Thursday, 4 April 2013

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Pimples, every youth's nightmare. Dave  noticed his first pimple at the age of eleven, , he had being told pimples were going to show up in the near future and that it was a sign that he was attaining puberty. He was happy they were here, maybe this was the sure proof to finally let the other boys  in school believe that he was much older than they were. 10 years later, he now sees the pimples for what they really are, a plague. Applying one beauty product after another in the hope of finally getting that pre-adolescence face back ,an ultimate indication of beauty became more and more impossible with each passing day.

Rita said, “when I was fourteen, I was told I shouldn't worry, the pimples would all be gone in the next 2 years, I am 25 now, and my face is still being plagued constantly. I have bought so many off-the-counter products and they all seemed to work for the first week only to multiply the pimples when i stop the product.

Pimples is something most youth have to deal with from adolescence, way into their thirties.

How do you overcome  pimples?

Pimples is a form of acne, that occurs as an inflammation on the skin of the face, chest , neck and back. It is most often seen as a beauty flaw and it goes a long way in lowering one’s self esteem. It occurs when, inside a hair follicle, the sebaceous glands (microscopic glands most commonly found on the face and scalp and responsible for producing "Sebum", an oily substance that lubricates the skin) become enlarged and clogged with excess sebum and dead skins cells. This provides ample room for a very common bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) to thrive in. The common response of the body  to the bacterial infection is inflammation, which gives the pimple its swollen look. Looking critically at the cause, it could be deciphered that pimples are caused by 
1.Excessive oil secretion in the skin that gets the pore clogged
2. Bacteria that finds it’s way to the skin.

To get rid of pimples , over-the-counter drugs containing benzoyl peroxide , salicyclic acid or mandelic acid would give a quick fix within 72 hours but these drugs are not capable of preventing pimples. Also some of them  eventually  leave black heads, (  dark spots) on the affected area. The ingestion of Antibiotics such as tetracyclines and erythromycin  continuously for   6 weeks is also a very common practice to get rid of pimples, this however comes with side effects such as stomach cramps, discoloration of the teeth and scaring. This should also not be used without the prescription of a dermatologist or a medical doctor.
Home remedies to cure pimple makes use of Aspirin and honey . Aspirin would reduce the redness and swelling that comes from skin irritation and honey which is a natural occurring antibiotic would help in disinfecting the pores which caused the pimples in the first place. Pounded orange peels with water and cucumber applied over the face for 15 minutes is also a very good home remedy.

Preventing pimples requires two things. Preventing the excessive secretion of oil, sebum and preventing bacteria from inhabiting on the skin. That’s all.

How does excessive secretion of Oil occur?

1. Eating of Junk Food, oily Groundnuts and adulterated cooking oil: Eating of Junk food would drive the body hormones crazy, disrupting the body’s blood sugar , insulin and cholesterol levels  and cause excessive oil secretion. This is aside from the fact that some of these junk foods are made with  oils that have become adulterated  as a result of  repeated use  of the same cooking oil for a large batch of pastry. Replacing Junk food with fruits and using high quality unadulterated cooking oil in very low quantities for your cooking would go a long way in reducing the excessive secretion of Oil.

Beauty , junk food
Start calling these foods what they really are, Pimples and Fat!
2. Inadequate Vitamins intake:  This would also make the  skin produce excessive oil  clogging the pores. Increase your vitamin intake by taking vitamin tablets and indulging in watermelons and  carrots. They contain beta carotene which would help repair the mucus and the membrane which the skin is made of in turn reducing the production of sebum.  Onions and tomatoes which contain chromium  an acne preventing element  and oysters and dark chocolate which also contains Zinc would keep the skin in good condition. 
3. Exposure to Stress:  Working for long hours  on poor diet would also among many other things cause the over secretion of the oil glands on the face.
4. Toxins present in the body: The skin is an organ of the body also responsible for waste ejection. A build up of toxins in the body would  increase secretion that would eventually lead to pore clogging.An increase in water intake to full hydration helps all of the glands in the body operate at peak efficiency. In flushing out toxins, water cleans the cells, the bloodstream, and the skin, reducing the opportunity for bacteria to survive. Rather than assaulting the skin of the face with harsh beauty  treatments including cleaners which only remove the outer layer of the skin while doing nothing below the skin surface where the whole pimple formation takes place, treat pimples with an adequate intake of water. This will assist the body in regulating the acne-causing mechanisms in the first place, and alleviate the inflammation from spots and sores.   
Facial Steam bathing, an ancient beauty secret done
Facial -Steam Bathing, the towel tip should be touching the bowl, except you
are taking a picture.
 for about 10 minutes a week is a very good way of getting rid of excessive oil in the hair follicles. Steam bathing should be immediately followed by cold ice water flushing. This should be done cautiously as excessive steaming might burn the skin.

In preventing bacteria , the following steps have to be taken
1. Avoid  putting your unwashed hands on the skin of your face. 
2. Wash your hair regularly and don’t use oily or sticky beauty and  hair products
3. Take your bath twice/three times a day. The timing of these baths are also very important, one should be immediately after you wake up  and the other after any strenuous activity or when you return home from the day’s activities and then when you prepare to go to sleep.
4. Wash your towels and face towels regularly, a 3 day interval  is advisable. Most of those  towels carry a lot of bacteria and once used on an oily skin would cause pimple outbreak. Avoid wiping your face with a towel, instead pat the skin dry,  wiping might actually be spreading bacteria all over the skin.
5. Use  an acne soap to wash the skin of the face, in order to rid it of dead skin cells and excess oil. Acne soaps are non- oil based beauty soaps used for cleaning the facial skin.
6. Wash your pillow cases regularly, same as your bed sheets. Anything that would be in contact with your facial skin should be washed including beauty accessories.
7. Avoid popping the pimples or white heads. Leaving them would help them ripen and heal without breakage which might leave black spots and also cause a spread in the affected areas on the face.
8. Use oil free beauty products on your face, a good moisturizer would be needed to help get rid of dead skin cells .
9. Use Sunscreen to  protect the skin from  pimple-causing environmental pollutants among other things.
10. Use a honey mask on the face and chest at least twice a week
11. Never go to sleep with any makeup on, wash your face and apply a light moisturizer at night.
12. You can use lemon slices  which acts like a natural antiseptic to clean the skin with drop of sugar added on it every night just before going to bed.
13. The use of Sea Salt mixed with warm water applied on the skin would also serve as a natural antiseptic to kill bacteria lurking on the skin.
14. The use of the B complex Group (B3, B5,B6,B12) is essential for fighting acne, as they help with healthy skin cell growth and skin moisturizer. 
15. You should also beware of using several products on your face at the same time.It never works and it leaves your skin seriously weakened and internally damaged.
16. Eating almonds, avocados, red beets, potatoes and cod liver oil would help the digestive system against constipation because the way the skin looks is directly related to how the digestive system works. These foods would help the gut bacteria and help clear the bowels.


17. Sleeping on a fresh clean towel every night would get rid of pimples and acne within a week or so.
18. Make a face mask with egg whites and lemon juice, leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse, do this daily.
19. Using the Advil Liquid gel on the pimples would clear your pimples within days. Puncture with pin and apply on washed face.

Whatever you do, do not buy into the deception of acne app or acne pwner,  you would not lose pimples by holding an Iphone to your face. This would most likely never happen.