Saturday, 16 March 2013

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Youth development
Every youth has that strong yearning for greatness, a sense of fulfillment, success and happiness. It’s there right from day one and only grows stronger as the youth grows older. In some cases these yearnings lead the youth making bad choices like  internet fraud, smuggling, slinging drugs and fraudulent office activities. The yearnings are mostly confused with making money  and the pop culture has really done everything to encourage this wrong route down the road. The fact you need to know about youth development is that there is no yearning  that Nature(GOD) put in the human soul that there is no plan or opportunity to satisfy if the youths would just settle down and  look inwards to find the path that would lead to the fulfillment of that great yearning. The sad thing about these yearnings is that they would hurt you down and drive you crazy leading sometimes to self hate, mid life crisis, drug abuse and suicide if you don't do anything about them.
For youth development there are certain things you need to know

   1.The only thing that really matters is what you can do.

Imagine being bitten by a black mamba, with just a single bite injecting about 100mg of it’s venom into you. You have  30 minutes to live, the closest hospital  or clinic  which may or may  not have the anti-venom is  3 hours away . Then a guy comes over and  tries to help you. You automatically heave a sigh of relief, thinking that he probably knows what to do. You ask him, if he can save your life  and all he says is, I am a good person, I have the interest of other people at heart, I am kind hearted and very cheerful. You ask him but you know about snake venom don’t you?. Then he goes into another long speech, you would eventually shout him down and curse him out.

Youth development
 In real life, the guy bitten by a snake is the world we live in and you are the novice trying to treat a snake bite with a good heart. The world has needs and the only thing that matters is what you can do to fulfill those needs. While some needs are obvious like food and water, some come as everyday challenges and some are even unknown by the people who have such needs. There are several bush tribes in several parts of the world who still don’t wear clothes,  they don’t know they need it until someone would get the courage to put it on them. The only way to effectively attain youth development is to do something that fulfills people’s needs.  The need for companionship, advice, entertainment, knowledge, health, Motivation , spirituality and of course the yet unknown ones.

2.    Your Job is you.

   When you are gone, dead and buried, people would not remember you for all those times you slept till noon, or all those times you complained about the economy and the bad leadership ravaging your country. People would remember you for what you have done, Only remembered by what we have done . That kind of sounds like a job .It is sad enough that the only thing that matters is what you can do but worse still is that the only thing you would be remembered for is what you have done. You can decide to cry or frown about that, but you have to get out there and start doing what you can do, you have to find it and just do it. Finding it simply requires looking inwards then going through that strenuous tortuous  process of polishing it, of developing it, making  it blossom into exactly what people need. There is a lot of stuff out there about finding yourself and not following the crowd, that is very good but you should keep in  your mind, that if you find “yourself” and “yourself” is basically useless to any one apart from “yourself” , you are a waste of matter. Your job has to contribute, it has to add, it has to include, it has create, it has to inspire someone apart from yourself, then you are on the path to youth development. You have to pay attention to the needs of people around you, then find those needs that interest you, then make a decision on what you are really going to do and how you are going to go about it, then take action. Logging off from the present situation in your head and imaging a perfect better scenario sometime in the distance future can only go so far until you begin to align your attention to the world with your interests and making a decision to proceed and taking action. That is youth development.

3.       Action is a process .

Applying yourself to get things done, is a process, it is not a day’s job. You did not become qualified for that job because you got a degree or because you know someone at the top, you  started the process of qualifying for that job by going to elementary school and after that was done, learning the things that would make you what the company wants and doing them. If you go ahead and get the job by someone at the top, you would surely be a misfit and your incompetence would come back and slap you in the face .A lot of people quit because they can’t delay gratification, they need it now, they need the results now, but unfortunately the process is the result. The process of applying yourself into creating something beneficial for others, your company, your business, your environment is the result. The continuous polishing of your skill day by day is what eventually brings about a pay off. Which in some cases may not even be in cash. The only things in life that bloom are the things that have had both conscious and unconscious investments of time, energy, cash , creativity and hard work dumped into them. In the quest for youth development you have to  put all these things into something.

4.       Change is Hard.

Youth development
So is hearing the truth. Every thing in you would fight improvement, you would criticize and try to pull down people who try to inculcate the right principles into you because it is easier to believe that all you need is magic. You would tell yourself stories of people who tried and failed, you would find instances to let people know that motivators are hypocrites, you would believe that changing yourself to be useful is throwing away your true self which is a slob. It’s the way things work,  when anything moves, there is always an opposite force that tries to keep it in that position or immediately bring it back to a state of rest. In physics, it’s called friction, in life it can be friends, baseless internet critics, family, your beliefs, religion, superiors, subordinates, colleagues and the environment you find yourself but for each hurdle you have to look back inwards to find the original motivation which is yourself. You have to understand that you are eventually going to hate yourself if  your true self- the only reason why you resisted change turns out to be no good. Get up now and do something.
Youth development
This Post is absolute Bullshit and youth development is even
used wrongly. Wake me up, when magic happens.