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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Make your butt bigger through these sex positions

make your butt bigger, Lifestyle, sex
Making your butt bigger through sex is contestable, but still a lot of people swear by it, claiming that some sexual positions can help you get a bigger butt. Looking at it logically it seems completely ridiculous but so is curing a headache with a spoon but it works for some.

Sex in itself is a form of exercise, except you’re laying there like a log of wood while your partner gets at it, doing all the work. So like every other exercise, it is expected to add a little muscle here and there, tone the body and get  you your desired body.

 But does sex make your butt bigger? The answer is yes, but sex is not a ” magic pill” to make your butt bigger, take that Dr Oz, as a matter of fact, sex is not going to do half of what typical butt exercises would do. The plus however  is , after sex with the right person you feel loved, refreshed, exhausted, happy and every other emotion in between whereas after a butt workout, you feel your buns on fire and the more they hurt, the more vain you feel you are. 
All sex is not sex, so not all sexual positions would make you butt bigger, but here are a few sexual positions that people unanimously agree can add a little bit of junk in the trunk.

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1. The Torrid Triangle.

make your butt bigger, Lifestyle, sexThis is a super-hot remix of the old missionary position. In this position, the giver is on his knees and the wide receiver is at the bottom faced up. The back stays in the air and the head may be supported by a pillow. The receiver controls the thrusts while still giving the giver, the impression that he is running things. By the power lifting of the receiver’s pelvis, the receiver is placed in charge of the timing and speed of every single thrust and as long as the receiver stays in control, the receiver can also control the depth of penetration. This sex position makes the butt bigger for both sexual partners especially the receiver who has to engage the glutes in controlling the thrusts and the giver would also be working the glutes in the thrust, the hamstrings and abs would also have their share of the exercise.

2. Reverse Cowgirl:

make your butt bigger, Lifestyle, sex
This is the closest sex position to horseback riding and the reason the mechanical bulls were made. It provides a full workout for the receiver’s butts, abs and arms. Both cowgirl where the partners face each other and reverse cowgirl where the partners face the same direction are very effective for a good body workout as described by commendable sex manuals and can make the receiver’s butt bigger.


3. Standing suspension.

make your butt bigger, Lifestyle, sex
This is an actually challenging position for the giver, because he has to do a lot of lifting engaging his core, butt, hamstrings and thighs, the receiver has to work the leg muscles, the glutes and core  when standing on one leg with them facing each other. So apart from the glutes which are worked on a secondary basis, the leg muscles and core are worked hard which helps to shape the butt and in turn make it look bigger.

4. Bridge

This sex position is a good workout for the receiver. Hands on the floor, belly up and the use of the four limbs to hold the body weight off the bed or floor. This sex position would make your butt bigger but it is not for the weak.
make your butt bigger, Lifestyle, sex
Good Luck with this

These are the commonest sex positions to make your butt bigger, however having sex just to make your butt bigger is laughable.


How to grow your butt Naturally Now

The fastest way to guarantee a bigger butt would be to combine all efforts  such as using sex, doing butt exercises and using butt enhancement creams.