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Friday, 7 June 2013

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Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Father's day gift ideas, Lifestyle,
Father’s day is just around the corner and if you have a father, then you should do something about it. Even if your father is in jail , in the arms of another woman or on the streets slinging crack. It would be nice to do something nice, to show that you are a better person. For some, their fathers have been men who did not birth them but  have nurtured them to maturity. These men are  adopted fathers because indeed,that’s all that is needed in a father , not necessarily the seed. Here are father’s day gift ideas.


Father's day gift ideas, Lifestyle
He might need a new haircut too
  According to offer.com, this ranks as the highest father’s day gift idea based on what fathers’ were looking forward to receiving for father’s day. Who would have thought that dad is really looking forward to  new sets of underwears ,shirts , pants and a new tie? Socks, cufflinks , shoes and wrist watch should also be included in that list. If offer.com is right then, your father would appreciate this gift, especially if he has a corporate job or dresses like a gentleman. Keep the colours simple, white, blue , brown  shirts and black pants should do the trick. You might also want to get him boxers , so he can finally lay those old tired front fly briefs to rest.

2. TOOLS: 

If your father is a hands on person, then a new fancy set of tool box would be a perfect gift, if you actually get exactly what he needs, at the time. If your father has baby hands and can only open a door with it’s handle then, don’t waste a dime on this, he would most likely give It out.
Father's day gift ideas, Lifestyle
Don't buy a screwdriver for this dad


 A new flat screen television, an Ipad, an iPhone  or some other very cool Samsung  products would make a nice father’s day gift. You might also opt for apps that make life much easier like proshow web and ihandy level for tech savvy fathers and weber’s on the grill for dads that love to grill or better still, fitbit wireless device to get rid of that annoying beer belly of his.


Have a big dinner at your father’s house, have some of his friends and family come over and read father’s day poems that you must have copied from the internet while everyone is listening, talk about his strengths and God help you his weakness. Enough of that, it’s not his birthday anyway. If your dad smiles, he’s probably smiling cause he knows the site you copied the poems from. One more thing, if he has grand kids and they are a riot, keep them at home or leave them with the fat lady across your street. If the lady across your street is a blonde , sexy chic then you must be on a reality show.

Father's day gift ideas, Lifestyle
The kids are safe with this lady.


Go out, watch a soccer game, go to the indoor sport halls, play golf, play lawn tennis, play video games, pick games in which you can beat the shit out of him and say , "father, it’s so nice to play with you". If your dad is or was a pro- athlete or just athletic in nature and you are not, this might be a bad idea. Copy that jaden smith!.


 Fathers love their cars, they like them classy, durable, strong and fast. If you can afford it, then why not, buy your father a good car. He would be so glad you did.

Father's day gift ideas, Lifestyle


  A classical book like Tom Jones or health books like those that teach how to prevent aging and live right  or set of DVDs of classical movies is a very good father’s day gift.  If you are tempted to buy him a high brand of whiskey or some very strong wine, resist the temptation, go ahead and do so. This is one thing you are definitely going to get right.


This sounds odd, but it’s not what you are thinking. Laser hair removal , if your father is a hairy mess or Hair transplant for baldness, Laser tattoo removal , if your father’s skull tattoo is beginning to embarrass everyone  and laser resurfacing should be the limit. If you want your father looking like bruce jenner, or wayne newton then you can also include a brow lift, nose job, skin bleaching, botox, lip injections, butt lift, liposuction, chest and abs implant and hair extensions. Your dad would thank you later, when he gets a reality show. On the other hand, you could get him a nice brand of cologne and skin care products designed for men  and some male genital freshening products.
Father's day gift ideas, Lifestyle
This could be your dad

9. LETTER WRITING: Text messages, letter of gratitude and appreciation or even phone calls are one of the cheapest set of father’s day gifts , they cut to the chase and leave an impression. There are only four occasions where you should write a letter or send a text for father’s day.
1. You are broke and your dad lives miles away
2. Your dad is  in jail and you don’t want to go for visitations
3. Your dad is dead and so you would read the letter on his grave
4. Your letter would be so good, it would make front page on yahoo, reddit or funny or die.

 There are a lot of  items on the internet that you can buy at highly discounted prices if you know where to look, shirts that say "you are the best dad in the world", mugs, pens, balloons, alarms clocks, a whole lot. You would definitely find something that you can buy as a father’s day gift on online stores.