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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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Get your Ex back? Why would anyone want to do that, there is a reason why they became an ex in the first instance and only dogs happen to go back to their vomit. Plus, there are  over 3 billion people to choose from. Over 3 billion? Well but you would have to exclude all those that are married, of a different language, that you would never meet in your lifetime even on dating sites, that are old and about to die, that are young and still live with their parents, that are in serious relationships, that are celibates, that are gay(if you are straight) , that are not worth your salt, that don’t have the same interest or clearly laid down goals, that don’t fit into your life. That leaves you with about 20 people down from 3 billion. Chances are one of them is  your ex but that is still not enough reason to get your ex back considering the fact that there  are 19 others except all of them have become exes, or you have come to the realization that you are a pain in the groin, and you are the cause of the broken relationship and that you would never find another since you have flipped through all your 19 possible spouses or you are beginning to have sleepless nights and losing balance like a crack addict. Then maybe you need to get your ex back. But how?

First ,you have to put into consideration what caused the rift in the first place, that is what would guarantee any step you take to get your ex back. Is there another person in the picture?, Does your ex really love you or loved you at one time or the other or where you simply building your castles in the air? Are there underlying conditions that  caused the separation that might hinder a reunion.
The most effective step to take in order to get your ex back is to act like you don’t really care. Go ahead and deceive yourself that, you are  completely fine without your ex, if you appear needy and your frantic steps are made known to your ex, you might end up in a relationship where you would be constantly taken for granted and you would have no hold whatsoever on your ex or relationship,even worse, is you might be taken for a ride and this might add insult to injury. So the desperate calls in the middle of the night crying and yelling to get them back or the millions of text messages would only make you look stupid and make your ex pat himself or herself on the back for dodging a bullet.

To get your ex back you need to

1. Relax: 

This is probably the most difficult thing to do when you are still in love with your ex and you believe if you don’t act fast , you might forever lose your ex. But in most cases , it is better to first relax and weigh the relationship.  what caused it to crash?, how would you prevent it from further crash if you ever get back together?, What are your mistakes and how would you apologize and correct them? What are the traits and short comings of your ex that you have to stop fighting over?, Why do you want the relationship back, is it for some selfish or stupid reason like, “ I can’t live without him”, “ I just don’t want to be alone”, “ I’m a sucker for love and all things love”etc.
In some cases , you would need to ask your friends and colleagues who know you to  advise you on what you had been doing wrong, or what unconscious killer impression you had been giving your spouse that  made them hit the road. If the break up was due to some wrong action of yours, you have to come to terms with it and understand why you acted in such manner in order to get your ex back.


 Do you need to seek counseling, go for therapy, develop self esteem or read some Nicholas sparks books?. In this moment of relaxation, you would invariably come to understand that you would get your ex back if only they wanted to come back and if they don’t , you would be fine without them. You need to relax and figure out some of these things when you intend to get your ex back.
get your ex back,
It's all coming back to me now.

2. Strategize: 

To get your ex back , you have to have a plan, it is not enough to just read lifestyle articles and “ get your ex back” manuals because they are actually a lot of them. You have to devise a plan.

" Tell your daughter to complain about you not taking her to a Taylor swift concert and letting the new "jump off"" hear it and volunteer, then call your husband and tell him that your sockets  and bulbs are out and bring out a photo album with his best wine and cuisine and talk about the fun memories, but be careful not to start a fire”.( Desperate Housewives, Season 8,Ep 18)..

It is basically about coming to terms with what made your relationship spark in the first instance and devoting a lot of time and energy without appearing needy or desperate to reignite those traits, moments, attributes, characters, appearances and what not. While also creating an avenue where you ex can be aware of such improvements, like former meeting places, restaurants, activities and all. The desperate update on Instagram and Facebook however foils this motive, including the dumbed down tweets  which in most cases is a masked cry for help.
get your ex back,
Here i am, strategizing on how to get my foul mouthed ex back for good.

3. Get busy: 

To get your ex back, you need to get busy, make yourself happy and find your inner energy and strength to reignite the attraction. Don’t however be enveloped with the urge to reinvent yourself, shave your hair, and use Nicki minaj wigs , or start wearing hammer pants or listening to metal ( if that was not your niche)  just to make a statement. This would further chase your ex away, and this would contradict the step number 2 which is to improve on your strengths.
Swimming in a pool of Liquor won't bring her back , you dumb ass.

4. Wait:

 To get your ex back, you have to wait a while to make your getting back together natural, anything done too fast , fails in the end. Wait and learn from your strategies,  don’t be hasty to respond to a booty call, a family appearance or an impromptu date. Take things easy, let the relationship find new ground and build up again. Don’t start the relationship where you left off, going back to the same old routines. There is a reason why it failed in the first instance. Learn from the elements.
This is just a desperate cry for a booty call.

5. Take Action: 

To get your ex back, after you have relaxed, strategized, gotten busy and waited, take action. Don’t be scared to make a phone call, send a text message , arrange a meeting, send a gift, be seen. The success of this last step would be determined by how well you have carried out the previous steps. If the desired result is not attained, go back to step one again but know when to let it go, if it is not happening. In such cases you would have to read how to get over your ex instead.Now go and bring that hardheaded piece of matter where he or she belongs- in your arms.
Get on your knees! You Asshole!