Friday, 4 January 2013

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Things to do: Bucket list: Resolutions and Personal development.
1.       Read the bible from cover to cover.
2.       Be computer literate.
3.       Learn web design. Video editing, photoshop e.t.c
4.       Learn Autodesk Softwares like maya, autocad, Matchmover.
5.       Learn Oracle,MySql, or other database systmes.
6.       Go for CCNA,CCNP.CCIE or other networking systems.
Learn Web design, Web programming.
7.       Go for management classes.
8.       Do a safety online  course
9.       Prepare your resume
10.   Apply for jobs and or a higher degree.
11.   Start working towards your marriage
12.   Learn a musical instrument, piano, guitar etc
13.   Learn a language, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese .
14.   Join a functional group in church, in the society, in your community and be active.
15.    Tell people about your faith.
16.   learn how to bake cakes,bread and other pastries.or make snacks.
17.   Learn computer repair.
18.   Learn Mobile Phone engineering
19.   Learn  digital and media coverage, film production and interactive media production.
20.   Learn decorations for events.
21.   Learn photography
See the world.Learn Photography.

22.   Start a business
23.   Lose weight if you are obese or get in shape i.e  visit a gym
24.   Write a book, a movie screenplay or join the editorial team and make contributions.
25.   Compose a song or songs and make a musical album.
26.   Direct a play, movie etc
27.   Take a course /seminar  in public speaking or simply read a book about it and then practice.
28.   Join a choir, band, singing group or create one.
29.   Learn bead making, arts and crafts.
30.   Learn abstract painting
31.   Learn how to sew, make clothes.
32.   Learn Electronics repair and  troubleshooting
33.   Start an online business, affiliate marketing, cash networking and pyramids.
34.   Develop your English and grammer, stop speaking English mixed with native expressions and slangs and stop saying, like 10 times in a sentence.
35.   Go on a diet
36.   Climb a mountain or run a marathon race.
37.   Join a progressive and decent youth group.
38.   Prepare for an aircraft license.
39.   Teach children.
40.   Go over all you did in Middle school and maybe college, you probably don’t know half of it for real.
41.   Learn carpentry and wood work
42.   Learn to drive a car, a caterpillar, a bike  or best of all fly a plane.                                                   43.   Learn to make your hair(barb/cut/condition/treat) without help.
44.  Turn off your computer and cell phone for  3 whole days.
46.   Start farming
47.   Raise livestock, snail farming is one of the easiest. Poultry is one of the most tasking but rewarding.
48.   Learn how to make body ornaments
49.   Go on a spiritual awakening journey of seclusion, prayer and meditation.
50.   Start paying more attention to your body, bad breath, body odor  poor dress sense, dirty language, facial blemishes  should all go.
51.   Make good new friends, human networking is very important. Don’t waste all your time on Facebook though.
52.   Invent something. Everything you see now was invented by someone, whatever you do must make life easier for the common man and must be affordable at least to an extent.
53.   Start a movement. A Positive movement that would benefit the people.
54.   Start a Charity Organisation, there are a lot of issues facing people around, you can start one to help issues.
55.    Create a product.
56.   Plant a tree, it would help the ozone layer.
57.   Acquire Real Estate.
58.   Give up all forms of addiction, and bad habits.
59.   Forgive all those who offended you, after all you also offend people don’t you, give up the grudges.

60.   Correct all wrongs that you’ve done in your life up till now, the lies you told, the exams you cheated , the wrong places you went. Stop saying nobody is perfect, you are somebody.
61.   Find out about your history, your family lineage and  where you come from , you would be surprised.
62.   Start a coaching centre or post web tutorials online, there is a lot of ignorance out there.
63.   Learn your geographical location, the tribes,towns, beliefs and history and make a documentary about it.
64.   Get Become more spiritual and desire a better knowledge of divinity. 
65.   Start an company, a ministry, an organisation or an enterprise, just make sure you don’t pull another’s down to start yours because yours too will definitely be pulled down.
66.   Break a world record, to break a world record is not that difficult and quite financially rewarding , get the recent Guinness book of records and see what you can surpass and make sure you have it on tape. Please don’t kill yourself though.
67.   Cultivate the habit of working with a financial budget, write it  down , the one you do with your head is not effective, you would need this ability throughout life.
68.   Do some voluntary work,WORK.
69.   Develop your character, be more tolerant, slow to anger, fast to think, let your words be seasoned with salt in case you have to eat them back.
70.   Develop good time management, if you are ever going to work in a corporate sector , u would need this.
71.   Teach yourself a programming language, If you studied engineering or computer science, examples are  C++, C, Qbasic, Visual Basic, java, perl, python, ruby, SQL , MATLAB, oracle, opal ,maya  there are over 160 programming language.
72.    Learn how to use more application softwares, some softwares can be found on the internet  for free. Be skilled.
73.    Start saving, the only money you have Is the one you have saved. 
74.   Take a free online course on the internet. Stop wasting all your precious time on Facebook  search online for free online course, from online educational portals like udacity.com. coursera.com and take them . there are so many good stuff on the net. But make sure its relevant and correct. You may need to pay if you want to take exams.
75.    Take professional exams,.
76.   Practice job test questions, gmat, Kaplan. Shl and a couple of others.
77.   Learn how to take care of toddlers, if you are ever going to have one.
78.   Stop all forms of bad habits , thumb sucking, nail biting, hair scratching, butt scratching, loud yawning, public farting, yelling, roadside urinating, wearing underwears (boxers) more than once before washing, teeth grinding, nose picking, talking while eating to mention a few.
79.   Develop your hidden talent, this may end up being your source of livelihood.
80.   Develop your knowledge on the "Holy spirit" .
81.   Draw your career plan  .
82.   Learn new cooking recipes and tips, I’m talking to you brothers .
83.   Change your hairstyles, develop a totally new look for yourself.
84.   Make friends with a senior citizen, never underestimate the power of tales by moonlight.
85.   Grow a garden, you can plant your own vegetables. 
86.   Write a thank you note to your parents and everyone who has contributed to where you are today, you might also want to include your exs.
87.   Get a pet but don’t use it to disturb your neighbours.
88.   Learn sign language.
89.   Start to keep a diary, of all your activites, places you went, things that happened and money spent and saved, whatever you do don’t keep records of wrongs, it’s a sin.
90.   Overcome your fears and phobias, fear of heights, snakes, insects, dogs , Nature (God) has not given us the spirit of fear, so where did it come from?
91.   Give to charity, raise money for an orphanage, a struggling family , a community
92.   Learn how to swim, this is not only for recreational purposes but also for employment and survival purposes.
93.   Have your portrait painted, it’s more fascinating than a common picture.
94.   Write down your personal mission statement, follow it and revise it from time to time.
95.   Take a martial arts class, be careful though, some use diabolic processes and this is strictly for self defense in cases of robbery and other disturbances alone.
96.    Be part of a contest in   sports, academics, literature, quiz etc and win..
97.    Take long hours  every week to think about your past, present, future. 
98.   Take a first aid course, it would come in handy.
99.   Learn how to play golf, it will take you places.
100.       Join a social etiquette class and further refine your mannerisms you can do this online. Prepare for where you are going, get the etiquettes of where you are going.
101.       Learn art and craft, mat weaving, basket weaving, clay moulding, ceramic work and wood carving  e.t.c
102.       Wear clothes that scream for attention at least once a week.
103.       Save a life , donate blood.
104.       Make the front page of a newspaper or  magazine, this is very tricky but make sure you are there for a positive cause.
105.       DIY, do it yourself, do things you normally ask or pay people to do for you.
106.       Visit a zoo and learn more about animals or just watch NAT GEO WILD.
107.       Do something that would win you an award, a state award, religious award, school award or award in your compound,  note though it’s not an award if you don’t have a certificate or a trophy to show for it.
108.  Walk to work every day for six months.
109.       Learn a new English word each day and use it judiciously the next day, that’s 365 words .
110.       Be on Tv, this is also very tricky, whatever you do be on Tv for a good course not a riot, theft or for silly television side comments.
111.Get out of your house within 5 minutes of waking up and stay out for about 6 hours.
112.       Learn to write lefthanded if you are right- handed , this has been known to increase the brain capacity, if you can get through the headaches.
113.       Learn to write your name in Chinese, you would be amazed at the beauty 
114.       Write your memoir.
115.       Pay off all your debts and determine to owe no one anymore.
116.       Visit the dentist.
117.       Visit landmarks , waterfalls etc.
118.       Build a robot from scratch.
119.       Register a business name and write a contract proposal with it then  submit to the appropriate quarters and wait for reply.
120.       Build a personal website or at least a blog and keep it updated.
121.       Sell stuff on ebay. It’s easier to buy but sell first.
122.       Start to collect artefacts and rare coins. They may be worth a fortune in future.
123.       Substitute a meal once a day for fruits only.
124.       Learn interior decoration
125.       Organize an event for yourself or for someone, take charge of all the preparation from the food to the invitation to the venue, everything and make sure it turns out well.
126.       Check your closet and give out anything you have not worn for the past six months.
127.       Do water therapy. The results will speak for itself.
128.       Change your name, there is so much more significance in a name than we know or think of. Be careful though, ensure proper documentation.

129.       Find a homeless man around and do something positive for him everyday, you may or may not approach him.
130.       start hearing from God, for direction for everything, this would make your life without stress and errors.’
131.       Develop leadership skills.
132.       Open a dormicilary account
133.       Get  rid of your credit card or get a  new one.
134.        Do all your shopping online and have it delivered to you.Buy everything with a click of a button.
135.       Give a sacrificial Gift, give something that would cost you a lot.
136.       Learn forex trading.
137.  Record yourself with a video camera for the whole day and watch it over the next few days.
138. Lay down for 10 seconds in the ground without saying a word, then get up as if nothing happened 
139. learn how to make shea butter from the shea tree , this has a high financial value in cosmetic industries in the western world if exported.
140.learn how to extract pure honey and you may want to start supplying it, pure honey is actually quite scarce  to find.
141. learn how to extract palm oil, coconut oil, garlic oil or mustard seed oil.
142. learn how to prepare all soyabean products, cake, milk, bread and fries.
143. Eat one of your daily meals while standing or sitting on the floor naked.
144.Do intermediate marketing, more like being the middle man in a business transaction,  this is what some big international companies do and they are in the fortune 400
145. visit a court hearing and see how court proceedings take place, no knowledge is lost.
146. bear witness in court, make sure you are telling the truth though
147.SHAVE, those funny looking  beards, armpits and even pubic hair, it’s time for adult hood and good grooming.
148.start using a roll-on, a deodorant or an anti-per spirant, if you weren’t before, this is much more important than perfumes because this prevents body odour.
149.Distribute self improvement or spiritual materials to people who need it.

150. visit a Spa and get a good massage and skin care, live like the rich, prepare for where you are going.
151. learn how to lay wall and floor tiles, you would be able to do this by voluntary work
152. Say hello to at least three random people everyday
153.Live alone for a month 
154. learn to play polo.

155. Develop a language code and teach people to use it only with you.
156. get new sets of underwears (boxers, pants, briefs or jockstraps  whatever  it is  that you wear), we are specifically talking to the guys.
157.Try barefoot running.
158. get an international passport, you may be leaving the country soon and you don’t even know now.
159. go on a horse back ride.

160. learn the art of negotiation, you would need it after now in almost all spheres.
161. acquire the skill of mind control, control your thoughts and imaginations. This skill is priceless. Even more priceless is the control of others’, but be careful with the latter.
162. search for international conferences that you can attend , some actually
Have free spaces for young international graduates.
163. join facebook, twitter or my space, join the internet family and connect to the world if you haven’t already done so.

164. develop a Good dress sense, start dressing well, start paying a little more attention to what you are wearing , combining colours and appearance in general ,dress for where you are going not where you are.
Turn your swag on

165. lead a team to achieve a goal even if it is to plan a send-forth party, this experience is usually requested for in the recruitment questions of blue-chip companies.
166.visit an eye doctor (ophthalmologist), you have only one pair for a lifetime. 167.  take a road trip, that is travelling continuously for at least 3 days with frequent stops.
168. Start sleeping Naked.
169. Train for the next Olympics in any game of your choice.
170. learn how to play a new game, preferably chess.  Chess is just like real life you think before you act.
171. Go for personal body check up.
172.Sleep for exactly 8 hours per day.
173. start listening to jazz music, it has something  to do with improving  memory and IQ.
174. solve the Rubik’s  cube and improve on solving time, we believe you know what a Rubik’s cube is, if not find out.
175. learn candle making.
176. learn knitting and embroidery.
177. Watch the movie the passion of the Christ.
178. Become an early riser, world greats are early risers, love not sleep, sleep and poverty are second cousins.
179. Make a huge difference in at least one person’s life.
180. Become financially literate, understand corporate finance.
181. start working towards being financially free.
182. write a letter to yourself in the future and tell yourself where you are now and how you expect to be where you would be, save it and open it then, usually a space of 5 years.
183. Become a vegetarian/vegan.

184. Go out of your way to help  a stranger, by so doing some men have helped angels but don’t go about trying to spot angels cause you may be disappointed.
186. pray everyday  for your country. Stop speaking negative words about  the country.
187.  Eat Fish only
188. Fruit fast  for 2 days , that is taking only fruits , vegetables and water  throughout, this helps you to detox.
189. Swim in the ocean at night.
190. stop gossiping, backbiting, slandering and all other forms of negative uses of the tongue.
191. write articles for newspaper, magazines  etc and send it to them, don’t stop until it gets published and when it has been published continue.
192. write a textbook, an educational material or research proposal or report for any level of education.

193. Learn animation.
194. sell your ideas on the net in an ideas’ bank, some people may have the technical know how of making that little idea into something big but don’t sell your birthright with it, be very open minded about the copyright issues.
195. learn how to type on the computer, it is so embarrassing when people  look for letters on the computer before hitting them, typists are going out of the market, every body  now has to type stuff now, increase your efficiency by learning to type.
196. increase your intelligence quotient there are lot of ways to do that, don’t let your brain cells  die you are too young to be uninformed.

197. Get wisdom, though it cost all you have get understanding.
198. Deworm, get a good deworming drug and get rid of those parasites that you are unconsciously carrying about.
199. upload something important on the net not just your pictures, don't  be someone that only takes from the internet, add to it too .
200. Learn VSAT installation .
201. Go on a Game show and win something worthwhile, this is usually a once in a lifetime experience, whatever you do make sure you don’t embarrass yourself on national television.

202. learn how to massage , this is a special skill that can earn you a lot of dough.
203. watch  stage plays(broadway) it is a lifetime experience and it is better is than film.
204. Disconnect yourself from friends that are taking you nowhere.
205. Stop eating into the the night, undigested food can be harmful to the body, in terms of causing mouth ulcers, weak abdominal muscles and too much gas in the digestive tract.
206.Check your email or facebook page only twice per day. Early in the morning and late at night.
207.Fall in love.
208.  Adopt a child.
209. start an online business, it is getting easier with a lot of aids online but don’t do anything fraudulent.
210. learn text messaging abbreviations, it was once said that no matter how much words you have to say you can fit it all in one text message that is 160 words if you know the language of text messaging abbreviations.
211. learn tye and dye.
212. drink fresh milk straight from the cow’s breast. it is very different from evaporated milk.
213. revamp old clothes  and wear them again, a scissors , a sewing machine or sewing thread and some creativity can do alot of wonders.
214. take horse back riding lessons.
215. learn the art of maturity, in response and situations, maturity would always speak volumes.

216. Learn to rollerblades 
217. Participate in an election at any level i.e contest/ campaign  for a position.
218. Develop an accent.
219. Invent a game that people can play and enjoy.
220. Learn salsa dance.

221. Make love in a forest or zoo.
222. Learn to skate board, it is actually an international sport event.
223. Learn to play tennis
224. Learn to play squash
225. Learn judo and jujitsu, only as a sport and for self defense.
226. Learn to say  hello in 50 languages.
227. Master the art of interpreting body language , this is a very vital tool .
228. Learn Esperanto (constructed language meant to serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding).
229. Learn how to yodel in singing .
230. Learn how to sing in an opera.
231. witness the birth of an animal and see how wonderful nature is .
232.  visit a museum.
233. learn the game of solitaire
234.start bee farming, and produce honey.
235. learn glass blowing
236. take  up gourmet cooking.
237. learn to juggle.
238. Learn to draw shapes, people, landscapes  et al , this is believed to help develop the right side of the brain.
239. Take up calligraphy.
240. Take up quilting, Quilting is a sewing method done to join two or more layers of material together to make a thicker padded material.’

241. start knitting.
242. learn needle point embroidery design.
243.  Start the art of  scrapbooking.
244.Collect international stamps
245. Become a Wine Connoisseur, you can start in your own small way , everything  is possible.
246. Become a Cheese Connoisseur, this are things that can make  you go international.
247. Read a novel that has won a pulitzer prize in fiction. An example is the book called color purple.
248. Discover yourself, your talents, what you really want and  let people stop telling you what is good for you.
249. Learn to act within your sphere of influence and stop worrying about things which are not within your control.
250. learn how to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of criticism.
251. Learn to establish rapport with others and  Acquire persuasion skills.
252. Develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence but know the difference between arrogance , pride and self confidence.
253. Go online and open a swiss bank account.
254. Become an art and antique collector.
255.Find your soul mate
256. Own a wassily chair.

257. visit www.kiva.com or kiva. Org.
258. Join a disaster relief effort.
259. Create a youtube video, don’t do anything stupid, remember we would eventually see it.
260. write and draw a comic book .
261. Go for an audition. Please don’t embarrass yourself.
262. Name a street after yourself, this has to be done by the town planning authority
263. Become one of CNN ‘s heroes ,i.e  people changing the world in their own way.
264. Develop your intuition
265. Learn to do a back flip, a split and a tumble.
266. learn how sushi is made.
267. shave your head, let your scalp see the sunlight.
268. crash a party,i.e go uninvited, there is a funny feeling to it.

269. Challenge yourself to perform some activity every single day for 365 days straight

270.Start observing at least a 20 minutes quiet time per day.
271. Write down 5 things that you're grateful for every day, for a year
272. Go on a honeymoon.
273. Do some sort of exercise for 20 minutes, every day, for a year
274. Put some money away every single day for a year. At the end of the year, invest the money .
275. Go without watching television for 365 days straight.
276. Read for 20 minutes every day for a year
277. Give someone a surprise birthday present.
278. Start a side job.
279. Learn about the dark world 
280. Start wearing spandex if you are fat
281. Attend an auction function, and get actively involved.
282. Get a belonging of yours insured or better still go for life assurance. 
283. Learn a  song in Hebrew, greek , Spanish or Swahili, any foreign language would do .
284. learn all the ways of preparing rice.

285. Work in an autoshop.
286. Find out about Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure and participate in it on the internet.
287. Read about NASA.
288.  Read your countries constitution and know your rights and entitlements as a citizen.
289. Read the road safety traffic laws and regulations, and prevent yourself from being embarrassed by the road safety officials.
290. Visit stumbleupon.com
291. Watch this video of a growing boy and marvel at how we grow, it is a video made over a period of  21 years , which takes the picture of a boy everyday for that period .
292. Explore Google earth, it is about the most detailed map of the world yet, you can zoom to actually find street names in some countries, depending on your browser.
293. Start a rumor  you would be surprised how fast stupid and erroneous information travels, Award yourself a gold star if your rumour ends up in any print or broadcast media.
294. learn how to fold clothes most especially long sleeve shirts in just about 5 seconds perfectly well.
295. visit videojug.com
296.  Travel through space in a free space simulator.
297. Learn how to make suya ( grilled meat),
298.  Create an app .
299. Discover a herb that can cure a particular disease and find ways of commercializing and packaging it.
300. learn how to make pop corn.
301. write a letter to the president, the state Governor or better yet, the president of a foreign country.
302. Try a meal you have never eaten before, and  enjoy it.
303. Learn how to do stand up comedy.
304. Find your life’s passion.
305.  Go on mountain biking, this is using a bike to climb a mountain (can be very risky though).
306. Go kayaking.
307. Learn how to ride a speed boat.
308. Learn to play table tennis, if you don’t know how to play already.
309. Learn to play badminton.
310. Learn how to play lacrosse
311. play fantasy football, but don’t get addicted.
312.  use silence therapy to calm your mind. ( take a vow of silence ) but remember, the shouting side is  the winning side (but is this always true?).
313. Learn to high dive into a pool.
314. Start a scholarship fund for you almamater
315. Watch TED talks.
316. Attend a sporting event.
317. have a day to fast and pray throughout the year.
318. Learn how poker is played and scored.
319. Read all Agatha Christie’s mystery novels.
320. Figure out your priorities in life and what truly makes you happy and find ways of achieving them.
321. Create a self study program for life long learning.
322. Improve your listening skills, putting your self in others’ shoes and giving listening feedbacks as check.
323. Revamp your wardrobe.
324. Be able to read and understand corporate balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents
325. Create a trust fund for your children, present or future.
326. Purchase bonds.
327. Form clear picture images of things you want to do or possess.
328.Plant a herb garden.
329. Master the art of interior design.
330. Train to become a chef.
331. Work as a freelance writer for newspapers, magazines and internet blogs.
332. Become influential on a social media, i.e have a lot of followers.
333. write a cook book, introduce  delicacies to the world.
334. start work that would lead you to winning a Nobel Prize.
335. Learn how to bend a spoon with the power of your mind.
336.Create your own fragrance.
337. keep a green house.
338. learn how to make a brewed drink.
339. grow flowers
340. get a face lift . .
341.  Read extensively. Study things that you are not supposed to study.( things outside your area of study).
342. invest in the stock market.
343. start work on creating passive income for the future.
344. work on making a big breakthrough  in science and technology or even the arts.
345. Learn how to bend a spoon with the power of your mind.
346. Pray for the nations of the world , starting from your own nation.
347. Make an ebook and sell it to an online store
348. know your blood status, blood group, genotype and HIV status.
Blood status, Blood Group.,Genotype,HIV

349. Detoxify
350. Quit a job, you hate.
351. start using only Natural products or Natural supplements for all products you use, eg, use , aloe vera or banana peels cream instead of Vaseline creams etc.
352. learn the azonto dance .

353. learn how to improve your memory of events, facts, figures, dates, faces and names etc
354. practice a completely refined sugar free diet , so  soda drinks, ice cream and everything edible thing that comes in a wrapper would have to go, instead eat fruits, and cooked foods.
355. learn discipline and will power, control yourself more , so as to prevent external control.
356. spear head a cause that would help humanity. E.g such as saying no to child labour, human trafficking, exam malpractices, corruption, there is a lot of causes that needs attention in your environment If you would only lift your eyes from yourself and dare to look around.
357. join a political party . our leadership system is what we have allowed it to become. If you feel there is something wrong , then shut up and do something about it.
358. study the life of an important person , everything you can lay your hands on about that person, people like bill gates, oprah winfrey, steve jobs. Nelson mandela, mahatma gandi, Daniel olukoya, Joel Osteen etc.
359. Build a habitat for humanity home.
360.start yoga, you can find training  videos on youtube.
361. go camping
362. read the book a course in miracles.
363. make a home version of a very popular product.
364.Sit on a jury.
365. Share this list.