Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Letter from a womanizer

womanizer, flirt
Kisses don't lie.
Hello, Young lady.
I don’t have time for formalities so I would just go straight to the point. I am that good looking and charming guy you love to be with. I know exactly the right things to say and my swag is so sick. It works all the time for most girls like you. I know you are strongly attracted to me, not just because of my good looks or charisma but because of my high degree of popularity and appeal with other women and girls like you. You were love struck from day one. You know or guessed that there may be other girls and women around, your female intuition was right but you dabbled with the thought of having me only to yourself. First of all I have to clarify some things,  I am not a cheat, I am a player.

 A cheat is that guy who would tell you that you are the only one, but would keep his phone under lock and key, would tell you all his lovers are his cousins, his classmates, his relatives or his neighbors but behind you, he would be getting down with them.

 I am a player, I have multiple sex partners and no female platonic friend and if you ever asked me, I would be straightforward and upright with you about it. Those girls  posting on my Facebook page have been in my bed at one time or the other and those nicknames are real, they are coming back soon . Monogamy is just not my thing, and you can see it all over me. Some call me a Womanizer but you have to understand that it is the female gender that is partially to blame for this. Most ladies can spot a Womanizer from a mile away but they also love the womanizer until he bites.You know sometimes I confuse you with other girls and my male friends pay you no regard even my mother calls you another name. 

All my lovers think like you, thinking of eventually  winning me over and keeping me solely for themselves.  It is amazing how they all want to engage in a futile battle like that over a womanizer like me. In your quest to win me over, you allowed yourself to be my booty call, my side piece, thinking that one day I would upgrade you. You were practically building your castles in the air, because I would never upgrade you. You are a side piece and to me that’s all you would ever be.  I would not upgrade you because there are so many like you, who have the right sex appeal and who will keep a Womanizer constantly turned on. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. There are a lot of guys like me who are faithful until the opportunity arises and when they get the opportunity they run with it.If you want me to upgrade you, I would have to first ,have respect for you and all that was thrown in the garbage when you put yourself on the same level as the other side pieces, trying to be my best sexual companion.

 There is no way you can start out as my sex play toy and end up as my wife. There is no way, I would dump a girl in your presence and use you as a show to my ex-sidepieces and then not do the same to you , when I get bored of you.  When I want to wife someone up, it would be all those other non-sexual qualities they possess that would make me think of putting a ring on her. There are three things that may make me get over this game, if someday, I find God, for who he is, and not religion, because trying to drag me into religious activities in the hope of changing me, would result into  putting  me in a new river to source for new fish. The second is maybe age, when I get older I might get tired of this whole game, put on my responsibility cap and then go out,  and search for the real non- sexual qualities that I need in a woman that I would make my wife.When I find that woman, I might then stop being  a womanizer. if she is truly rare and irreplaceable, I might keep it in my pants to ensure that I don’t lose her. You know it would be difficult though after having so many partners to now stick to one but for the right woman , I will. 

But you my dear, you would be left hanging , your calls would eventually go to voice mails, the phone number I gave you would eventually become unavailable . You would eventually go and buy all those  "he did me wrong" songs and cry-sing along with the singers. 

womanizer , heart break
Here is the perfect Album to cry-sing along to. 

Then you would say all men are liars, cheats ,womanizers and irresponsible but you know fully well, that is not true, not everyone is like me but a lot want to be me. Again don’t hate the player, hate the game.