Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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To get rid of Male genital odor, you will need

male genital odor
  •       Genital wash.
  •     Grooming Kit. 
  •       Cotton underpants.
  •       Baby Powder
  •       Loose Clothing
  •       Wipes

How does male genital odor come about? 

 Male genital odor is a plague to everyone and it builds up to become completely unbearable as men grow older. Male genital odor  can pose adverse effects to one's self esteem and can also be a  complete turn off to one's partner.

Well, it’s simply a combination of sweat, bacteria, shed skin and water that hides  between the thighs just below the scrotum and smells like rotten fish.It can also be due to a substance called SMEGMA produced from the minute microscopic protrusions of the mucosal surface of the foreskin whose function ironically is to clean the male organ but immediately smells like a  pack of decaying fish once it is not thoroughly cleaned off daily. 

Penis smell after masturbation might also occur if a bath is not taken immediately because pre-ejaculate might contain sugars and the bacteria on the skin would break down the sugar to produce fowl smelling substances.Until the sugars are completely broken down, penis smell would  occur.Using saliva as a lube would also lead to male genital odor.  


Male genital odor is one of the major turn offs on the male body, the others being body odor and mouth odor. There is much awareness and precautions for both the body and mouth odors but very little is said or known about the male genital odor. Mostly because the scrotum has very sensitive skin and cannot withstand any form of alcohol or chemicals mostly contained in antiperspirants, deodorants , perfumes and even toothpastes. There are little good  products available in the market for keeping male genital odor in check and most of them are usually very few in stock. Putting a finger down there and bringing it close to the nostrils is still the ultimate test for male genital odor or as it's sometimes called Stinking Dick.  

How do you  eliminate male genital odor ?

1. Take your bath twice everyday and also after a strenuous activity like soccer, exercise etc paying attention to your inner thighs, your armpits, behind the knees and the back of the ear-all enclosed areas. If you have foreskin, pull it back and wash the penis carefully as well. The choice of soaps to be used is also very important. Organic soaps that contain no harsh chemicals like sodium laurel should be used to wash the male genitals. Male Genital wash might come in handy here. You can also soak the genitals ( or whole body) in a mixture of a cup of water,  half cup of white vinegar and salt( preferably epsom salt) for about 10 minutes once or twice a week.
male genital odor, public bathing
You can take your bath anyway

2. Clean in between your legs and under the scrotum till it is completely dry after taking a bath. Most men when cleaning up after bathing, do not pay attention to cleaning down there, till it is dry. Any moisture still remaining there would eventually settle there and mix with dead skin and skin excretes and smell. Clean the scrotum till it is  dry and give about 5 minutes space before putting on your briefs or boxers. You can also clean the genitals with Apple Cider Vinegar, after you have first tried it on your arm to see that it doesn't burn.If you find yourself in a position where you can not quickly take a bath, use Dude Wipes (UK Dude Wipes)  for those areas around the male genitals.

male genital odor, pubic cleaning
Clean this areas between the thighs
3. Shave. It is very important to shave down there, the hair down there would always act like a sponge holding moisture and eventually lead to a pungent smell. It is mostly advisable to use a Mild Hair removal cream as against blades which might result in razor bumps or use a Bikini Trimmer or a Body Hair Management System . The most important hair to eradicate is the one in between the thighs and the one in between the butt cheeks. The hair below the abdomen can just be trimmed.
male genital odor, body shaving
I would just shave my whole body instead
4. Cleaning the anal region after defecating is also very important. It is advisable to use soap and water as against tissue papers alone. Fecal matter still lying around the anus would get stuck  in the hairs around that region  and produce a very unpleasant smell. Experts have advised that the best way to take a dump, is to sit on the toilet with your legs placed on a foot stool, that way your thighs make an acute angle with your chest and your colon has more allowance to push out waste matter in the rectum.  This is a modification of the ancient squatting technique still very much practiced in the middle east.

5. Use dusting powders or baby powder to prevent friction, bruises, bacteria and smell to the areas in between the thighs just below the scrotum, it is the same treatment mothers use for babies. Having male genital odor eliminated sends a subliminal message to your brain that boasts your confidence and  increases your self esteem. You can also use the acclaimed fresh ball lotion  and Diem Duroil to relieve the wetness of sweaty and sticky balls.

6. Going commando (free balling) when you sleep is advisable, wear something airy and let your balls breathe at night . Get rid of that fishy smell, the male genital odor. Going commando, experts say would reduce your chances of getting urinary tract infection as this would reduce chances of bacteria growth on both female and male genitals which could make it's way into the urethra and cause bladder infection.Never wear your underwear twice without washing, that's 7 underwears a week. That's not too much.

male genital odor, naked sleeping
Oh please! at least use a coverlet 
7. Male genital products might be necessary, if you still have smelly balls after putting all the above instructions to practice,male genital wash should be used.
Male Genital wash such as DIEM DUROIL BOND GINSENG CARE MEN's INTIMATE WASH     can be used to wash the genitals instead of toilet soaps. You might also want to try this  New Korean Product. Men's Genital Area Cleaner . These Products are made specially for the male genital skin and do not contain soap that can lead to skin irritation or bruising. Using such Products would come in handy and helpful. However if smell still persists, then a doctor has to be consulted.Now say goodbye to smelly genitals.