Thursday, 11 April 2013

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bigger butts, make your butt biggerTo make your butt bigger, you will need

  •         Glutes Exercise
  •          Booty Pads
  •          Butt Enhancement Creams and Pills
  •          Fat Enhancing foods
  •          Butt Enhancement Surgery

The beauty and importance of big butts cannot be overemphasized.  The size of your butt depends to a large extent on  two things
1. The size of your body frame 
2. Your genetic makeup. 

This gives new meaning to the words ."shake what your mama gave you".This however does not  mean people who are not genetically engineered to have bigger butts should  resort to fate and watch the benefits of bigger butts avoid them all their lives. No!. Thanks to research , anybody anywhere can make their butt bigger.  There are four particular steps you can take to make your butt bigger. 

A  big butt is really a big butt when it is rounded, firm and pear shaped and extruding from a  nicely shaped person. Being overweight would not make your butt bigger, it would in fact make it merge with the fat in other parts of the body producing a rotund figure.
A big butt would also require you to be comfortable at all times when sitting and lying, as people with bigger butts are much more susceptible to lower back pain and bad posture.

Sleeping on very comfortable mattress or comfy pillows as against the flat rock hard ones common in Asia. That said let’s go through the ways in which you can make your butt bigger.


1. Appearance enhancement:  

 This is the easiest way to make your butt bigger because it requires you to simply make your butt appear bigger  comparably to the rest of your body.  This can be achieved by making your waist smaller by
1. Using big waist belts 
2. Wearing gowns and heels
3.Wearing solid colors and 
4.Using a girdle for your mid section. 
5.Wearing fitted wears, boot cuts or well rounded jeans would do wonders when you look in the mirror. 

This would also be complemented by good posture (standing up straight without slouching). Other ways to make your butt bigger in appearance include

  • Walking on a straight line preferably with high heels (Cat Walking) would give that big butt appearance. 
  • Wearing your jeans on the lower waist to accentuate the hips and then the butts. 
  •  Using Booty Pads. The best appearance enhancements of all is the booty pads that fits on the butt right underneath the pants. This is ironically being sold mostly in African countries,Brazil and  America.
  • Using Jockstraps for Men .In America there are jockstraps that help to literally pull out men’s butt.                                                               
Appearance enhancements would not make your butt bigger, but would rather make it look bigger. 
You can tell that her butt is bigger with that belt just by looking at her 
This is also the same lady, you can wear booty pads and big belts too.


2. Gain weight:

 If you are a skinny bone, chances are  your butt would also be as flat as an ironing  board. To make your butt bigger, you need to gain weight. This is called specific weight gain, in which you gain the weight in certain parts of the body alone. It is the most difficult kind of weight gain but  if it makes your butt bigger then it is worth it.

A low fat Diet would come in handy in making your butt bigger.  Reduce intake of bad fats, Avoid high-oil sauces, dressings, and use margarine and butter sparingly, Avoid fried foods and chicken skin .

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, Eat lean protein like: fish, chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese and low-fat protein shakes. 

 Rain forest herbs such as Aguaje fruit and Maca root are also known to have butt enhancing effects. These herbs mixed with moringa and shizandra with soyabean milk helps to increase estrogen levels that help bring on those body curves and make the butt bigger. This is obviously not advisable for men. 

Some women had sworn by  Fish Oil to increase the butt, because of it's omega fatty acid nutrients. Breaking a capsule and rubbing on  each butt cheek every day for 3- 6 months would make the butt plump, if you can get through the stinking smell.

Aguaje Fruit, said to work like a booty pump
Moringa , the only thing this leaf doesn't do is raise the dead.

3. Exercises: 

 This is one of the most effective ways to get some junk in your trunk (make your butt bigger). It works the glutes and the thighs and gives the butt a lift, shaping it and making it bigger. Here are very good butt exercises for your butt.
Do this every day to make your butt bigger. It’s a combination of squats , leg presses and lunges.  Consider adding  varying weights to your exercise routine and including other exercise routines like hip thrust and butt bridges.  Engage in sports that build your butt muscles and make your butt bigger.Sport activities such as running, cycling , gymnastics, volleyball and soccer would make your butt bigger. Here is a highly recommended Butt Routine Exercise from BeFIt. This is a 30 Day routine which would have remarkable results.
butt bigger
Start with this
butt bigger
then add this

butt bigger
then this

4.Butt Enlargement Creams

Another way to make your butt bigger is by using butt enlargement creams. There are tons and tons in the market that actually do not work but a few add quite a noticeable junk in the trunk. Major Curves Butt Enhancement Capsules is about the best product in the market of butt enlargement creams based on the results users experienced. It contains herbs like wild Mexican yam and Mother's wort , both with very good butt enhancement properties.Some beauticians however advice combining major curves butt enhancement capsules with IsoSensuals ENHANCE | Breast Enlargement Cream which has greater fat gathering properties while major curves ensures that, the extra fat literally finds it's way to the right places. It is to be taken twice daily as a dietary supplement. You would definitely need bigger jeans with this one but it would also make you eat a lot more   without weight gain or side effects. GLUTEBOOST BUTT CREAM comes second, this product however has been controversial based on the time in which results are expected  as it is to be taken much longer before remarkable results can be seen. It requires to be taken for about a year but comes with lasting results .


5. Butt Implants:

bigger butts, make your butt bigger
If you want this kind of transformation, then
skip all the four previous step.
Butt Implants are of two kinds 1. Butt Injections 2. Butt Surgery Butt Implants is the Option of Last resort. This is the go to option when diet and exercise fail or if expectations are higher than what an appearance adjustment can give.  Butt Injections are also of two kinds 1. Brazilian butt lift /Fat Injection where the doctor takes fat from other parts of the body, purifies it and then moves it to the butt. 2. Hydrogel Injection which is illegal in the United States and quite risky. Hydrogel injection Kits are sold on the internet for as low as $900  and these procedures are done extensively in Asia. PMMA and Silicone Implants are the commonest forms of butt augmentation surgery. PMMA is however  expensive. This kind of butt augmentation requires a licensed practitioner. Remember Cheap is dangerous. There are no cheap shortcuts to having a bigger butt through Surgery