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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Precocious puberty or Early PubertyWhat is precocious puberty or Early Puberty?

When a friend told me her  6 year old daughter has started growing pubic hair, I knew I had to write about early puberty or as it is rightly called precocious puberty. We live in a fucked up world (excuse my language, thanks to google), where everything is going perfectly imperfect and babies are no longer born blind. We have created this magical world where we want everything to be Instant. No thanks to  Momofuko Ando, the creator of instant noodles . Our kids have also began to grow “instantly”. 
Okay, what’s all the fuss about little 6 year old girls developing pubic hair and breast buds you may say. Well it might look harmless on the surface but if you take a deeper look at precocious puberty or early puberty you would see that it is indeed correct for parents to panic.

1. Adolescence:  With Early puberty comes early adolescence.

What’s the difference between puberty and adolescence?
Puberty is characterized by all the bodily changes that occur in a child’s body such as pubic hair growth, bigger boobs, bigger butt, penis enlargement and what not while adolescence is the period of psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood. In other words, that pubic hair parading child is quickly transitioning into an adult while still biologically a child, in more explicit terms, that 6 year old child would soon start getting horny and would finally begin to see that Dora the explorer sucks major balls and would begin taking a liking to fifty shades of grey. If you think raising a child was tough, try raising a child transitioning into an adult while still a child.
precocious puberty, early puberty
Now you can literally send them to work to fill in for you.

2.       Freaking Hormones:

The early puberty or precocious puberty (tired of trying to be politically correct) is not an act of God, it’s an act of man. It is due to a lot of hormones altering properties in everyday products we have come to surround ourselves with, with major congressional laws backing their production and distribution across the globe.  Hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, estradiol and estriol are present in a lot of food products in  FDA “acceptable quantities”, these hormones have all been known to  accelerate the age at which puberty occurs. Parabens, a class of preservatives used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products is also a culprit. From shampoos, toothpaste, cosmetics to even cleaning products all have their share of parabens , a 4-hydroxybenzoic acid which is also known as a xenoestrogen because it mimics the  actions of estrogen in the body. Common examples of Parabens known to cause early puberty include sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, triclosan and triethanolamine. The irony here is that, these synthetically produced chemicals are used to prevent fungi and bacteria from growing in commercial products but in turn make boobs grow bigger in our little girls. This all becomes poignant when you realize that Average levels of 20 nanograms/gram of parabens have been detected in a small sample of 20 breast tumors. There is still however no official link between parabens and breast cancer as those cases where referred to as “isolated cases”, but if you had a multibillion dollar company and one of your products' ingredient  was about to be black listed, you would do anything to ensure, it’s an “isolated” case. Okay back to early puberty or precocious puberty.

How do you tackle precocious puberty or early puberty?

1.       Go Organic

This includes a complete overhaul of the products you spend valuable money buying, Go green, use products that have do not containing hormone altering chemicals. Here are a few suggestions.
Wake up: Use organic toothpaste
Take your bath: Use organic soaps
Eat your breakfast: Eat organic foods
Use an organic body cream
and a Hair cream
and perfumes:
Wear your clothes: They should have been washed with organic washing soap
Then Lunch:
Then Supper
And even organic snacks
 or get an organic shoppers guide.

2.       Exercise.

Ensuring your child is not a couch potato would go a long way in regulating hormones in the child’s body and help keep them in check as well as help with weight management and all the other benefits associated with exercise except of course runner’s face.

3.       See a doctor: 

A medication called leuprolide can be administered monthly based on a doctor’s advice, this would stop puberty until the child reaches the normal age of puberty, at this time the medication would be stopped. In very rare cases where early puberty is caused by a tumor on the adrenal glands, a surgical operation would have to be performed