Thursday, 7 March 2013

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your choice, your future
Your Choice

Choice according to the Oxford dictionary is the act of deciding between two or more possibilities. Right from the time we become conscious of ourselves as human entities, we begin to make choices. Choices can  either be conscious or unconscious. The absence of a conscious choice brings about an unconscious choice.  On a typical day , you choose when to wake up , or choose to wake up at anytime your body comes out of sleep or you hear a loud distracting sound. The fact, you didn't set a particular time to wake up in your mind by sleeping at a reasonable time or  setting an alarm clock is an unconscious choice to wake up at any time. Throughout the day , you then have to decide whether to do some exercise, brush your teeth, get some work done, or go back to sleep.

In life, we make choices everyday, starting from very simple and everyday ones to life changing or in the case of youth development, life defining  choices
The future on the other hand  is the indefinite time period after the present. Its arrival is considered inevitable due to the existence of time and the laws of physics.


1.Choice is a gift from God
That has been given to man. He even gave man the power to choose between life and death. “I have no choice”, is a lie. Everybody has choice. There is also a choice “to have no choice.”

2.Choice is something you have to make in life.

 At school, what career to pursue, where to pursue it, when to pursue it, what certifications or degrees to get
At work, where to work, what kind of work to do, when to work, how to work , who to work with.
In marriage, who to marry, who not to marry, when to marry , when to call off a relationship, when to get out of an abusive relationship.
In fact every area of  life. Choices are being made daily.

your choice, your future
I can always blame the professor for my poor Grades , so i choose to sleep through class

3.You have power over your choice, as a matter of fact you are fully in control of your choice.  The statement ‘ I had no choice “ is a choice. You decided to eradicate all the alternatives and made a particular choice the only one on the table. In every situation, there is always an opportunity to choose between one thing or another. Most of the time,  people are blinded by wants, needs, actions and perception into giving up their choices.

4. For every choice, there is a consequence. Most times in life, when people genuinely say they have no choice, they are most likely reaping the consequence of a choice already made by them or for them. It’s like the newton’s third law of Motion, that  states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This groups people into two, those living by choices they are making and those living by the consequences of the choices they have made or allowed to be made for them.

your choice, your future
I choose to get face tattoos to make myself unemployable.

5.You unfortunately do not have the power over the consequences of your choice. You can’t control it, you can stop it, you can only enjoy or endure it.

your choice, your future
I chose to stay up to see some late night movies, now
i 'm about to get fired.
6.The consequences of your choice determines  your future. In other words, your future is an entity which comprises of a combination of consequences of the choices that you have made. A lot of people seem to think the future is completely different from the present and has no link to it. A lot of people , youth especially seem to believe that the future  would suddenly fall and would wipe away every trace of the past but the future is now, it’s happening everyday, it is simply a combination of the consequences of the choices that you have made, you are making, or will make. You also have to understand that it is a choice, for your power to choose to be given away to another, thereby enabling them make a choice on your behalf. This includes parents, friends and relatives choosing on your behalf.


1.Choose God, he is the best choice that you can ever make in life. There is a great difference between understanding the ultimate source of all life and acknowledging it while using it to find your place in life, and  religion that has completely turned the world into a place you just want to run away from.

your choice your future
This right here 

your choice your future
and this is why atheism is on the rise 
2. Let your choices align to your calling. Don’t simply choose a career because it is well paying or because the employment board tagged it as the ultimate money back guaranteed career but choose what aligns to your calling.

3. Train and trust your instincts, listen to your inner voice, don’t follow the crowd, take time to pause and reanalyse your choice. It’s your future

4.Have others , your parents and family members especially, in consideration while making any choice. Most times choices are made alone but the consequences are borne by the whole family and friends.  Most bad choices are made by selfish and myopically thinking people. A decision that might cost you, your life would not even affect you, it would affect those you leave behind.  Your future is a combination of the consequences of your choices .

5 .Think about the consequences of your choices before making them, what are the factors fuelling that particular choice and how rightful are those factors, if your choices are borne out of jealousy, envy, greed, gluttony, hatred, revenge, malice, pride or perversity, then the choice is definitely going to be a bad one with grave consequences.  Be ambitious but have the spirit of contentment. Always look at the bigger picture which is what your future holds.

6.Anytime you realize that you are wrong, retrace your steps . retracing your steps can help cushion the effect of bad choices. When you are on a wrong path , you cannot continue on that path and then automatically find yourself on the right path, you have to make a U-turn. Remember your choices results in consequences that would define your future.

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