands of pregnant women would most likely suffer cramps, back pain, excessive food cravings, tooth ache, depression, excessive tiredness , mood swings and even morning sickness. So you can boldly call in sick , stating that you are suffering from what doctors  call covade syndrome and abbreviate it as C.V.S.
pregnant woman and her husband, Pregnant women, relationship, Health
I'm having neck pain right now, i think my one night stand is pregnant.

3. Should I be in the delivery room?

Well, can't really say. Depending on the country and hospital, there would be rules and regulations governing  whether the man should be there or not. In Africa, West Africa precisely, such practise is not common, in America, if you aren't there, where would you be?. In Asia, who cares, the world is already congested anyways. Apart from the fact that your wife might hold your hands so tight, you would scream like a girl, seeing the papaya blow up and a weird thing forcing it's way out of it accompanied by yells and screams after which a giant piece of flesh called the after birth follows is a complete anti aphrodisiac. If she is not opting for the natural birth, then why not, if she is, so what?
pregnant woman and her husband, Pregnant women, relationship, Health
This can't be fun, when she gives you that " see what you've done to me " look.

pregnant woman and her husband, Pregnant women, relationship, Health
Instead invite your friends over and make a short documentary or photo album.

4. Can we still have sex during pregnancy and how do you have sex with a pregnant woman?

Sex during pregnancy totally depends on the pregnant woman's sexual desires. During pregnancy the woman, especially in the first trimester would experience fatigue and nausea which may lower sexual desires and once she isn't tagging along, then no show. During the second trimester, blood supply to the pelvic area is increased and so intercourse might become very enjoyable. During the third semester, when the foetus descends to the pelvic area, the new pressure on that area may affect positioning or pleasure. The foetus is usually protected from all sexual activity by the amniotic fluid, uterus, muscle tissue etc, except the sexual activity involves fisting. Orgasms would be longer and more enjoyable but our paranoiac experts fear the orgasms might cause premature labour. A pregnant woman is also more susceptible to urinary and vaginal infections. The usual missionary position should be skipped until after pregnancy, spooning is the best position during pregnancy. But just in case the pregnant woman is a virgin and her name is Mary and yours is Joseph and you are both Israelites  then you should know this passage, "But they did not sleep together before her baby was born. Then Joseph named him Jesus."  Matt 1:25........ Do likewise!.
pregnant woman and her husband, Pregnant women, relationship, Health
Sorry, this is how far she can go.

The pregnant woman and her husband's questions are endless but the above four rank the highest. All other questions are answered in the  book How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy