Sunday, 2 June 2013

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Masturbation, a topic most people often shy away from, but are secretly enjoying behind close doors also like every other thing on the planet comes with it’s share of negative side effects. Okay , this is not some hypocritical gibberish or masturbation side effects drafted by anti-masturbators . Yes!, experts have said masturbation boasts your immune system, increases  endorphin production which gives a feeling of well being by reducing stress anxiety and headaches, prevents prostate cancer, leads to harder erections, and longer duration. Yet, it still comes with some negative side effects, not like the one from diuretics or any drugs with a long list on the back of the label.
Now, here is a time to get your palms out and give a "manual reset" on the cheek of anyone who tells you , masturbation  side effects includes blindness, hairy palms, madness, death, acne ,psychosis , epilepsy or impotence because it doesn't and never will. However there are still some  masturbation side effects that you should take note of.

  1    Asshole syndrome: 

       Well, you should know masturbation is highly addictive. Most people don’t think so until they try to stop.  This addiction, apart from wasting your precious time which could have been spent in developing an application that would stop people from eating and thereby eliminate world hunger  might lead to the over production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters . This over production puts you in a constant sex mode which is synonymous to your brain running a hundred programs at the same time leading to the loss of mental clarity or as it’s otherwise known, becoming an asshole. A lot of people react to this over production in different ways, while some become socially withdrawn others just suffer from fatigue, pelvic pain, vision changes, lower back pain or testicular pain and others just watch their penises darken with every stroke and yet still others report shrinkage in the male genital size due to masturbation.

2.       Environmental Factors: 

     There is still so much guilt associated with masturbation even by the compulsive masturbator, it is something that has been ingrained in the human mentality and made to thrive by religious and cultural belief.These guilts even though wouldn’t help in curbing the habit but rather delving into it the more also leads to guilt inspired depression as a masturbation side effect in the masturbator. Depression would really screw up your life and the worst part of it is that,  doctors won't easily track down  your cause of depression to masturbation guilt but would give you drugs that would keep you battling with side effects , years after. If you notice constant depression , try stopping masturbation for 60 days with increased water intake, before going on webMD, seeing the doctor. One study suggested that vaginal absorption of semen could act as an antidepressant. This conclusion was drawn from two sets of women ,one group used condoms and the other group didn't.

3.       Accidents:

      Accidents as a result of masturbation are not only painful but also very embarrassing. Landing in the ER to get a kitchen spoon out of your butt or putting your junk in bandage might actually be a life scarring event. Masturbation especially when over done can lead to wounds and bruises especially when lube is not used or water and some harsh soaps are used in place of lube. This can lead to nerve damage or tears which would reduce the pleasurable sensation on the genitals.These wounds go a long way in affecting the patient’s self esteem and expression of sexuality. A 16 year old boy reportedly lost his life after masturbating 42 times in a day.
masturbation, masturbation side effects, Lifestyle, male genital,
Shit! I just broke my balls.

4.       Difficulty in climaxing:      

     Due to the male genital being an organ that is sensitive to touch,  the organ might learn and get used to the feel of the palm which is kind of different from that of the inner walls of the vagina or in some very nasty cases walls  of the rectum.  This might prevent climaxing during intercourse, the rigorousness of the hand action to lead to climax might also be unmatchable during intercourse and this can cause severe relationship problems.  

These few  masturbation side effects  can go a long way in resetting a man  and a decision to live without it may help release a lot of useful energy that have been otherwise lost according to a noFap group on the internet, that helps young men or women  live without masturbation and subsequently masturbation side effects.