Monday, 29 April 2013

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why cheaters cheat
There are cheaters and there are womanizers. In the morality court, womanizers seem to always get the bail. Womanizers make up their mind on what to do , cheaters simply cheat. Cheaters never win.Cheaters seem to live their whole life keeping up appearances, watching over their shoulders and constantly living a lie. But why do cheaters cheat?. Simple they are called cheaters, so they cheat. Womanizers know what they want, their freedom, sense of choice and variety e.t.c, cheaters know everything but not what they really want.

1. Neglect or feeling of Neglect:    

Most cheaters cheat because they feel neglected in their relationships. The feeling of neglect means literally that the cheater feels their emotional, material , sexual  needs have not been met by their partners and in some cases, it may not be true.

2. Boredom and Lack of Variety: 

Womanizers become cheaters most of the time when they are in a monogamous relationship because they get  used to variety of the past, being with several mates without any strings attached. This goes both ways for men and women and the fact that no strings are attached to the sexual activities makes it even less guilt ridden and easier.
why cheaters cheat,boredom
I wonder what Rodrigo is doing right now, if he was here
he would sing to me and say dirty things.

3. Loss of passion and attractiveness: 

Cheaters cheat on their partners often times because they feel less attracted to their partners like they once did. The indifference to physical appearance after  some time in a relationship can do a lot of harm to the relationship. Instances when the partners get so used to themselves and the routine their whole relationship has now become that they  lose the drive to constantly look and feel attractive and romantic to their partners might lead one partner to cheat. Cheaters cheat at times because the spark they once enjoyed in their relationship has fizzled away with time. The “spark” is usually as a result of endorphin released by the brain when one falls in love as time goes and the relationship continues, the biochemical  environment in the brain slowly changes.

4. Loss of respect and appreciation: 

Cheaters cheat often times when they feel they are no longer appreciated in their relationship. No one is drooling on them anymore. This particularly affects the men . They sometimes cheat to find some kind of validation in their bruised ego and masculinity. Their present relationship has figuratively picked them up and sat them down and called them a “sissy” but they are too much of a  coward to bail  but instead chose to find some kind of validation by cheating.

5. Fun in the chase: 

Cheaters cheat at times just because of the fun they get from the whole game of cheating, cheaters sometimes get addicted to the adrenaline rush that accompanies the act of cheating. The fear of getting caught, the task of keeping the cheating a secret and living the double life without any hiccups.  The act of cheating has been proved to make men‘s brain work twice as effective as it would have done if they were faithful in a monogamous relationship. Some people become addicted to this and just always want to cheat in a relationship ,just as bad as a junkie needs cocaine.
why cheaters cheat
This is always fun

why cheaters cheat
until this happens

6. Parasitic relationships: 

Cheaters cheat oftentimes because they are in parasitic relationships or are parasitic kind of people, who go into relationships only for their own selfish personal benefits. In such situations, cheaters could care less about the well being or needs of their partner and would cling on to as many people that can give them what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. A more English Appropriate name for this parasites is narcissist. Narcissist are sometimes born not only made.
+2% every time he get his heart broken.

7. No deal breaker:

 Cheaters cheat often times because some relationships are entered into without proper communication of  the deal breakers. They often get tempted to sway  when they find someone eccentric but with no knowledge of deal breakers in the relationship which has been properly communicated, cheaters sometimes cheat because they think they can eat their cake and have it.
Cheaters usually receive the short end of the stick, because when they get caught , they tend to lose all, fill themselves with regret and remorse and watch their whole lives tear apart. Cheaters however in some cases need to undergo therapy and counseling and maybe someday there would be a rehab for cheaters because at least they have a show on international television. If you have been cheated on here is how to handle infidelity. If you plan on cheating, here is a word for you from Jesus Christ, "What you are about to do, do quickly."