Tuesday, 16 April 2013

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Apart from male genital odor due to poor hygiene practices, male genital odor can also be caused by yeast infection in the male genitals. This affects females too but seem to be more common in males especially among uncircumcised men. Yeast infection is not only limited to the male genitals, it can  develop in the armpits , between the fingers or between rolls of skin in very overweight people. It is characterized by red and painful itchy rash on affected spot,bumps, scaling, softness and paleness of the affected area, swelling of the head of the male genital, penile discharge, discomfort or light pain when urinating or during sexual intercourse and of course pungent and unpleasant genital odor. To combat this male genital odour due to
yeast infection , the yeast infection has to be cured.

What causes the yeast infection?

Yeast infection also known as male thrush is not regarded as a serious condition except it is accompanied by high fever, nausea, headache and trembling in which case quick medical attention should be sought. It is also sometimes noted as a gateway infection which increases your chances of contacting sexually transmitted disease although there is no solid scientific information to back this up. Thrush is caused by the Candida albicans fungus.  This fungus is  present in different parts of the body and kept under control by the body's immune system and other harmless bacteria. Thrush can develop when that subtle balance is disturbed.

Yeast infection is caused mainly by three things:

1. Irritated skin: The skin of the male genitals are very sensitive and soft , and hence are susceptible to irritation easily.  The use of  lots and lots of perfumed showered gels and soaps  which contain harsh chemicals like triclosan, sodium laurel (or laureth) sulfate (As little as a .05 percent concentration is capable of causing irritation according to a 1983 report of the Journal of The American College of Toxicology (ACT) however,the concentration can be as high as 30 percent in some soaps presently  on the market.) and a lot of  fragrances can cause great irritation to the skin of the male genitals.  A damaged skin is a good place to thrive for the candida fungus and since the skin of the male genitals can be easily damaged, it has a higher chance than any other part of the body to become infected with yeast infection.  Males who are also in the habit of masturbating with soaps and lubricants are also in  great danger of contracting yeast infection.
2. Heat and moisture: Heat and moisture trapped around the male genital area is about the major cause of male genital odor, it also provides a very good  environment for candida fungus to thrive. Wearing those extremely tight briefs for the sake of fashion and  not completely drying out your balls after bathing can cause moisture to accumulate between the thighs and when heated would provide room for  the candida fungus. The foreskin might also serve as a trap for moisture if not properly cleaned and aired.
3. Changes in the immune system: The balance in the immune system can be greatly uttered by the ingestion of antibiotics or in HIV positive patients, or during unhealthy eating and exposure to stress and diabetes that might lower the immune system causing a shift in the balance of bacteria in the body and undermining the immune system.
Other causes of male thrush includes ironic the over use of antibiotics, the use of steriods or being diabetic.

1. Hygiene: This is the most important remedy for yeast infection on the male genitals, washing regularly, and cleaning afterwards or after sweating is very important to prevent yeast infection on the male genitals
2. The use of Anti-fungus cream: These over the counter creams should be used for 2 weeks according to the prescribed dosages, the symptoms usually disappear after one week.
3. Costicosteriod cream: This is usually prescribed by doctors  in case of male genital itching and soreness. Applying yogurt with no sugar or flavors (if you can find that) also does the trick for male genital yeast infection, using athlete’s foot cream would also treat the infection as it is also an anti-fungus cream and yeast infection is just like athlete’s foot of the male genitals or female as the case may be. 
Male genital odour if accompanied with itching , swelling or discharge might be a yeast infection and should be treated as such.
4. The use of coconut oil on affected areas would also help kill yeast infection.
5. Doing the Yoghurt dunk, which involves putting the male genital in live natural yoghurt once a day can also help cure yeast infection and subsequently male genital odor