Sunday, 24 March 2013

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job offer, questions to askJob offers can be very exciting when they are received especially after a long time of waiting for one or searching for one. The joy usually overshadows reason and curiosity most of the time until way later into the job.  There are a lot of questions to ask when you receive a job offer. Questions to ask yourself, the employer and someone who might be able to dish out advise on certain issues pertaining to a specific industry. The most important of all these questions are the ones you should ask yourself after a job offer.

First you have to know who you are " who are you?". This is the biggest question that  anyone could ever ask oneself. In answering this question, most people make the mistake of talking about what they have or what they hope to possess but  shy away from the real answer to the question, which is asking about that entity that is you. The question can be rephrased into “ what is you?” . This is what you have to first figure out. What are you gravitating towards, what is your whole existence all about? Then you can look at a job offer and ask the right questions because in the long run contrary to what people say, your job is who you are. That is why when people die, their obituary in the news reads, village chief dies at 50, veteran actor slumps to his death, bus conductor yells to death etc…….

Now, jobs are of two types.
1.       The jobs that help you earn a living
2.       The jobs that help you make your life.

   Salary or benefit isn't a criteria for this two groupings, contrary to what you may be thinking. 

    The jobs that help you earn a living are those jobs that don’t conform to the person who you are-your entity but are needed at some time in your life to help you pay the bills, get  some comfort , get ahead in life, keep the body and soul together or afford you the resources with which you can use in preparing yourself for your life goal. 

    The jobs that help you make a life are those jobs that are a big fraction of your entity, they make your life, they make you, they  fulfill your destiny , the job is you.

Armed with this knowledge, you would have to group your job offer into one of these two jobs. Unfortunately most people mix up working for a living with working for a life. A lot of people spend their whole lives working for a living, and then someday get fired, retrenched or retired and then they ask themselves, what next?


1.       What  is the job offering?
Give me the money, i need to go to Mars
The real essence of this job is the benefits that it comes with , with which you hope to redirect your life. This job is to present you with the empowerment with which to build up your destiny.  It could be a job that doesn’t require much skill or expertise .It could also be a very high paying job which although is high paying brings no fulfillment in the long run. So what exactly is the job offer? The salary, health insurance, vacation, illness bonuses, growth, travel allowances, job security. Can all the job is offering get you by.
2.       For how long?
How long can you work there, how long would the job need you and how long would you need the job. For example, the ultimate job of a person might be writing, script writing, novel writing, blogging or academic writing and would probably need  3 years to get out his first work or something meaningful for that matter and so if such a person picks up a job as a customer service personnel in an I.T firm, he has to be able to keep that job at least for about 3 ½  years while still creating time to fulfill his ultimate job which is writing. Taking a year contract job might cause a disrupt in the creative process of  writing for the writer. If he has to be jobless after one year with bills to pay and all, it would definitely affect the person. How long would the job be available? Some times,some jobs might also come with bonds that tie down the person even when he is ready to leave. You have to make sure all these things align.
3.       When is take off time?
job offer, questions to ask
This is always much more fun 
Resignation letter sample
Mixed with Good Advertisement and Marketing

job offer, questions to ask
Than this

When would you tell the organization to take the job and shove it figuratively and what are the policies and protocols involved in leaving the company. If you are working for a living, you have to have a take off time or you would eventually be taken down.


4.       How convenient is the job?
How compatible with your life is the job? Does it create time for you to pursue your ultimate goal or would it sap you off of all energy that might eventually kill your dream and stall your goals while you are stuck on the job. Any job that you are doing for a living that would totally prevent you from ever doing the job you want to do for a life should be immediately dropped, no matter how much it is paying or it’s benefits. It would be very difficult to do this, if the job in question pays so much and you are used to all the comfort it brings, so this question is very important to ask yourself when it counts-During the time of the job offer. Convenience is a major criteria in a job you are doing for a living, the location of the place and how far it is from home, the working hours and special assignments and all.
job offer, questions to ask
If only i had not allowed that peanut at the end of the  week
get me stuck, i would be a famous author by now.


One major test of knowing whether a job is your life, is if you can still go ahead and do that same job even if you weren’t paid for it. This kind of job fills you with much more energy even after you have spent hours on it. Some people are pushed into this jobs unconsciously by fate while some are not usually that lucky. A typical example is the case of a school teacher who taught for several years in middle school/high school/ secondary school while developing her culinary skills, she started small but never had the guts to branch out until she was eventually fired. She now runs a food chain which  has recorded remarkable success. All the while, the catering business was just on the side, she catered for the school’s get together and birthday parties for the school students until the school downsized. Some times these jobs might initially not pay the bills or even be worth talking about but the joy and fulfillment that comes with them are priceless. At times, a person may have to work  certain jobs because of the effect they would eventually have upon the person’s life goals.

1.    What is the job description?
job offer, questions to ask
Some times you make have to work as a makeshift table
when there is a furniture overhaul.
What exactly would you be doing and how would it affect you in the near future , how would it align to your life goals. Which duties would you be allowed to handle yourself without supervision.
2.    What are the opportunities available for development?
Are there sufficient trainings? Career development and exposure to catapult you to your goals.
3.    Who are the kind of people you would be working with? Are they people that help and support you as you gravitate towards your life goal. What kind of temperament do people who work there have?
Whenever you get a job offer, the questions to ask yourself are countless, but the right answers to these questions would let you know if you should accept a job offer or reject it as soon as possible.
job offer, questions to ask
If these are the people you work with, you are either on a reality show
or on a photo shoot for shutter stock