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Friday, 31 May 2013


1.“An obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered male who women can't seem to get enough of

2. “someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead
Urban dictionary.
in love with an asshole
My heart beats faster when he comes around, he always has this stories to tell of how, he doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about him, I often listen and know that includes me, because if he really cared how I feel, he wouldn't act like I’m just another  face on a body that he wants but what do I do, I’m in love with an asshole.
How did I ever get here, Straight A’s in school, suburban neighborhood, religious activities, dreams of changing the world and avid reader and subscriber of O magazine,only for me to fall in love with an asshole.

I was sitting in that chair , minding my own business and chit chatting with my friends when he walked in and headed my way, with an accent that I could only tell was faker that a Rolex watch with a second ticking  hand, he immediately took over the conversation and so everyone had to listen to the crap he had to say because he had mastered the act of impression management or personal packaging as it’s often called to make an asshole like him look like a gentleman. 

We immediately exchanged numbers and the dumb friends I had which I have now replaced where already looking forward to a Romeo and Juliet relationship, some  of them already jealous I bagged an asshole.
 My first mistake , I had dumb friends, my second mistake, my dumb friends and I were at the wrong place at the wrong time, wrong enough to fall in love with an asshole.

Hours past and I became idle, then my mind began to wonder to the thought of what had happened during the day and so I remembered, I met this guy and I have his number on my phone , so I sent him a text telling him, it was nice meeting him today and of course he replied,” same here”. 

 2 days later, got another text, this time it was requests, “ did I have this or that?”, it all sounded like I had found the right person who we could bond over similar interests and we unconsciously fixed a date. He said all the right things about himself, the struggle of life, the ups and the downs and his love for music, I was hooked immediately, he was the one India arie described, a man who loves music, a man who loves art, respects the spirit world and thinks with his heart and indeed I was ready to fall in love with an asshole. 

My third mistake, I judged a book by it’s cover while being in the wrong place at the wrong time with my dumb friends.

Financial requests immediately followed the date, he was in a fix and there was no one to call because the world was full of people who could not help , who were mean and we were the only two angels in this world. All he needs in this life of sin, is me and I was so fast to jump at the offer of making myself a fool. 
It made me feel wanted, needed and it showed I have a good heart as if I had something to prove, I was ready to deposit in his emotional bank account but I later found out, he had none . 
My fourth mistake was diving into a book I judged by it’s cover in the wrong place at the wrong time with my dumb friends. I fell in love with an asshole and I didn't know it, until I realized that I wasn't the only one he was using. 

The most important thing to him was how I made him look, how I fitted into his life, my functionality; he never messed with people he could get nothing from.
Then it hit me, Now I see that this is not a mutual relationship, this whole thing is taking my time, my care, my commitment, my energy , my money and I wasn't getting anything in return, so I decide to complain, and I am made to feel abnormal, unrealistic and a talkative because obviously I was in love with an asshole. 

So I finally decide to give him some space and figure out what exactly I deserve but he doesn't even notice my distance. Now I’m here thinking about what he’s doing now, has he finished that job he was doing?, is he sleeping now?, or watching those lame anime or the NBA? or playing video games?, or is he stepping up his impression Management skill”?, then it hits me again, my fifth mistake is holding on to a book, I dived into based on it’s cover at the wrong place and time with my dumb friends. I want it to end , but i’m still in love with an asshole.
But i want my asshole to know 

"that if a girl understands all your B.S, sticks through your mistake and smiles even when you've done nothing for her, it's obvious she's a keeper, it's also obvious, you don't deserve her".
You asshole.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013


addicted to porn, Lifestyle
Just so we’re clear, I’m not  addicted to porn nor am I a porn addict. I have the whole of the American psychiatric association backing me up on this, "porn addiction doesn't exist  but the heavy use of porn." They also happen to be the association that deals with people with chemical imbalance in the brain. Why would I say I’m not addicted to porn, when I spend quality time viewing porn daily, I have porntime which is immediately after lunchtime on weekends and before prayertime on weekdays. I am not Addicted to Porn because  everyday  I tell myself I can quit it if I really wanted to.   
It starts with the lure of visual stimulation or as  would call it, "the morality in all form of media" but  how can you pass over a girl taking off her underwear for no reason and revealing intimate parts of herself, you can literally see her ovaries. Of course, I can’t be addicted to porn because I never fail to judge them and imagine what kind of lives they have lived previously that had made them embrace the decision to engage in porn.
Porn becomes  a necessity for me when I feel the need to  stop my brain from thinking . I have the attention span of a jelly fish, so my brain gets worked up a lot, but porn much more that television or alcohol completely numbs my brain , the exact medication I need.  Okay, maybe there are indeed people addicted to porn but according  to research, these people must have had childhood trauma, anxiety , depression , personality disorder or social phobia. The only childhood trauma I had was that my parents loved and cared for me too much , somedays  I wanted to  poke my eyeballs with bicycles spokes and I was constantly falling into depression because I had everything I needed and was raised to be successful and hardworking and I was so social phobic that I always went out of  the house that built me to look for friends . All the reasons why I know I ‘m not addicted to porn.

The inability to find a real life partner, sexual boredom in my relationships and the shame of sexual difficulties like male genital odor may have led me to becoming addicted to porn, but I would have to suffer from those issues to start with.
This is not a knee jerk reaction to the accusation of being addicted to porn when I was made to realize that I have paid for internet porn and found myself viewing porn at a funeral or skipped work in general just to enjoy some more porn time and no longer see the need to hide my porn from friends. No!
addicted to porn, Lifestyle
No, i'm not watching porn, it's just an online relationship
And porn is not my way of acting out any suppressed fantasy or fetish or my crack cocaine to sex addiction. I’m just one of the 20 Million internet heavy porn users in the U.S alone.
Okay, porn is needed for beating off  even though  I suddenly lose interest in the material after waxing the brass candle stick, but since porn leads to masturbation , the desire to jerk off also  leads to the hunt for porn.That is why, it is often said that the way to lose interest in porn is by seizing to masturbate to it. The hunt involving scanning through tons of sleazy stuff to find that right material that can make you ride the quarter horse,  the hunt takes more time everytime because repeat actions are not pleasant  and a higher stimulation or dose is needed to join the mile high club and then the cycle  continues . 
My wang would have to take out a restraining order on my hand.
When I track the amount of time used in waxing the brass candlestick,Megabytes spent on traffic junky and relationship strains it has caused, I pick interest in harm reduction approach but immediately dismiss it because I am not addicted to porn. When I am ready I would get a blocking software, train my mind not to act on compulsion and relapse wouldn’t be an option because that’s only for those addicted to porn and loathing it.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Technology has literally taken over the world and it doesn't seem to slow down anytime soon. Pretty soon there would be revolving buildings in Dubai, smaller or nonexistent computer accessories like mouse and keyboards, Nano garments and organically made limbs. There also happen to be an app for everything you can think of nowadays except of course one that downloads food.(Until that happens I am still not impressed). Like every other thing, relationships have also benefited from the technological development of the world. These apps have been made to spice up relationships.These are apps for relationships.

apps, relationship, Trending1. Couple:  

Couple , an app for two  ranks as one of the best apps for relationships due to his many innovative features. Topping the list of features , is the secrets similar to snap chating, in which you can send a picture to your partner that self destructs after being viewed or according to the user settings. This is otherwise known as sexting. Thumbkiss another feature on this relationship app allows users to create drawings, share to-do lists and feel the other's presence  accompanied by a vibration whenever both parties touch  the same spot on the phone. Join the over 850,000 people and download  this free relationship app today.

apps, relationship, Trending

2. Passions

This is one relationship app that analyzes your love making abilities and gives you feedback based on your performance. This is about the most unique app for relationships as it purports to actually give you a score after love making based on activity, orgasm and duration determined by the motion sensor, microphone and timer respectively on the iPhone on which the app has been installed, that's if you want to attach a phone to yourself while you are at it. You would probably get a perfect score if you put your phone on a vibrating washing machine and wash your dirtiest pair of jeans.

3. Girlfriend keeper : 

apps, relationship, TrendingThis app claims to abate the need for male enhancement or male genital odor elimination by simply sending some semi-personalized text message to a woman . It is made solely for men because women are believed to be moved by what they read and hear and so a message like ,
"Eunice, your birthday is in 136 days, maybe I would get you something as green as your eyes ", {if you are in a relationship with a vampire} would make her love him more and think of him as a keeper. Or 
do you know we started dating 37 days, 8 hours ago?” This relationship app would send this automated messages based on the user’s settings which would also be partly based on the seriousness level of the relationship. This app for relationship  costing about a dollar would solve all your relationship problems based on what a prospective customer allegedly said “"My first three wives divorced me because I always forgot anniversaries. I am pretty sure my fourth marriage will work thanks to the Girlfriend app?" Mark, 22 . Please note, he is 22.

apps, relationship, Trending

4. Heytell

This app is pretty much the same as what’s app short audio message does- Voice messaging, that’s in addition to what’s app sending SMS and image messages.It’s also free. It simply helps you record some love message  or some love quotes which you jacked from a chick flick or blog and send it as a love message to your partner. Your partner listens to it, hisses, smiles then sends you another rip off from the internet. It could also be used for dirty talk messaging , only this time it doesn't delete on it’s own, so someday someone else is gonna hear the crap you said and it’s gonna be remixed with auto tune and sent to itunes and youtube. This app is mostly for long distance relationships in which Skype is somehow unavailable.

apps, relationship, Trending

5. Ikamasutra:

 This app for relationship is also like passions app, but this  teaches kamasutra positions and tracks progress. This relationship app sorts positions by mood and  plays accompanying soothing sounds. It also has social media integration, so you can share your "business" all over facebook and twitter, telling everyone you went under cockoo’s nest and got suspended.

apps, relationship, Trending

6. Wunderlist

This is one of the apps for relationships that comes in many languages including traditional Chinese.It’s free and unlike every other relationship app, this is bound to be the most loved by women. It is a to do list sharing app.You use it to keep up to date with your shared tasks of planning a Christmas party, vacationing in Guam, or going on a honey moon, but you and I know it would be best used for reminding that lazy drone to take the thrash out, get the clothes from the cleaners, know that it’s his turn to scrub the floor , wash the cars, the dishes and all other form of domestic manual labour , reassuring him of your love while he is at it.It is a task management program  with a wireless sync to keep both parties on the same page concerning bucket list, to do list and majorly tasks . Now that’s an app for relationship.  Honey do app does exactly the same thing, creating a competition with a robust interface.

apps, relationship, Trending
7. Kahnoodle:

 This app for relationship dives into other non-sexual aspects of relationships and claims to keep thing interesting, it comes in form of a mobile game for busy couples to get out of their normal routine. It also helps each partner  keep something called love tanks full and redeem love koupons to best buy, american apparel and amazon. This app for relationship seems to be one of the most promoted in the media alongside girlfriend keeper, so it means the makers have more money for product promotion , it is a good relationship app.

apps, relationship, Trending

8. Fix a fight

This is an app  for relationships going through rough patches. It helps the partners to understand each other feelings which is the backbone in solving disagreements. Coming to terms with the other partner's feelings goes a long way in understanding the partner and adjusting. It comes with voice over instructions from a counselor called Mark McGonigle and the app simulates a real life therapy class. 
This app made us focus on sharing our feelings, it was refreshing to hear him open up”, said a woman from Miami, florida, USA, who used this app with her husband when they were have a recurring fight over house cleaning.  If you need a relationship app to finally tell your partner that he is a jerk, an asshole and a douche bag, well, this is  NOT  the app for you. Fix a fight is an app for relationship that tries to fix what has been broken.

apps, relationship, Trending

9. Kindu:

This is an app for relationship that would be loved by men. It is an app in which you can finally tell your partner that you love shoving things up your butt, chained down like a dog with rabies and flogged like a horse on a race track.  This relationship app is loaded with almost a thousand examples of fetishes, fantasies and turn ons , which is then served to each partner and they can simply answer yes to the ones they love. Once, both partners answer yes to a fantasy,it is revealed to both of them. This is the kind of app that spices up the relationship without any shame or regret  except you realize that your partner would not jingle your balls for a million dollars.

apps, relationship, Trending

10. Happy sex: 

This is a sexuality coaching app that is intended to ignite the flames in a relationships. It is a 30 day guide to better sex and sexual understanding developed by a sex addict expert  called Maryline. It’s also the most expensive app for relationship.

apps, relationship, Trending

11. Appy couple:

This is an app for relationships that helps you plan a wedding. From the day you meet and start thinking of getting married. You can start updating pictures and start a countdown to the D-Day, inform loved ones of your plan, make travel arrangements or start a pre-wedding album. Appy couple app recently collaborated with to add trendy themes to the whole relationship app. It is said to be slick and sophisticated.

apps, relationship, Trending

12. Love Maps

Developed by Gottman institute and  compatible with iphone, Ipod touch and ipad, love maps is an app for relationship rated 12+ that strives to  bring companionship into relationships. This relationship app  constantly tests how much of your partner you really know, their day to day activities, their hopes and dreams, their experiences in life, in a bid to get the partners closer together because that is the only way relationships are believed to work.
apps, relationship, Trending

13. Date smart: 

This is one of the apps for relationships that focuses more on dates, communication and friendship. It is a GPS enabled application that helps organize dates with date night tips, dining suggestions and  relationship tips both for outdoor, indoor, cultural and even something called educational dating  . This relationship app groups date ideas by price range so you can still have a date even when you haven't been paid.

apps, relationship, Trending

14. Sex with Emily:

 This  app is a product of a radio show with the same name where Emily immediately states that she is not going to have sex with anybody but rather give tips for sex, dating, relationships, marriage, infidelity and what not to people above 17 years of age.

apps, relationship, Trending

15. Pillow talk:

This is not an app for relationship or an app ,it’s a device that  helps to connect lovers in bed time, when they are not in the same bed or in the same house or city. It comes with a strap that can be attached to pillows when one partner goes to sleep, the other strap glows through wireless internet connectivity and  each partner can feel the heartbeat of the other partner in real time. So when your pillow doesn't light you  know that your  partner is up all night watching that late night movie and when the heart beat speeds up , you  know that your partner has someone else in bed.

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apps, relationship, Trending

16. Foursquare Labs:

 This is an app for a long distance relationship. It lets your loved one know exactly where you are and what route you are taking and how far you are away from home. It is more like a tracking device with love.

apps, relationship, Trending

17. Kik Messenger

This app for relationships allows you to chat, plan an outing , send messages to your partner or anyone for that matter, you can use this if you are tired of using Facebook.

apps, relationship, Trending18. Words with friends

This app allows you to play games and chat with your partner or anyone for that matter all over the world. It’s been used by 20 million people right now.

avocado , apps for better relationship

19.Avocado : Avocado is a recently updated app for relationship by former google employees based on the principle that avocados only bear fruit if there is another avocado plant close by. The app helps with message sharing, and of course kiss  and hug simulator.This app also has a web interface content and is very practical , fun and easy to use.

between , apps for relationship20.Between-a private space for couples: This app provides a private virtual space for couples. it has a nice transparent interface and like every other app, allows for message sharing, photos sharing and a good review of important common dates.

Other note worthy apps for relationships include Urbanspoon for planning your date nights , theicebreak to literally break the ice in your relationship, what’s app, which is used mostly by people who are not in love relationships , google+ hangouts, Instagram, Facebook,  twitter , kayak,Date escape, Open table,Dinner spinner, Facetime which is Apple’s own Skype , wertago for nightlife  and Tokii. 

 According to Jane Doe. Does anyone really have a love life anymore?. I think they all just watch sex on their computers and hand-held media. Want to spice up your love life? Kill your iphone and talk to your partner directly.

Monday, 27 May 2013


Whenever you get a job offer, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself, the employer and someone who would be able to answer some questions about the job offer and the company truthfully and give professional advice concerning the job and career path.  

The most important questions are the ones you ask your employer second only to the ones you ask yourself. 

The distinction of these questions according to whom to ask would go a long way in ensuring your development, your progress, your life plan and  would afford you a clearer picture of your goal and purpose on the job.
The questions you ask your employer gives the employer an instant impression of you and might determine further assignment or deployment in the company. The most suitable time to ask your employer questions is mostly during the job offer interview and then during the first resumption meeting.

The major advantage of questions to ask your employer is to let them have a good impression of you upon a job offer.  For you to come out as smart enough to get the job, you should have done your research on the company. When people think of company research for job offer interviews, they think history of the company. History of the company is just a minimal part of the comprehensive research. 
You should be able to find out what profits the company is recording, who the competitors of the company are and what steps if any, is the company taking to outshine it’s competitors. You should know the business direction the company is taking or about to take, the products the company is offering and any new products in the pipeline.
Questions to the employer should now be based on these researched  issues. Questions like, this company made a remarkable outing last year, what steps are in place to improve on last year’s returns ? This company’s competitor, XYZ is really defaulting in this particular area, is there a way you think the company can leverage on this fact ?

Job offers, jobs, youth development
Can I ask a question? Can we grab a cup of coffee after this interview?

Some of these questions would be answered and then thrown back at you for completion or a better answer , so you must have prepared yourself for  the best answer possible to these questions. In answering them, you might find yourself and your employer trying to choose which answer is the best, in such cases, you always let the employer win , so as not to sound stubborn and head headed, remember, the essence of these questions is to give the employer a good impression  of you upon a job offer. In asking these questions you would also need to have the appropriate terminology and slangs used in the organization.
It’s always good to ask the employer this question,
 “ what else do you think I need to know about this position to be able to function well in it? and “ are there any other assignments and jobs that are not included in the job offer that I might be required to take up at any point in time?

Always remember that the goal of questions to ask your employer during an interview or a resumption meeting after a job offer should be to give a good impression of yourself to the employer. To show the employer that you really care about the growth of the company and that you are willing to do all in your power to make the company grow by manning your own position well and it would  be a plus if you really do.

All questions to the employer should be devoid of personal benefits questions,health of the company, your colleagues and boss those are questions meant for a professional adviser,  or a potential colleague. Stay calm, speak eloquently and smile. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Get your Ex back? Why would anyone want to do that, there is a reason why they became an ex in the first instance and only dogs happen to go back to their vomit. Plus, there are  over 3 billion people to choose from. Over 3 billion? Well but you would have to exclude all those that are married, of a different language, that you would never meet in your lifetime even on dating sites, that are old and about to die, that are young and still live with their parents, that are in serious relationships, that are celibates, that are gay(if you are straight) , that are not worth your salt, that don’t have the same interest or clearly laid down goals, that don’t fit into your life. That leaves you with about 20 people down from 3 billion. Chances are one of them is  your ex but that is still not enough reason to get your ex back considering the fact that there  are 19 others except all of them have become exes, or you have come to the realization that you are a pain in the groin, and you are the cause of the broken relationship and that you would never find another since you have flipped through all your 19 possible spouses or you are beginning to have sleepless nights and losing balance like a crack addict. Then maybe you need to get your ex back. But how?

First ,you have to put into consideration what caused the rift in the first place, that is what would guarantee any step you take to get your ex back. Is there another person in the picture?, Does your ex really love you or loved you at one time or the other or where you simply building your castles in the air? Are there underlying conditions that  caused the separation that might hinder a reunion.
The most effective step to take in order to get your ex back is to act like you don’t really care. Go ahead and deceive yourself that, you are  completely fine without your ex, if you appear needy and your frantic steps are made known to your ex, you might end up in a relationship where you would be constantly taken for granted and you would have no hold whatsoever on your ex or relationship,even worse, is you might be taken for a ride and this might add insult to injury. So the desperate calls in the middle of the night crying and yelling to get them back or the millions of text messages would only make you look stupid and make your ex pat himself or herself on the back for dodging a bullet.

To get your ex back you need to

1. Relax: 

This is probably the most difficult thing to do when you are still in love with your ex and you believe if you don’t act fast , you might forever lose your ex. But in most cases , it is better to first relax and weigh the relationship.  what caused it to crash?, how would you prevent it from further crash if you ever get back together?, What are your mistakes and how would you apologize and correct them? What are the traits and short comings of your ex that you have to stop fighting over?, Why do you want the relationship back, is it for some selfish or stupid reason like, “ I can’t live without him”, “ I just don’t want to be alone”, “ I’m a sucker for love and all things love”etc.
In some cases , you would need to ask your friends and colleagues who know you to  advise you on what you had been doing wrong, or what unconscious killer impression you had been giving your spouse that  made them hit the road. If the break up was due to some wrong action of yours, you have to come to terms with it and understand why you acted in such manner in order to get your ex back.


 Do you need to seek counseling, go for therapy, develop self esteem or read some Nicholas sparks books?. In this moment of relaxation, you would invariably come to understand that you would get your ex back if only they wanted to come back and if they don’t , you would be fine without them. You need to relax and figure out some of these things when you intend to get your ex back.
get your ex back,
It's all coming back to me now.

2. Strategize: 

To get your ex back , you have to have a plan, it is not enough to just read lifestyle articles and “ get your ex back” manuals because they are actually a lot of them. You have to devise a plan.

" Tell your daughter to complain about you not taking her to a Taylor swift concert and letting the new "jump off"" hear it and volunteer, then call your husband and tell him that your sockets  and bulbs are out and bring out a photo album with his best wine and cuisine and talk about the fun memories, but be careful not to start a fire”.( Desperate Housewives, Season 8,Ep 18)..

It is basically about coming to terms with what made your relationship spark in the first instance and devoting a lot of time and energy without appearing needy or desperate to reignite those traits, moments, attributes, characters, appearances and what not. While also creating an avenue where you ex can be aware of such improvements, like former meeting places, restaurants, activities and all. The desperate update on Instagram and Facebook however foils this motive, including the dumbed down tweets  which in most cases is a masked cry for help.
get your ex back,
Here i am, strategizing on how to get my foul mouthed ex back for good.

3. Get busy: 

To get your ex back, you need to get busy, make yourself happy and find your inner energy and strength to reignite the attraction. Don’t however be enveloped with the urge to reinvent yourself, shave your hair, and use Nicki minaj wigs , or start wearing hammer pants or listening to metal ( if that was not your niche)  just to make a statement. This would further chase your ex away, and this would contradict the step number 2 which is to improve on your strengths.
Swimming in a pool of Liquor won't bring her back , you dumb ass.

4. Wait:

 To get your ex back, you have to wait a while to make your getting back together natural, anything done too fast , fails in the end. Wait and learn from your strategies,  don’t be hasty to respond to a booty call, a family appearance or an impromptu date. Take things easy, let the relationship find new ground and build up again. Don’t start the relationship where you left off, going back to the same old routines. There is a reason why it failed in the first instance. Learn from the elements.
This is just a desperate cry for a booty call.

5. Take Action: 

To get your ex back, after you have relaxed, strategized, gotten busy and waited, take action. Don’t be scared to make a phone call, send a text message , arrange a meeting, send a gift, be seen. The success of this last step would be determined by how well you have carried out the previous steps. If the desired result is not attained, go back to step one again but know when to let it go, if it is not happening. In such cases you would have to read how to get over your ex instead.Now go and bring that hardheaded piece of matter where he or she belongs- in your arms.
Get on your knees! You Asshole!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Choosing the right underwear is very important in preventing  male genital odor and also as a fashion statement . Today, fashion has become an increasingly important factor in men's lives, and purchasing the right male underwear is a choice that might require some more thought and discretion.Male genital odor or female genital odor is mostly caused by moisture and dirt trapped in the genital region, an underwear that keeps moisture and air trapped without any form of ventilation would increase male genital odor. Men’s underwear can be classified into four. Briefs, Boxer briefs, Boxers and Thongs.

male genital odor, men's underwear


Briefs are a type of short, fitted  underwear as opposed to styles where the material extends down the legs. Briefs hold the male's genitals in a relatively fixed position, making  briefs a popular  choice for men who are participating in athletic activities, sitting for long hours or who feel they need more support than loose-fitting underwear can provide. In addition, boxers mostly roll  up the body when the wearer runs. Briefs often feature a fly - a covered opening on the front of the underwear allowing for convenience at urinals.
Even though a lot of men couldn't care less about the underwear fly.There are several different fly designs available,  such as the standard vertical fly, the horizontal fly, and the y-front fly. The use of a fly is optional, and many styles do not utilize a fly at all .  Most briefs are made of cotton, which even though they keep the genitals in place, they also help to absorb moisture that prevent male genital odor. Men who wear briefs are also believed to be dependable, trustworthy  with traditional values.Low rise briefs
are actually more preferable to high rise briefs because they enclose a smaller area of the body and absorb moisture from this limited area.Tight briefs have been blamed for negatively affecting the sperm count, since they may interfere with the cooling of the testes.There is a reduction in living sperm due to heat, but healthy sperm output is not affected. 

Boxer Briefs


Boxer briefs (or tight boxers) are a type of men's underwear which are long in the leg, like boxer shorts but tighter-fitting, like briefs; a hybrid between the two main types of male underwear . .A pouch or "over sized" pouch may be built in to add space and position the testicles forward and give the penis more room .Unlike briefs, boxer briefs do not usually have the tight elastic around the legs. They rely more on the overall elasticity of the fabric for support, making the leg openings more comfortable. The overall elasticity of the boxer briefs however reduce the absorbent nature of the underwear and since most of them are not made of cotton also reduces any form of ventilation that briefs affords the genitals. These can result in male genital odor.
male genital odor, men's underwear


 Boxers are the very loose knickers which are now the most common, it is very loose and has room but is not suitable for athletic activities as it doesn't hold the organ in shape The looseness helps air circulation but limits moisture absorption.
male genital odor, men's underwear



Thongs barely cover any thing and they seem to get the highest points for male genital odor prevention. It is like going commando but still putting on something.The ones that are made from cotton are the best. They also have a way of making your butt bigger. Most of them come in porous materials for air circulation or sensual cuts in the front and since the material is barely there, there is usually no moisture due to heat in that region. If you are risqué enough then slap on the thongs .Brazilian Thongs
take the gold in the world of Male thongs. Some also come as simply male genital pouch
just for the male genital covering.
The ultimate rule for choice of underwear is to find one that is not only comfortable but loose enough for the balls to breathe and tight and absorbent enough for moisture absorption to prevent male genital odor. . Another important precaution against male genital odor is not to repeat the use of an underwear no matter how short you used it .If this whole article sounds like crap then free balling is your thing. 
male genital odor, men's underwear
This is a sexy stylish way of freeballing.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Okay, now you've had a fairy tale wedding, everyone was present and happy and the band was excellent. The food was exquisite and the whole show of doom went without a hitch.You have been looking forward to enjoying your marital bliss for the rest of your life but unfortunately you discover that you are stuck with these kinds of husbands. If you were in the least sensitive , you would have seen all the early  signs that the relationship was doomed from the start, but you ignorantly gave yourself the benefit of the doubt, based on some dumbed down story your grand mother told you. It’s time for a rain check, when you have to slip in Miranda Lambert's broken heart and figure out exactly what next to do  with your life, if you are in a relationship with these kinds of husbands. The irony about these kinds of husbands is that based on research, they are the ones ladies love to be with, nice guys mostly finish last. Ladies are usually turned on by impulsivity, extroversion,  callousness , narcissim and apathy when they come in small doses according to Peter Jonason.


These kinds of husbands are on a journey and no one is coming along with them. They are like action heros in action movies picking up girls at gas stations. They perch awhile and then hit the road. Your whole marriage is a five- ten year stand as against a one night stand and then he would be on to the next one. He would want to get another job, move to another part of town, change his name, acquire some form of mid-life crisis and generally metamorphose into another being. The early signs usually abound. Yesterday he wanted to run the marathon, today he wants to go to medical school, tomorrow he is off to the military with interest in bounty hunting. The girls also come in handy at all point of indecision. If you are ready to live your life running away from yourself then hitch up a ride with this kind of husband. Otherwise, let him hit the road, take his fast car and keep on driving.
8 kinds of husband,
Look into his eyes and you can tell he is never coming back


These kinds of husbands are like public toilets, they take the neighbour’s wife to get her groceries, they give all their time to other women. Everybody calls them up to use them, they give the best advice to other people but they never seem to practice what they preach. There is nothing bad in being available for the community but when it is done to the detriment of his immediate family, then there is a problem.  The early signs are always there, cancelling a date because he has volunteered to look after his boss’s kids, never giving anyone close to him priority but living for outsiders. This kind of husband has to hit the road, you are better off being an outsider to this kind of husband than being the one who notice him change to somebody else around everyone else.
8 kinds of husband,
Always willing to lend a hand when the same hand is needed at home


This kind of husband is the type that would save you in a fire when the firemen have given up on you only for you to discover the fire was originally caused by people he had scores to settle with. He loves you with the little piece of his heart that he has left but  being in his life is like being on a battlefield in  love and war, making love on landmines. You need this kind of husband in small doses or you might die of an overdose. The only time you would feel  safe and be at peace is when you know where he actually is - in a box down the river. The premarital signs were obvious but you somehow closed your eyes to the fear in his eyes, the fact that  you never accurately knew where he was or where he was going. The fact that you felt some things were guy stuff and that it should be out of bounds to ladies. The many complexities and unanswered questions. The good thing about this kind of husband is that when he hits the road , he might leave behind a stash  of cash.
8 kinds of husband,
This guy is my boyfriend and he is missing, he was last seen at the gas station
picking up a hitchhiker.


 This kind of husband is an abuser, he disrespects everyone and then you. He is violent, abusive both physically, emotionally, verbally and what not. He sees his partner as a subordinate whose existence is at his mercies. The early signs where the tantrums and fights he threw constantly which seemed to exclude you until it did. This is the kind of man that is so nice to you yet so obnoxious and rude to the waiter, the driver, the plumber or the milkman.This kind of husband might not hit the road until your body is in a thrash bag, especially if he is alcoholic, so in most cases it is advised to hit the road on his behalf.
8 kinds of husband,
Just Hit the road or Hit the megaphone.


This kind of husband may be good in bed, thanks to the tons upon tons of pornographic materials he has consumed that has wired his mind to be a sex machine and nothing else. He knows how to take you to cloud 9 but then he leaves you there, when the bills are unpaid, the plumbing is undone and communication is completely zero. He is more interested in sliding in through the “back door”, than actually changing the broken knob on the front door of the house and bringing another one with him for a threesome. This kind of husband soon leaves you high and dry. He is more of a booty call, than a husband.Your goals are intimidating to him and he finds your drive and motivation to life disturbing.You are constantly burdened with the thought of letting go of your goals and ambition to be with him. This kind of husband should hit the road and pick the change on the shelf outside while he is at it. Keep his number though, sometimes he might just be the only one to call when the weather gets cold.
8 kinds of husband,
Of course, he would do it again.


This kind of husband is in it for something, that is completely selfish and narcissistic . A job , a business deal, a bed space, a hot bath . There is a name for them , gold diggers. In some cases, they may not be literally digging for financial gain but much more. If you are in the market for a kept man then why not ? but if you want the good ole traditional marriage that our grandparents had, then the parasite has to walk.
8 kinds of husband,

7. BABY: 

This kind of husband seems to have had his growth and maturity process short circuited by something we all never seem to understand. His partner feels more like his parent than his spouse. Spouses of these kinds of husbands always feel like they are married to themselves and are all by themselves, as they literally have to hold the sword while their sissy little man fumbles with the torch. These kinds of husbands are usually stingy , needy and obnoxious and in some cases seem to be mummy’s boy who never grew up to grow a pair. You should have seen the signs when his mama took over the whole wedding preparation but you were too blind to see beyond your nose. This kind of husband needs to hit the road to summer camp until he learns where the wild things are.
8 kinds of husband,
Say hello to my baby daddy, it's 1 pm in the afternoon by the way.


This  kind of husband always likes to get things fixed, even when they are not broken. He seems to enjoy the double life, he really doesn't know what he wants and thinks on the short term. You should have seen the early signs in his eyes. You won the battle over so many others to get him to put a ring on it and thought you can immediately retire and enjoy your marital bliss only to discover that you haven’t begun to contend in the war. This kind of husband should hit the road and not come back.

Another kind of cheater is the husband who cheats on  you with the same sex. 
. If your husband just left and he falls in this category then he probably read this blog , if he doesn't fall in any of these categories then you have to go get him.However if you think he needs to hit the road,you wouldn't be wise enough to base your decisions on something you read on a blog without further reading. The only thing dumber than making a hasty decision is making no decision at all.

8 kinds of husband,