Monday, 11 March 2013

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marriage and financies
No way on Earth, would I make you a signatory to my personal  account.
Did you realize that 43% of all  couples contend over finances, making it the major cause of disagreements in a marriage?

 In every marriage both parties have to draw up a plan to handle cash , this is the ideal opportunity to talk, create boundaries, and draw up a fiscal arrangement. 

It is never advised for all the finances in a marriage to come into a single purse, that is like putting all your eggs in one basket. There should be a marriage purse and then an individual purse for all individual spending  Marriage purses should be funded from certain percentages of what each spouse earns.

Finances is an extremely colossal part of a marriage. Having enough to use, and to do the things one needs to do, is vital to both parties. Any time couples are unable to do this, then different issues pop up in the marriage. Any time both parties are not on the same page as per finances in the marriage, different  other issues would definitely spring  up. 

Effective communication is usually the most challenging hindrance in securing  financial objectives and goals as far as marriage finances go.  

Couples must understand the need to plan finances in a marriage and for each party to adhere strictly to the planned financial structure of the marriage.  Just the way finances are planned  in a business, they should also be planned in a marriage.

Case in point, how do you get your mate to understand that he or she will check their spending  with the intention that you both can start putting cash away for a greater cause? 

There's got to be a viable agreement, because most couples discover that a lack of money, a lack of spending control, or a lack of fall-back savings eventually causes other problems in a marriage.These  Small issues  eventually lead to greater problems.

In any case, arguments over finances can be totally avoided by effective communication, understanding of  expectations, setting goals and objectives and structuring  a family budget. 

 Here are Marriage financial principles to live by. 

1. Avoid living  beyond your means.If you are not earning it , you probably shouldn't be spending it. 

2. Treat the family as a business. 

3. Create an income-and-expense statement  .

4. Keep records of all expenses. 

5. Make a monthly plan on how money would be earned, saved and spent. 

6. Devise a plan to pay off your debt 

7. Find ways of cutting all unnecessary expenses. 

In summary, married couples have an important duty to plant the seeds for a healthy marriage by simply communicate their financial plans with each other, being realistic about expectations, and abiding by    their financial plan.

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