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Technology has literally taken over the world and it doesn't seem to slow down anytime soon. Pretty soon there would be revolving buildings in Dubai, smaller or nonexistent computer accessories like mouse and keyboards, Nano garments and organically made limbs. There also happen to be an app for everything you can think of nowadays except of course one that downloads food.(Until that happens I am still not impressed). Like every other thing, relationships have also benefited from the technological development of the world. These apps have been made to spice up relationships.These are apps for relationships.

apps, relationship, Trending1. Couple:  

Couple , an app for two  ranks as one of the best apps for relationships due to his many innovative features. Topping the list of features , is the secrets similar to snap chating, in which you can send a picture to your partner that self destructs after being viewed or according to the user settings. This is otherwise known as sexting. Thumbkiss another feature on this relationship app allows users to create drawings, share to-do lists and feel the other's presence  accompanied by a vibration whenever both parties touch  the same spot on the phone. Join the over 850,000 people and download  this free relationship app today.

apps, relationship, Trending

2. Passions

This is one relationship app that analyzes your love making abilities and gives you feedback based on your performance. This is about the most unique app for relationships as it purports to actually give you a score after love making based on activity, orgasm and duration determined by the motion sensor, microphone and timer respectively on the iPhone on which the app has been installed, that's if you want to attach a phone to yourself while you are at it. You would probably get a perfect score if you put your phone on a vibrating washing machine and wash your dirtiest pair of jeans.

3. Girlfriend keeper : 

apps, relationship, TrendingThis app claims to abate the need for male enhancement or male genital odor elimination by simply sending some semi-personalized text message to a woman . It is made solely for men because women are believed to be moved by what they read and hear and so a message like ,
"Eunice, your birthday is in 136 days, maybe I would get you something as green as your eyes ", {if you are in a relationship with a vampire} would make her love him more and think of him as a keeper. Or 
do you know we started dating 37 days, 8 hours ago?” This relationship app would send this automated messages based on the user’s settings which would also be partly based on the seriousness level of the relationship. This app for relationship  costing about a dollar would solve all your relationship problems based on what a prospective customer allegedly said “"My first three wives divorced me because I always forgot anniversaries. I am pretty sure my fourth marriage will work thanks to the Girlfriend app?" Mark, 22 . Please note, he is 22.

apps, relationship, Trending

4. Heytell

This app is pretty much the same as what’s app short audio message does- Voice messaging, that’s in addition to what’s app sending SMS and image messages.It’s also free. It simply helps you record some love message  or some love quotes which you jacked from a chick flick or blog and send it as a love message to your partner. Your partner listens to it, hisses, smiles then sends you another rip off from the internet. It could also be used for dirty talk messaging , only this time it doesn't delete on it’s own, so someday someone else is gonna hear the crap you said and it’s gonna be remixed with auto tune and sent to itunes and youtube. This app is mostly for long distance relationships in which Skype is somehow unavailable.

apps, relationship, Trending

5. Ikamasutra:

 This app for relationship is also like passions app, but this  teaches kamasutra positions and tracks progress. This relationship app sorts positions by mood and  plays accompanying soothing sounds. It also has social media integration, so you can share your "business" all over facebook and twitter, telling everyone you went under cockoo’s nest and got suspended.

apps, relationship, Trending

6. Wunderlist

This is one of the apps for relationships that comes in many languages including traditional Chinese.It’s free and unlike every other relationship app, this is bound to be the most loved by women. It is a to do list sharing app.You use it to keep up to date with your shared tasks of planning a Christmas party, vacationing in Guam, or going on a honey moon, but you and I know it would be best used for reminding that lazy drone to take the thrash out, get the clothes from the cleaners, know that it’s his turn to scrub the floor , wash the cars, the dishes and all other form of domestic manual labour , reassuring him of your love while he is at it.It is a task management program  with a wireless sync to keep both parties on the same page concerning bucket list, to do list and majorly tasks . Now that’s an app for relationship.  Honey do app does exactly the same thing, creating a competition with a robust interface.

apps, relationship, Trending
7. Kahnoodle:

 This app for relationship dives into other non-sexual aspects of relationships and claims to keep thing interesting, it comes in form of a mobile game for busy couples to get out of their normal routine. It also helps each partner  keep something called love tanks full and redeem love koupons to best buy, american apparel and amazon. This app for relationship seems to be one of the most promoted in the media alongside girlfriend keeper, so it means the makers have more money for product promotion , it is a good relationship app.

apps, relationship, Trending

8. Fix a fight

This is an app  for relationships going through rough patches. It helps the partners to understand each other feelings which is the backbone in solving disagreements. Coming to terms with the other partner's feelings goes a long way in understanding the partner and adjusting. It comes with voice over instructions from a counselor called Mark McGonigle and the app simulates a real life therapy class. 
This app made us focus on sharing our feelings, it was refreshing to hear him open up”, said a woman from Miami, florida, USA, who used this app with her husband when they were have a recurring fight over house cleaning.  If you need a relationship app to finally tell your partner that he is a jerk, an asshole and a douche bag, well, this is  NOT  the app for you. Fix a fight is an app for relationship that tries to fix what has been broken.

apps, relationship, Trending

9. Kindu:

This is an app for relationship that would be loved by men. It is an app in which you can finally tell your partner that you love shoving things up your butt, chained down like a dog with rabies and flogged like a horse on a race track.  This relationship app is loaded with almost a thousand examples of fetishes, fantasies and turn ons , which is then served to each partner and they can simply answer yes to the ones they love. Once, both partners answer yes to a fantasy,it is revealed to both of them. This is the kind of app that spices up the relationship without any shame or regret  except you realize that your partner would not jingle your balls for a million dollars.

apps, relationship, Trending

10. Happy sex: 

This is a sexuality coaching app that is intended to ignite the flames in a relationships. It is a 30 day guide to better sex and sexual understanding developed by a sex addict expert  called Maryline. It’s also the most expensive app for relationship.

apps, relationship, Trending

11. Appy couple:

This is an app for relationships that helps you plan a wedding. From the day you meet and start thinking of getting married. You can start updating pictures and start a countdown to the D-Day, inform loved ones of your plan, make travel arrangements or start a pre-wedding album. Appy couple app recently collaborated with to add trendy themes to the whole relationship app. It is said to be slick and sophisticated.

apps, relationship, Trending

12. Love Maps

Developed by Gottman institute and  compatible with iphone, Ipod touch and ipad, love maps is an app for relationship rated 12+ that strives to  bring companionship into relationships. This relationship app  constantly tests how much of your partner you really know, their day to day activities, their hopes and dreams, their experiences in life, in a bid to get the partners closer together because that is the only way relationships are believed to work.
apps, relationship, Trending

13. Date smart: 

This is one of the apps for relationships that focuses more on dates, communication and friendship. It is a GPS enabled application that helps organize dates with date night tips, dining suggestions and  relationship tips both for outdoor, indoor, cultural and even something called educational dating  . This relationship app groups date ideas by price range so you can still have a date even when you haven't been paid.

apps, relationship, Trending

14. Sex with Emily:

 This  app is a product of a radio show with the same name where Emily immediately states that she is not going to have sex with anybody but rather give tips for sex, dating, relationships, marriage, infidelity and what not to people above 17 years of age.

apps, relationship, Trending

15. Pillow talk:

This is not an app for relationship or an app ,it’s a device that  helps to connect lovers in bed time, when they are not in the same bed or in the same house or city. It comes with a strap that can be attached to pillows when one partner goes to sleep, the other strap glows through wireless internet connectivity and  each partner can feel the heartbeat of the other partner in real time. So when your pillow doesn't light you  know that your  partner is up all night watching that late night movie and when the heart beat speeds up , you  know that your partner has someone else in bed.

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apps, relationship, Trending

16. Foursquare Labs:

 This is an app for a long distance relationship. It lets your loved one know exactly where you are and what route you are taking and how far you are away from home. It is more like a tracking device with love.

apps, relationship, Trending

17. Kik Messenger

This app for relationships allows you to chat, plan an outing , send messages to your partner or anyone for that matter, you can use this if you are tired of using Facebook.

apps, relationship, Trending18. Words with friends

This app allows you to play games and chat with your partner or anyone for that matter all over the world. It’s been used by 20 million people right now.

avocado , apps for better relationship

19.Avocado : Avocado is a recently updated app for relationship by former google employees based on the principle that avocados only bear fruit if there is another avocado plant close by. The app helps with message sharing, and of course kiss  and hug simulator.This app also has a web interface content and is very practical , fun and easy to use.

between , apps for relationship20.Between-a private space for couples: This app provides a private virtual space for couples. it has a nice transparent interface and like every other app, allows for message sharing, photos sharing and a good review of important common dates.

Other note worthy apps for relationships include Urbanspoon for planning your date nights , theicebreak to literally break the ice in your relationship, what’s app, which is used mostly by people who are not in love relationships , google+ hangouts, Instagram, Facebook,  twitter , kayak,Date escape, Open table,Dinner spinner, Facetime which is Apple’s own Skype , wertago for nightlife  and Tokii. 

 According to Jane Doe. Does anyone really have a love life anymore?. I think they all just watch sex on their computers and hand-held media. Want to spice up your love life? Kill your iphone and talk to your partner directly.