Saturday, 9 March 2013

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good mother
Good mother.

1. Stay true to yourself :You don’t have to give up your own passions and interests once you become a mom. You have to understand that your duty is not only to raise them by caring for them, feeding them, getting their clothes clean and all. You also have the responsibility of motivating them to be whatever they can be, and there is no better way of motivation than by being a success  story yourself.They would need to hear these stories when they grow older

2. Don’t be a martyr. :The kids didn't ask for it, they don’t need it, and they certainly don’t need to pay the price that comes with being mothered by a martyr. You don't have to be perfect, the love you have for them would show in many diverse ways. It is not a competition.                               
3. Don’t try to be perfect :Trying to create perfection, or to maintain complete control, is simply impossible and should never be your goal. Let somethings go, give them a little bit of breathing space
4. Ditch the guilt :No one is perfect, and you are not expected to be a perfect mom or to never make mistakes. when you make mistakes, learn from them and ditch the guilt. Don't leave your whole life blaming yourself for things that you didn't do well. when you know better , you do better.
5. Be Patient. Raising kids is hard work. Kids are noisy, messy and incredibly demanding. Yes, you will lose your patience once in a while. When they are born, they are totally helpless, when they grow older they become restless and then when they grow even older, they sometimes become helplessly restless. Take a  deep breath and move on.


6. Listen to your children : mums often act as problem-solvers, dishing immediate advice, when all that is  needed is to listen. Listen to what they have to say, don't be judging all the time or dishing advice, let them talk, let them be comfortable talking to you.
7. Be their mom and their friend. .
8. Teach them simplicity. You will do them a big  HUGE favor, if you teach them at a young age to avoid associating happiness with the accumulation of material possessions. You would be able to do that if you are not greedy yourself.
9. Don’t push them too hard
10. Teach them self-esteem
11. Teach them to be self-reliant.  It’s very tempting to help your children in a way that robs them of the opportunity to help themselves.
12. Pray for them always.  Never underestimate the power of prayers, it goes a long way. prayer changes things.

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