Monday, 8 April 2013

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The Beauty of Bigger Butts

bigger butts, beauty

Bigger butts are presently a trending beauty craze that has come to stay. Of all the   beauty trends that come and go , bigger butts is one beauty trend that is not only good and deserves to stay but is actually beneficial.
 Bigger butts for men and women has a lot of unsung benefits. 

1 Fashion Appeal: 

Apart from the fact that bigger butts for men might require using more fabrics and taking pants (trousers) length measurements from the back as against the side, it makes pants sit better on the body and look better on both men and women. Talk about the extra cushion to  accentuate the primate S shape of the body . Clothes simply fit better and that is one of the major indications of beauty

2 Confidence: 

Bigger butts increase confidence, help stability and improve the posture  of the carrier. 

3 Strength: 

Bigger butts in most cases means bigger glutes and the glutes is a very important muscle for intercourse especially for men. It can go a long way in getting a pat on the back  or a slap in the face.

4 Cushion effects: 

There is no denying the cushion effect of the  butt. Recently a woman fell down on the new York side work and her butt disintegrated the side work. She was retrieved unhurt because of the cushion effect that her butt has given her. There has been reported cases of getting shot in the butt and the butt in all it’s super hero glory would protect vital organs in the process, as the flesh works like air bags protecting against vital organs. These cushion effects have also be said to make natural  childbirth less painful. This might be the reason why natural births are still the order of the day in African countries where bigger butts abound in all fulsomeness. That and the fact that there are poor health care infrastructures. The real deal about the childbirth is with a big butt comes big hips and women with bigger hips carry pregnancies better and deliver easier.

5 Sex Appeal:

 Bigger butts can improve both a man and woman’s sex appeal, it’s one part of the body that is equally as sensitive as the breasts. The shape and beauty of a butt can go a long way in turning on or turning off. Ass clapping also becomes possible and easier with bigger butts. If you don't know what ass clapping is , you probably don't need to know."I love a woman with a nice peach shaped rear, I don't know what it is about it, But it really gets me going!" says Bryan, 32.

6 Well being: 

Bigger butts reduces the risk of diabetes, so says a study. A little extra padding on the butt can help shield from diabetes, aside making you a better dancer and what not. The subcutaneous fat in the back side  contains anti-inflammatory enzyme that could release artery blockage. It is also effective in encouraging your body to use your natural insulin to fight off diseases and ironically, lose weight.

7 Longevity: 

Bigger butts can prolong your life. And we are not making this up . Experts have explained that the body stores fats mostly in the mid section  of the body either in front around the belly region or at the back t first before moving to the arms, the face, the chest and the entire body.It’s about being pear shaped or apple shaped or the newly added guitar shape for people that look like a guitar turned up side down. Many studies have shown that people who accumulate fat around the abdomen and stomach are more likely to die of heart disease and other causes than bottom-heavy people.  People with fat in their thighs and backsides may live longer because the fat traps harmful fatty particles and actively secretes helpful compounds,  it produces fewer inflammatory cytokines according to a report . The full report in international journal of obesity goes further to explain  figuratively that bigger butts are the understated wonder of the world.
bigger butts, beauty
Now you know this lady is going to outlive you, well if she
can survive the back pain.
Now, apart from beauty benefits such as  fitting in your clothes, prancing with confidence and added glutes  strength which would in turn throw your confidence to the roof, long life is also in the mix .  Bigger butts are the new iphone. Although your overall shape is partly determined by genetics and skeletal frame.