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How To Get Over your exbroken relationships, how to get over your ex, relationship
 How To Get Over Your Ex
“Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a lair; but never doubt I love”
Literature is full of quotations that speak of the beauty of love and relationships. There is no doubting the fact that with love comes happiness, but as endearing as love itself is, the pain of a broken heart is  excruciating.
There is a famous saying , “bruised knees heel better than broken hearts”. Definitely, when the heart breaks,  a part of you  breaks with it. Putting together the broken pieces rather than living with a broken heart, requires strength and  courage .
 A broken relationship is a bitter pill to swallow because   in most cases  the whole relationship finally becomes clear and you are forced to see the relationship in a light different from how you have ever seen it. The warning signs would become clearer, the subliminal actions would make more sense and they would all boil down to the fact that you had been living in a fool’s castle from the get go. The betrayal would hurt, the loneliness would suck, the neglect would be even more painful with every step you take and it would be really difficult to get over your ex
 Patsy Cline wrote, “You want me to act like we’ve never kissed, you want to forget; pretend we’ve never met, and I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I haven’t yet…you walk by and I fall to pieces.”
 However, in order to get over your ex and get your life back after a broken relationship.You need to 

1.Keep yourself busy.

broken relationships, how to get over your ex, relationship
You can now take that course on UFOs
broken relationships, how to get over your ex, relationship
or live your life taking pictures for
National Geographic

If you are idle, your mind is bound to wander, the hurt in your heart will sap you of the will and energy to move on. So, take up extra courses, engage yourself in new  chores; hang around  friends you love, spend time with family members that are close to you. Take on a challenge, and finally strike out something on your bucket list. Get over your ex!. The period after a broken relationship is the best time to go out on a limb, to take up charity work, to look beyond yourself, to experience the wind blow on your face, to let the heart release the pain. In short, you shouldn't spend time alone as it is in the quietest hours that the memories of the by gone becomes unavoidable
broken relationships, how to get over your ex, relationship
Finally, you don't have to pretend to enjoy watching the
Lakers and just watch Keeping up with
the Kardashian instead.

2. Look on the bright side. 

After a broken relationship, you need to find something good about the break up like the fact that you dodged a bullet, that  your ex was not in love with you anyway and you can now literally  wear those high heeled shoes that you always wanted to wear  or watch that game that you always wanted and stop pretending that you like something you didn't .  Doing all the things you could not do when you were in the relationship is one of the best ways of getting over your ex.You should be glad that the relationship ended before you sunk any deeper in trouble. No more time should be spent on broken relationships other than the time it lasted. So, rather than spending your time pounding over  someone who never valued you, you should be thankful that you did not waste any more of your valuable life and emotions .
You need to have the confidence that things will work out and you will finally meet someone who would love you for who you are. It takes two people to make a relationship work. So, you should not trap yourself in the lane of hurt and pain.

3. Bite the Bullet:

Experts believe that the finest way of getting over your ex is to accept that you have made a mistake and look for a  new start with a fresh wave of hope. Except in rare cases where your ex has done some physical damage, it is not advisable to waste your time getting even or plotting a revenge. The pitfalls of revenge is that it really doesn't make you feel better. It gives a satisfying feeling  immediately but that feeling eventually dies out and the hurt and pain now seems to have multiplied while you went about plotting revenge. Plotting revenge or trying your best to make your ex miss you is not a sure way to get over your ex. So you can take down all those funny Facebook pictures that were immediately uploaded after the break up and all those tweets that seem to say " i am dying inside".
Oscar Wilde stated, “The heart was made to be broken”. So, do not feel like you are at the end of the world. There are a lot of people who witness troubles in the lane of love, but it is all about being strong and going on. You should not give someone the power to crush you. Wait for the right person to walk along and they  will once again make your heart throb and a beautiful relationship can blossom between the two of you. So, be hopeful for a fresh start because true love will happen, at least once in a lifetime.
Here is a guy waiting for his true love to fall
from the sky.

4. Don’t make the same mistakes:

Learn from the mistakes you made, don’t make the same mistakes, don’t over look the warning signs. In doing this however don’t make the next person pay for the last person’s mistake and don’t let the next person have to deal with your broken heart. Heal first after a broken relationship before moving on to another one.

Research has shown that it takes averagely 15-17 months to get over a breakup with someone you used to be in love with.

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