Saturday, 9 March 2013

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Hello Mama,
letter to my mother
My mother
I don't know if you would ever get to read this or be told about this. Mother, i write to you today, not because it is mothers' day but because i want to. First i have to tell you that i am not a writer, so this might seem a little lame. I just want to say that you are the greatest blessing i have. 
letter to my mother
Thank you so much for all those nights i kept you up crying because i was just not in the mood, all those nights you had to stand and rock me back to sleep even when i threw up on your best clothes. I also want to say i am sorry for biting your nipple when i was supposed to be sucking on it. You cried with pain but l laughed with joy. I want to thank you for being my first friend, the one we explored the world together, the one i could always run to when dad was acting up. I want to thank you so much for teaching me how to take care of myself after you took care of me for years. Learning to feed myself, learning to dress myself, learning language and learning life as a human. I say this because we often tend to  take those early periods  in the life of a child as trivial. It never became clear to me until recently when i read about a 33 year old man, who was abandoned in the forest in Uganda when he was a little boy around 3 years when his parents died in the war back in the 80's. He lived with the monkeys for 3 years until he was "rescued" by the soldiers who  sighted him among the animals. 27 years later, he is still not able to speak or adapt to humans. He makes gorilla sounds and has very weak limbs and climbs trees. That is how vital the cradle years are, in which you shaped me into a human. I want to thank you for all the chores you made me do, today, i am hard working ,responsible and self dependent. I want to thank you so much for the love you have for me that never dies. I am sorry for all those times i made you cry, those years of juvenile delinquencies when i thought i got pleasure in hurting you, indeed , i was only hurting myself. I thank you so much for your words of wisdom that i keep with me, for every advice, every encouragement, every chastisement, every warning. They made me, they molded me. I want to say i 'm sorry for glorifying your faults, that was a very stupid thing to do, i now realize that i should have been fighting against those faults reoccurring in me. I thank you so much for your never ending prayers, they went a long way, they sure did .

Now mum, if the angels are singing, sing with them, because your voice is beautiful. If they are clapping, clap those hands of yours too, because yours has raised a child, they  would sound better, if they are dancing , put on your dancing shoes, your dancing steps made a child stop crying and laugh out loud,and when mansions are being allotted, don't hold back, ask for them because you had already built yours. If all girls were like you, there would not be any lazy, unambitious and wayward child in the world. I thank you so much for being  a Mother a friend and a confidant.

Your Child