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African Mothers
We have decided to come up with a comprehensive list of gift suggestions for mothers on mothers’ day or any other day. We decided to channel our gift suggestions to African Mothers. Those are women all over the world with African descent. There  seems not to be any comprehensive list on the internet or anywhere else that solely gives the gift suggestions for African mothers that would actually be appreciated by African mothers. The flowers and scented candles are more or less a waste of time and money for African mothers,  except your mum is married to a white man or is French.
When it comes to mothers, there is no limit to how much to spend, no amount is enough for them , you can keep the budgeted gifts for valentine, Christmas and others but for mothers, go all out. 

1. Real Estate

african village, african real estate
Okay, we are not talking about this kind of Real Estate
African mothers love houses, and this is the best gift suggestion for an African mother, you would ever read. Now unto the budget, if you can afford an Estate, of detached bungalows between 10- 20 houses, don’t hold back , just do it. If you can’t but can afford to buy an apartment preferably 3 bedroom, then go for that. If that is still too much then, go get a piece of land, or old property to buy for her. If she already has a house, you can have it refurbished, repainted, redesigned, changing the home d├ęcor, fittings and finishing. if you can’t handle that, then you can pay her rent ,for a year or at least a month, if you still can’t handle that move on to number 2.

2. Automobile: 

african woman in car
My son bought this car for me, i'm selling it after this picture.
Another gift suggestion for African mothers is an automobile, whatever you do, don’t buy an old truck that consumes fuel and fills the whole neighborhood with smoke. However, the bigger, the better. The vehicle has to be big enough to carry all her junk stuff but classy enough to take out to a function. Buy it and have it delivered, then wrap the key in a ribbon and take it to her. If she cries, she loves it. If she doesn't then you know you should have  carried out  gift suggestion number one.

3. African Fabrics: 

african fabrics
You can even make the African Fabrics into chairs, she would never use.
African mothers love their prints, no matter how well travelled  they are, they love them some classy and cool African prints. Buy six different kind of materials or already made African print dresses or clothes.

4. Electronics:

african television
When i grow up, i would buy mama a bigger TV so i can watch when she is away.
 If you mama lives in Africa, then you should get her a bigger television, so she can watch African Magic on the DSTV  Network ( *God we should start charging  for  mentions*). Another very good one is a bigger and more efficient washing machine, she probably does all the laundry and it would be better to have a hi tech equipment , that does  all her work for her.Items like Radio Set, Dish washer, Twin sized gas cookers, giant sized refrigerators or freezers, toasters and  cake mixer etc. Any thing and every thing that would make life in the kitchen and in the sitting room easier. A power Generator might also come In handy, if she lives in a place with rationed electricity. Whatever you buy , please don’t buy her a microwave, if you want her to stay around longer.

5. Spa Treatment: 

african spa
Your Mum may not want to ever look like a masquerade even in a spa
This gift suggestion  might not go well for all African mothers but you have to convince them that they need it and then get a very good spa around. African mothers are used to massaging every other person, especially the old grumpy man that they married and even their children, but no one in most cases thinks to do it for them. Don’t think of doing it now , if you never did it , you are most likely going to suck at it, so get a masseuse , preferably a male ( if she can wrap her mind around another man touching her ) and tell him/her  to listen to what she wants, and how she wants it done.( We have to stop here, this is beginning to sound somehow). Go figure!

6. Trip:

I hope she is not scared of flying.
 African mothers love to see the world, that is why they watch television a lot, so go ahead and plan a trip for her to a place she has never been, where there would be lots of sights to see, this is a gift suggestion where you can never go wrong except you make her go on a trip alone , or you take her to a place that is unsafe or the places that you  like instead of what she would like.

7. Accessories:

african pots
This kind of pots burn food.
Buy as many as you can afford, plate sets, pot sets, hand bags , shoes to match, hats ,head gears, scarfs, weaves ,perfumes. Don’t just buy something from the thrift shop, go ahead and buy something that has a brand  name or at least something of very high quality and durability, she is going to show it to her friends , so you want to make it the best.

8. Jewelries and cosmetics: 

African jewelries
This might be too heavy for her frail hands
First, not all African mothers use jewelries, but the ones that do, use enough for the ones that don’t. Buy her chains, ear rings, bracelets and while you are at it, get her an  anti -aging cream, a moisturizer, make up kits and cleansers. These particular gift suggestion would make her happy and keep her looking radiant and beautiful like you want her to.

9. Pictures: 

african women
Actually it's better if she is painted on a large wall. 
Take her to a studio and let her go for a photo shoot, you would have to get her new attires and have the picture framed  and hanged on the wall in the good ole traditional way, leave Facebook or instagram out of this.

10. Natural Supplements and Essentials: 

african leaves
You can just pick moringa leaves and give them to her
Now your African mother is probably the queen of all home remedies that you know of, but she might just be  missing out on supplements and essential oils to keep the body,soul and mind  working at full capacity. Lay off Chinese products for now, get recommendation from a certified doctor before buying anything. Vitamin tabletsCalcium drops , garlic drops etc  are wonderful gift suggestions but  they should still be recommended by a doctor.

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11. Food stuffs: 

african food
I'm eating only the chicken
African mothers love to have food stuffed all over the house, even if they would only eat a spoon ful, so  go ahead and buy all the food supplies they need. The dry fishes imported from Norway, the basmati rice from china and India, the yams from your local food seller and spices that you would only find in Africa.

12. Surgery: 

african women surgery
I hope i don't die under the anesthesia
African Mothers might not like this, but it is a good gift suggestion, especially to reduce weight that might cause diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure and all it’s cousins. This has to be approved by the doctor, so you don’t end up killing your own mother with anesthesia  or excessive bleeding.

13. Gift basket:

gifts suggestions
We honestly don't know anything in this basket but it does look good.
 If all the gift suggestions listed above isn't working for you, then you still have no excuse to let  mother’s day pass without showing love to your mother. Even though you are supposed to be doing that every day. Go ahead and get a gift basket from a gift shop , that contains things that an African mother would need, not  paintings or sculptured cartoon characters.

14. Mothering Sunday:

african women
Now, i can show everyone, the beads my son bought for me.
 Most African Mothers, especially Catholics celebrate mothers’ day  in church, there and then, she would want to carry out some financial obligations, this you can finance. The bigger, the better. She would be so glad you did, but ensure that you don’t spend all your budget on that, save something else for her alone. Most of those items would not be for her, so still go ahead and get her something for herself.


 Now, we know that there are some of you reading this post , that have the intention to carry out all these gift suggestions given above but now is not really the right time, mostly because of financial constraints. Well, pin, this post and send her text messages , call her or send her greeting cards. We all know African Mothers love any form of gift coming from their children.
african women
Happy mothers' day