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Monday, 29 April 2013


why cheaters cheat
There are cheaters and there are womanizers. In the morality court, womanizers seem to always get the bail. Womanizers make up their mind on what to do , cheaters simply cheat. Cheaters never win.Cheaters seem to live their whole life keeping up appearances, watching over their shoulders and constantly living a lie. But why do cheaters cheat?. Simple they are called cheaters, so they cheat. Womanizers know what they want, their freedom, sense of choice and variety e.t.c, cheaters know everything but not what they really want.

1. Neglect or feeling of Neglect:    

Most cheaters cheat because they feel neglected in their relationships. The feeling of neglect means literally that the cheater feels their emotional, material , sexual  needs have not been met by their partners and in some cases, it may not be true.

2. Boredom and Lack of Variety: 

Womanizers become cheaters most of the time when they are in a monogamous relationship because they get  used to variety of the past, being with several mates without any strings attached. This goes both ways for men and women and the fact that no strings are attached to the sexual activities makes it even less guilt ridden and easier.
why cheaters cheat,boredom
I wonder what Rodrigo is doing right now, if he was here
he would sing to me and say dirty things.

3. Loss of passion and attractiveness: 

Cheaters cheat on their partners often times because they feel less attracted to their partners like they once did. The indifference to physical appearance after  some time in a relationship can do a lot of harm to the relationship. Instances when the partners get so used to themselves and the routine their whole relationship has now become that they  lose the drive to constantly look and feel attractive and romantic to their partners might lead one partner to cheat. Cheaters cheat at times because the spark they once enjoyed in their relationship has fizzled away with time. The “spark” is usually as a result of endorphin released by the brain when one falls in love as time goes and the relationship continues, the biochemical  environment in the brain slowly changes.

4. Loss of respect and appreciation: 

Cheaters cheat often times when they feel they are no longer appreciated in their relationship. No one is drooling on them anymore. This particularly affects the men . They sometimes cheat to find some kind of validation in their bruised ego and masculinity. Their present relationship has figuratively picked them up and sat them down and called them a “sissy” but they are too much of a  coward to bail  but instead chose to find some kind of validation by cheating.

5. Fun in the chase: 

Cheaters cheat at times just because of the fun they get from the whole game of cheating, cheaters sometimes get addicted to the adrenaline rush that accompanies the act of cheating. The fear of getting caught, the task of keeping the cheating a secret and living the double life without any hiccups.  The act of cheating has been proved to make men‘s brain work twice as effective as it would have done if they were faithful in a monogamous relationship. Some people become addicted to this and just always want to cheat in a relationship ,just as bad as a junkie needs cocaine.
why cheaters cheat
This is always fun

why cheaters cheat
until this happens

6. Parasitic relationships: 

Cheaters cheat oftentimes because they are in parasitic relationships or are parasitic kind of people, who go into relationships only for their own selfish personal benefits. In such situations, cheaters could care less about the well being or needs of their partner and would cling on to as many people that can give them what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. A more English Appropriate name for this parasites is narcissist. Narcissist are sometimes born not only made.
+2% every time he get his heart broken.

7. No deal breaker:

 Cheaters cheat often times because some relationships are entered into without proper communication of  the deal breakers. They often get tempted to sway  when they find someone eccentric but with no knowledge of deal breakers in the relationship which has been properly communicated, cheaters sometimes cheat because they think they can eat their cake and have it.
Cheaters usually receive the short end of the stick, because when they get caught , they tend to lose all, fill themselves with regret and remorse and watch their whole lives tear apart. Cheaters however in some cases need to undergo therapy and counseling and maybe someday there would be a rehab for cheaters because at least they have a show on international television. If you have been cheated on here is how to handle infidelity. If you plan on cheating, here is a word for you from Jesus Christ, "What you are about to do, do quickly."

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


loss of a loved one
The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences that anybody can go through. People across the world die every day and we seem to be quite indifferent to such occurrences  We live in a world where it is gradually becoming difficult to process emotions and where the value of a human life seems to be depreciating faster than the Zimbabwean dollar. People die daily in the hospitals, in accidents ,bomb explosions, robberies , shoot outs and what not but someday it eventually comes around and hits home. The loss of a  loved one occurs. Gone! , never to be seen again.


Depending on the conditions surrounding the death, the most common immediate reaction to the news of the death is shock also known as acute stress response, this is especially common when the loved one  was not expected to pass . It mostly comes as a result of the disbelief that death could actually hit home, the psychic re-experiencing of the circumstances leading to the death.This should not be confused with circulatory shock. This is the mind’s and body’s response to instances of intense helplessness.  This should be immediately treated with psycho pharmacological treatment  such as antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy which helps to change the  patients  thought pattern.


Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death of the loved one, questions are bound to arise. Why is this happening now? Why didn't I see this coming? How could I have prevented this? Why did God not save the dead? Was there a sign that I neglected? Am I the cause of the death? The questions never seem to end; they will keep pouring in one after the next. Answers never seem to come, resulting in a downward spiral into the pool of grief. Most questions seem to go unanswered or better yet, not appropriately answered. The mind is put on a futile task to find a perfect answer that would make the death of the loved one sensible; a perfect reason that would tie the loose strings, but it most of the time never comes. In answering these arising questions, you always have to understand that life is full of ups and downs and some occurrences just would never make sense.  So when those questions arise, answer with this simple answer, " life sometimes hits you with a brick on the head, you must still never lose faith."


The unanswered questions immediately lead to deep grief , sadness and sorrow. Coming to terms with the reality of things can also be very depressing based on the circumstances surrounding  the death of the loved one. The best way to get over grief is to let the emotions flow freely, let the tears roll, lets the screams and wailing ring in the air,don’t suppress anything. It is a tradition in ancient Africa to beat up women who have been bereaved with the hope of getting them to cry and get relief from grief. Don’t bottle  up your emotions and don’t listen to people telling you not to grief, talk about it, cry about it, sing about it, pray about it, give yourself time, people get over grief at completely different times but whatever you do , you have to let your emotions out to get over grief. During the time of grief, ensure, you still eat and drink lots of water to help the body system stabilize and see a medical doctor for check up.


Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death of the loved one, there are instances where regret and bitterness may envelope the bereaved. After the death of a loved one, there are usually flashbacks on the life of the person and sometimes, the bereaved might recall  certain instances  in which they had premonition of the death of that particular loved one or signs which they seem to have neglected. Regret  might also come from procrastination of intentions relating to the loved one who had passed.  Things you planned to do but never did until the death of the loved one.  In  such situations you simply have to forgive yourself and let go of the hurt.  At times in life, we have premonitions, not to change the situation or prevent the situation from happening but to prepare for it  to happen and there is sometimes nothing we can do to change it.


When a loved one dies and the bereaved seem to have gotten over the shock and grief, they move on to the final most difficult stage which is pain. This mostly happens as a result of the physical, emotional and spiritual void which the loved one filled while they were alive. The thirst for the loved one emotionally, physically and materially often lead to this pain which  differs in duration and magnitude with each person. This period of pain usually occurs when everyone is done sympathizing and empathizing, friends have stopped calling and life has began, it involves the life adjustments the bereaved would have to make to survive without the loved one. In this stage, the only way to heal is to talk about it, tell people, anybody what the loved one would have done if he or she was still alive, that way you move towards closure. Your subconscious begins to learn to eradicate that need for the loved one as it would never be filled again.


When a loved one dies, we have people around coming to console and sympathize with the bereaved. In most cases, they prevent the bereaved from expressing emotions, and grieving , the bereaved in turn tries to come out of the grief and look into the future with teary eyes only to discover the void which the death of the loved one would bring. The responsibilities which the loved one has left behind which seemed to be perfectly suited for the loved one. In such situations, you have to know that tomorrow would take care of itself, everybody would eventually adjust and someday, somehow, life would continue because it already does, it’s already continuing."Death of a loved one at an unexpected time makes you see everything in life so differently. Suddenly most things are just not a big deal."

 loss of a loved one

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Apart from male genital odor due to poor hygiene practices, male genital odor can also be caused by yeast infection in the male genitals. This affects females too but seem to be more common in males especially among uncircumcised men. Yeast infection is not only limited to the male genitals, it can  develop in the armpits , between the fingers or between rolls of skin in very overweight people. It is characterized by red and painful itchy rash on affected spot,bumps, scaling, softness and paleness of the affected area, swelling of the head of the male genital, penile discharge, discomfort or light pain when urinating or during sexual intercourse and of course pungent and unpleasant genital odor. To combat this male genital odour due to
yeast infection , the yeast infection has to be cured.

What causes the yeast infection?

Yeast infection also known as male thrush is not regarded as a serious condition except it is accompanied by high fever, nausea, headache and trembling in which case quick medical attention should be sought. It is also sometimes noted as a gateway infection which increases your chances of contacting sexually transmitted disease although there is no solid scientific information to back this up. Thrush is caused by the Candida albicans fungus.  This fungus is  present in different parts of the body and kept under control by the body's immune system and other harmless bacteria. Thrush can develop when that subtle balance is disturbed.

Yeast infection is caused mainly by three things:

1. Irritated skin: The skin of the male genitals are very sensitive and soft , and hence are susceptible to irritation easily.  The use of  lots and lots of perfumed showered gels and soaps  which contain harsh chemicals like triclosan, sodium laurel (or laureth) sulfate (As little as a .05 percent concentration is capable of causing irritation according to a 1983 report of the Journal of The American College of Toxicology (ACT) however,the concentration can be as high as 30 percent in some soaps presently  on the market.) and a lot of  fragrances can cause great irritation to the skin of the male genitals.  A damaged skin is a good place to thrive for the candida fungus and since the skin of the male genitals can be easily damaged, it has a higher chance than any other part of the body to become infected with yeast infection.  Males who are also in the habit of masturbating with soaps and lubricants are also in  great danger of contracting yeast infection.
2. Heat and moisture: Heat and moisture trapped around the male genital area is about the major cause of male genital odor, it also provides a very good  environment for candida fungus to thrive. Wearing those extremely tight briefs for the sake of fashion and  not completely drying out your balls after bathing can cause moisture to accumulate between the thighs and when heated would provide room for  the candida fungus. The foreskin might also serve as a trap for moisture if not properly cleaned and aired.
3. Changes in the immune system: The balance in the immune system can be greatly uttered by the ingestion of antibiotics or in HIV positive patients, or during unhealthy eating and exposure to stress and diabetes that might lower the immune system causing a shift in the balance of bacteria in the body and undermining the immune system.
Other causes of male thrush includes ironic the over use of antibiotics, the use of steriods or being diabetic.

1. Hygiene: This is the most important remedy for yeast infection on the male genitals, washing regularly, and cleaning afterwards or after sweating is very important to prevent yeast infection on the male genitals
2. The use of Anti-fungus cream: These over the counter creams should be used for 2 weeks according to the prescribed dosages, the symptoms usually disappear after one week.
3. Costicosteriod cream: This is usually prescribed by doctors  in case of male genital itching and soreness. Applying yogurt with no sugar or flavors (if you can find that) also does the trick for male genital yeast infection, using athlete’s foot cream would also treat the infection as it is also an anti-fungus cream and yeast infection is just like athlete’s foot of the male genitals or female as the case may be. 
Male genital odour if accompanied with itching , swelling or discharge might be a yeast infection and should be treated as such.
4. The use of coconut oil on affected areas would also help kill yeast infection.
5. Doing the Yoghurt dunk, which involves putting the male genital in live natural yoghurt once a day can also help cure yeast infection and subsequently male genital odor

Monday, 15 April 2013


Gun Control- A Poem

Gun control, youth , guns, control, youth development,
Gun control? I'll shoot them all dead.
“Your money or your life?”He shouted aloud
He had a gun
He had the guts
He also had the control
“I want all your profits”

“I want all the expensive things you got”
His mother loved him
His father adored him
So he got an ice cream
Funny, smart
He made the people laugh 

Years passed behind him
Friends he knew left him
Time was running against him
He had to get the money
He had to get the life
Youthful days were over
He had to be a man
He had a job
He had to work
He had to get control
Hungry, angry
He made the people laugh

 One chance he had to take
The extra money he had to make
It wasn't going to come from the dough he had to bake
But the law he had to break 
The money for the life he had to change
He could no longer watch life spin out of control
Gun control, youth , guns, control, youth development,
Now control this!
 “All of you get down to the floor” 
Gun control, youth , guns, control, youth development,
Personal Gun control collections.
“Show me the   money or I’ll show you your life”
He had the gun
It didn't contain any liquids.
He had the control
“Why does he always get a gun?”

“He is a boy” was the reply. 
They always start with toys.
Laugh today, cry tomorrow
Desperate , callous

Why are the people no longer laughing?

Saturday, 13 April 2013


wrong reasons to get married, marriage

Marriage is beautiful. However in recent times, we  have seen the great decline in straight marriages all across the world.
     Marriage, the once beautiful fruit seems to have left a bitter taste in the mouth of so many. “Why do I have to put up with someone else all my life?”, Jacqueline 28 had responded. A lot of people around the world have resorted to living together and open relationships. Why the decline in marriage can be linked to decline in earning power of men, protection of personal wealth and assets which might be lost in marriage and other behavioral abnormalities and beliefs. One of the major reasons for decline in the rate of marriage and increase in the rate of failed marriages are that people get into marriage for all the wrong reasons. They give themselves all the wrong reasons to get married and what makes these reasons wrong is that they cannot sustain a marriage and would rather bring an abrupt end to a marriage. We are going to explain a few here. 

1. Lust:

 One of the many  wrong reasons to  get  married is lust. It also happens to be the commonest reason why people get married. The thought of having a magazine cover girl or a well ripped athlete all to yourself might seem nice enough. The prospect of eroticism and sexual prowess that would be enjoyed  exclusively in the marriage also seems most of the time to blind individual from obvious signs of incompatibility and lack of communication whatsoever , all needed for marriage to succeed.  Everything seems to boil down to physicality in a lust filled relationship .Lust is one of the  wrong reasons to get married. Because it eventually wears out  and the marriage ends even before it starts.
wrong reasons to get married, marriage
If you marry me, i'm going to do nasty things to you each night until you weep.

2. Infatuation:

 Ever heard of the term” love at first sight”. Experts say that is a typical example of infatuation. You know it’s infatuation, when you are constantly thinking of how to reveal yourself to the other person based on your idealized vision of the other person. You immediately lose all form of security in yourself and are consumed with the thought of the other person liking you. You can't take your ground because you don’t want to lose the person. You basically work on egg shells doing everything in your power to recreate yourself for the person. Infatuation is what most love songs, and films portray as love, where you lose all sense of individuality and drown in this exhaustive experience. Infatuation, one of the wrong reasons to get married would sap out life from you, it would put your life goals and sense of individuality on hold and when you don’t get back the “so called love” you believe you deserve or your partner is not as infatuated as you are. You lose it, the whole marriage comes crashing down. Infatuation ends as fast as it starts. Getting married within weeks of first meeting each other is one of the surest signs of infatuation. 

3. Following the norm:

It is believed in most parts of the world that marriage is compulsory and is some kind of achievement and so every youth must eventually work towards that. Following the norm is also one of the wrong reasons to get married. Marriage is work and should be between two consenting adults who understand what they are going into and are ready to make it work and make it last. If you are not ready for that, there is no point following the norm of getting married just because you are expected to or because you love the idea of marriage itself or the fear of remaining unmarried because everybody is getting married. Marriage is beautiful but the aftermath of a broken marriage is like a scar that never erases even when you remarry. Do not allow yourself to be put under any pressure to marry by friends, relatives, parents or coworkers until you are ready to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, sans lust and infatuation.

4. Forcing Commitment:

One of the wrong reasons to get married which is also very common among the female folks is the need to force your partner into commitment to prevent being jilted in the future. Commitment should be gone into willingly and no one should be coerced into commitment. Marriage should not feel like a prison, it should be beautiful and enjoyed.  You would be wise enough to skip certain activities or functions until marriage to increase the value and incentives for marriage but not putting your partner  into a leash where he or she would be dragged into commitment under duress. Marriage should celebrate individuality as well as togetherness and forcing commitment would build marriage on a wrong foundation which would eventually send it tumbling down.

5. Money: 

This is arguably the most common of all the wrong reasons to get married. Financial security that a marriage can offer drives a lot of people into marriages they would otherwise not have gone into. This reason seems acceptable and laudable and a lot of people would applaud a lady who marries into money but the trick is,most monies comes with a lot of issues and the money in most cases is not worth the price of loneliness, unworthiness, paranoia and family feud that you have to put up with. Worst off, when there is a pre-nup. For the money bag, marrying someone because you possess the money you believe the other person needs would only be successful as long as the your partner, fails to apply themselves and make enough income on their own to fuel their sense of individuality and freedom. There has been several cases where a lady marries into money only to get some opportunities of applying herself and getting financial rewards on her own during the course of the marriage and then bailing on the marriage, or totally shifting all focus to herself and her money making enterprise.
wrong reasons to get married, marriage
What is the point of marrying some broke ass guy with potentials?

6. Escape Route:

  Taking marriage as an escape route to leave a town, a city , your family or relatives is also one of the wrong reasons to get married. The purpose of marriage far transcends that and going into a marriage because  of such trivial reasons is asking for trouble. Find ways of dealing with people you don’t want in your life other than getting married and getting whisked away into a new world filled with new challenges and discoveries that marriage offers.


7. Pity Party

 Marrying someone out of pity is also one of the wrong reasons to get married and it ranks as one of the dumbest too. Feeling sorry and feeling responsible for someone is good enough, marrying them for that is just straight up dumb. Marriage is more precious than a relationship based on pity except of course the person in question  has about 6 hours after the wedding to live, then you can be over your dumb decision  in 6 hours otherwise you would have to spend the rest of your existence feeling dumb and dumber and it would be way worse to break out of such relationship because you would look worse than when you went in. This is also as dumb as marrying someone with the hope of changing them into your lifestyle, your religion or your culture. Even if they show early signs of tagging along, remember that is what it is, tagging along, not change, marriage is not supposed to impose a change on anyone. It would only go so far before you start wishing being run down by a high speed train.
wrong reasons to get married, marriage
This guy's picture pops up when you google, "marrying out of pity" because
he is the first African to claim he married out of pity. He also
happens to be an Actor who came to limelight after marriage.

8. Cultural beliefs: 

 A lot of Asian marriages fall under this category. This still doesn't change the fact that it is one of the wrong reasons to get married. Marrying to maintain some bogus cultural belief is absolutely ridiculous and synonymous to punishment. Marriage is supposed to be based on love, friendship, companionship, togetherness and fun, not some pre-arranged culture preserving mediocre where participants have to live with each other, get used to each other and resort to fate. While this kinds of marriage seldom end in divorce due to the fear of the same cultural beliefs that started it in the first place, it leads to a life of unfulfillment , loss of the sense of individuality and lack of emotional expression and togetherness. This is also as bad as limiting your choice of a marriage partner due to cultural reasons, geographical location, language or race.
wrong reasons to get married, marriage
This guy doesn't know the middle name of his bride but who cares?
They are cute and they would spend the rest of their lives together
miserably happily married.

9. Pregnancy:

 Having a baby on the way is one of the wrong reasons to get married. This reason ranks high in African Countries. This is because procreation has been falsely thought to be sole reason for marriage in these countries , especially west Africa. And most women mess  with the thought of literally trapping a man into marrying them by getting pregnant. This reason is as dangerous as it sounds, don’t put yourself in such dangerous situations. While it is not advisable for children to be born out of wedlock due to some future psychological issues postulated by experts, putting the weight of marriage on an unborn fetus is not a good idea and is a recipe for a marriage that would not stand the test of time.

10. Parental issues: 

Marrying to satisfy your parents and relatives also counts as one of the wrong reasons to get married , so is marrying to hurt your parents. No parent in his  or her right mind should force a child to get married for their own selfish benefits and no right thinking child should also go ahead and exchange vows with the sole intention of pissing off the parent. Marriage would come with it’s own issues and challenges, secondary issues might prove too difficult to handle in a marriage. The “ us against the world” mentality more often than not ends badly and no marriage should be put under such unnecessary additional pressure.

11. Fortune Telling:

As ridiculous as this may sound to someone in America or United Kingdom, sooth saying , oracles and fortune telling, whatever you call it is a very common way of finding a marriage partner in Asia and Africa. The commonest way is by bringing pictures of random potential spouses to the fortune teller who then points out the "victim's' soulmate. Getting married based on the prediction of a fortune teller is one of the many wrong reasons to get married. 

12. Exercising a Right

Another one of the numerous wrong reasons to get married is to exercise a right or law that had just been passed. 30 years back ,some marriages taking place today in some parts of the world were totally illegal, now some new laws have been passed in certain countries and this is usually followed by mass weddings. There is much more to marriage than exercising a right, because soon, you might also be exercising the right to divorce.

13. Needing Assistance.

It is always said that "two heads are better than one" but the fact remains that if one head cannot function independently on it's own , it would be no good even when it has another one to work with. One of the many wrong reasons to get married is the need to get assistance, in running your daily life.You need help cleaning your house, fixing your food, running errands, changing the door knob and taking out the trash , then get a maid. Marriage is so much more than the need to get things done around the house. Marriage is meant for those who have found independence and then intend to co-depend because of the right reasons to get married .

14. Marrying for citizenship and other benefits.

Marrying someone to get a citizenship to a better country is also becoming one of the most common wrong reasons to get married.You would become a citizen quite alright but then in most cases it ends badly.

The above are all wrong reasons to get married because they usually end the marriage abruptly or rob the participants of the immense joy and happiness that marriage brings. Before signing on those dotted lines, it is important to note these reasons and either proceed  with or call off the wedding . Before you get married , you need to know about the choices in relationship. Read Choices in Relationships: An Introduction to Marriage and the Family
wrong reasons to get married
Now we've unconsciously given you more excuses to bail out of your relationships. Jerks!

Thursday, 11 April 2013



bigger butts, make your butt biggerTo make your butt bigger, you will need

  •         Glutes Exercise
  •          Booty Pads
  •          Butt Enhancement Creams and Pills
  •          Fat Enhancing foods
  •          Butt Enhancement Surgery

The beauty and importance of big butts cannot be overemphasized.  The size of your butt depends to a large extent on  two things
1. The size of your body frame 
2. Your genetic makeup. 

This gives new meaning to the words ."shake what your mama gave you".This however does not  mean people who are not genetically engineered to have bigger butts should  resort to fate and watch the benefits of bigger butts avoid them all their lives. No!. Thanks to research , anybody anywhere can make their butt bigger.  There are four particular steps you can take to make your butt bigger. 

A  big butt is really a big butt when it is rounded, firm and pear shaped and extruding from a  nicely shaped person. Being overweight would not make your butt bigger, it would in fact make it merge with the fat in other parts of the body producing a rotund figure.
A big butt would also require you to be comfortable at all times when sitting and lying, as people with bigger butts are much more susceptible to lower back pain and bad posture.

Sleeping on very comfortable mattress or comfy pillows as against the flat rock hard ones common in Asia. That said let’s go through the ways in which you can make your butt bigger.


1. Appearance enhancement:  

 This is the easiest way to make your butt bigger because it requires you to simply make your butt appear bigger  comparably to the rest of your body.  This can be achieved by making your waist smaller by
1. Using big waist belts 
2. Wearing gowns and heels
3.Wearing solid colors and 
4.Using a girdle for your mid section. 
5.Wearing fitted wears, boot cuts or well rounded jeans would do wonders when you look in the mirror. 

This would also be complemented by good posture (standing up straight without slouching). Other ways to make your butt bigger in appearance include

  • Walking on a straight line preferably with high heels (Cat Walking) would give that big butt appearance. 
  • Wearing your jeans on the lower waist to accentuate the hips and then the butts. 
  •  Using Booty Pads. The best appearance enhancements of all is the booty pads that fits on the butt right underneath the pants. This is ironically being sold mostly in African countries,Brazil and  America.
  • Using Jockstraps for Men .In America there are jockstraps that help to literally pull out men’s butt.                                                               
Appearance enhancements would not make your butt bigger, but would rather make it look bigger. 
You can tell that her butt is bigger with that belt just by looking at her 
This is also the same lady, you can wear booty pads and big belts too.


2. Gain weight:

 If you are a skinny bone, chances are  your butt would also be as flat as an ironing  board. To make your butt bigger, you need to gain weight. This is called specific weight gain, in which you gain the weight in certain parts of the body alone. It is the most difficult kind of weight gain but  if it makes your butt bigger then it is worth it.

A low fat Diet would come in handy in making your butt bigger.  Reduce intake of bad fats, Avoid high-oil sauces, dressings, and use margarine and butter sparingly, Avoid fried foods and chicken skin .

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, Eat lean protein like: fish, chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese and low-fat protein shakes. 

 Rain forest herbs such as Aguaje fruit and Maca root are also known to have butt enhancing effects. These herbs mixed with moringa and shizandra with soyabean milk helps to increase estrogen levels that help bring on those body curves and make the butt bigger. This is obviously not advisable for men. 

Some women had sworn by  Fish Oil to increase the butt, because of it's omega fatty acid nutrients. Breaking a capsule and rubbing on  each butt cheek every day for 3- 6 months would make the butt plump, if you can get through the stinking smell.

Aguaje Fruit, said to work like a booty pump
Moringa , the only thing this leaf doesn't do is raise the dead.

3. Exercises: 

 This is one of the most effective ways to get some junk in your trunk (make your butt bigger). It works the glutes and the thighs and gives the butt a lift, shaping it and making it bigger. Here are very good butt exercises for your butt.
Do this every day to make your butt bigger. It’s a combination of squats , leg presses and lunges.  Consider adding  varying weights to your exercise routine and including other exercise routines like hip thrust and butt bridges.  Engage in sports that build your butt muscles and make your butt bigger.Sport activities such as running, cycling , gymnastics, volleyball and soccer would make your butt bigger. Here is a highly recommended Butt Routine Exercise from BeFIt. This is a 30 Day routine which would have remarkable results.
butt bigger
Start with this
butt bigger
then add this

butt bigger
then this

4.Butt Enlargement Creams

Another way to make your butt bigger is by using butt enlargement creams. There are tons and tons in the market that actually do not work but a few add quite a noticeable junk in the trunk. Major Curves Butt Enhancement Capsules is about the best product in the market of butt enlargement creams based on the results users experienced. It contains herbs like wild Mexican yam and Mother's wort , both with very good butt enhancement properties.Some beauticians however advice combining major curves butt enhancement capsules with IsoSensuals ENHANCE | Breast Enlargement Cream which has greater fat gathering properties while major curves ensures that, the extra fat literally finds it's way to the right places. It is to be taken twice daily as a dietary supplement. You would definitely need bigger jeans with this one but it would also make you eat a lot more   without weight gain or side effects. GLUTEBOOST BUTT CREAM comes second, this product however has been controversial based on the time in which results are expected  as it is to be taken much longer before remarkable results can be seen. It requires to be taken for about a year but comes with lasting results .


5. Butt Implants:

bigger butts, make your butt bigger
If you want this kind of transformation, then
skip all the four previous step.
Butt Implants are of two kinds 1. Butt Injections 2. Butt Surgery Butt Implants is the Option of Last resort. This is the go to option when diet and exercise fail or if expectations are higher than what an appearance adjustment can give.  Butt Injections are also of two kinds 1. Brazilian butt lift /Fat Injection where the doctor takes fat from other parts of the body, purifies it and then moves it to the butt. 2. Hydrogel Injection which is illegal in the United States and quite risky. Hydrogel injection Kits are sold on the internet for as low as $900  and these procedures are done extensively in Asia. PMMA and Silicone Implants are the commonest forms of butt augmentation surgery. PMMA is however  expensive. This kind of butt augmentation requires a licensed practitioner. Remember Cheap is dangerous. There are no cheap shortcuts to having a bigger butt through Surgery