Tuesday, 12 March 2013

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fashion tips for men
Outfit? check! hygiene ?check! swag? check!
The first impression you are going to have on anyone is your appearance. Your appearance is one part your outfit, another part your hygiene and yet another part your charisma and aura, or more appropriately tagged your swag. That is before you open your mouth and they get either disappointed , filled with awe and respect or simply indifferent. Now let's take time to discus tips that would guarantee the first part, your outfit, here are fashion tips for men.

1.Fit is king. 

If you haven't heard this before, then hear it now. Your clothes have to be closely hugging your body without being tight or stretched. Buy the right size that enables you raise your hands without ripping, bend down without revealing your butt crack and not compressing your stomach except of course you are buying Spandex
fashion tips for men
Now, you know that does not apply to this guy here.
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2.Always match your belt with your shoes. 

This is a good rule to follow and it keeps things simple. It's best to stay with traditional colours such as black, dark brown or a rich tan. If you are going to be wearing green shoes, then you should also find a green belt to go with it.  If you wearing sneakers  that probably means you are wearing jeans in which case  a belt made of fabric is suggested. Just don't wear a belt and suspenders together, it's one or the other. Also the maximum number of colours should be three, multicolored tops or pants should be worn with plain pants or tops respectively.
fashion tips for men
You can also try this, if you want to be taken less seriously

3. Shoes are everything:

fashion tips for men
Someone obviously thinks making new shoes
 appear tired and beat down is fashionable
 Most guys don't pay much attention to their foot wear, but that is one of the most important accessory  in a men's dressing. Your shoes affect your carriage, and your carriage shows off your outfit. Black shoes always go with most outfit, so if you don't have money to stock your closet with shoes, go for black.

4.Matching Ties ,Shirts and Trousers: 

The rule is not to wear stripped shirts on stripped trousers, one of them should be plain and wear ties that complement the shirt not contrast it, contrasting ties are out of fashion, belt length are still the best for ties so far and make sure your shirts and trousers are somewhat fitted, not tight or body hugging, the better the fit the better you look. Sagging trousers is a hip-hop crazed fashion trend that has “COME” to “STAY” “GO”, flying out your underwear is the best way of telling people you are not in the right frame of Mind. Colours should be limited to three at most and multi coloured materials should be worn on black trousers. 

fashion tips for men
It starts like this
Then  to this

fashion tips for men
(then this) Someone's butt skin has obviously lost the sense of

5. Don't be a sucker for brand names or wear clothes with big logos: 

Except the company is paying you to be a mobile billboard then you can prance with pride. Find what looks good , not what is in vogue or what a new celebrity has put out.


 Beards should be short and well trimmed, most young guys who have just started growing beards flaunt such weak facial hair and leave it to grow out of proportion, it should be noted that those weak new facial hairs don’t make you look older or matured they unfortunately do the opposite. Use shaving powder or shaving scissors if you develop bumps often. Worst of all , is tangled chest hair, if you are going to be wearing a low cut shirt, then get rid of the curly tangled chest hair.
fashion tips for men
This was very cool in the 70's

7.Deodorants/ Roll on/Anitperspirants:

fashion tips for men
What's that smell?
 This is one of the most important accessory a man should have because you sweat and shed skin more, most men buy expensive perfumes , perfumes are just complementary, roll ons and deodorants are very essential, they are anti-perspirants to help reduce sweating in the armpits, prevent armpits sweat marks on your shirts and save the nostrils of the innocent public. It is also advisable to shave off hairs in enclosed parts of the body because they retain sweat and get discoloured and smell.It is also very advisable to not wear shirts,briefs, underpants or boxers twice without washing or at least sun-drying. Remember appearance is the king of impression.