Wednesday, 15 May 2013

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Choosing the right underwear is very important in preventing  male genital odor and also as a fashion statement . Today, fashion has become an increasingly important factor in men's lives, and purchasing the right male underwear is a choice that might require some more thought and discretion.Male genital odor or female genital odor is mostly caused by moisture and dirt trapped in the genital region, an underwear that keeps moisture and air trapped without any form of ventilation would increase male genital odor. Men’s underwear can be classified into four. Briefs, Boxer briefs, Boxers and Thongs.

male genital odor, men's underwear


Briefs are a type of short, fitted  underwear as opposed to styles where the material extends down the legs. Briefs hold the male's genitals in a relatively fixed position, making  briefs a popular  choice for men who are participating in athletic activities, sitting for long hours or who feel they need more support than loose-fitting underwear can provide. In addition, boxers mostly roll  up the body when the wearer runs. Briefs often feature a fly - a covered opening on the front of the underwear allowing for convenience at urinals.
Even though a lot of men couldn't care less about the underwear fly.There are several different fly designs available,  such as the standard vertical fly, the horizontal fly, and the y-front fly. The use of a fly is optional, and many styles do not utilize a fly at all .  Most briefs are made of cotton, which even though they keep the genitals in place, they also help to absorb moisture that prevent male genital odor. Men who wear briefs are also believed to be dependable, trustworthy  with traditional values.Low rise briefs
are actually more preferable to high rise briefs because they enclose a smaller area of the body and absorb moisture from this limited area.Tight briefs have been blamed for negatively affecting the sperm count, since they may interfere with the cooling of the testes.There is a reduction in living sperm due to heat, but healthy sperm output is not affected. 

Boxer Briefs


Boxer briefs (or tight boxers) are a type of men's underwear which are long in the leg, like boxer shorts but tighter-fitting, like briefs; a hybrid between the two main types of male underwear . .A pouch or "over sized" pouch may be built in to add space and position the testicles forward and give the penis more room .Unlike briefs, boxer briefs do not usually have the tight elastic around the legs. They rely more on the overall elasticity of the fabric for support, making the leg openings more comfortable. The overall elasticity of the boxer briefs however reduce the absorbent nature of the underwear and since most of them are not made of cotton also reduces any form of ventilation that briefs affords the genitals. These can result in male genital odor.
male genital odor, men's underwear


 Boxers are the very loose knickers which are now the most common, it is very loose and has room but is not suitable for athletic activities as it doesn't hold the organ in shape The looseness helps air circulation but limits moisture absorption.
male genital odor, men's underwear



Thongs barely cover any thing and they seem to get the highest points for male genital odor prevention. It is like going commando but still putting on something.The ones that are made from cotton are the best. They also have a way of making your butt bigger. Most of them come in porous materials for air circulation or sensual cuts in the front and since the material is barely there, there is usually no moisture due to heat in that region. If you are risqué enough then slap on the thongs .Brazilian Thongs
take the gold in the world of Male thongs. Some also come as simply male genital pouch
just for the male genital covering.
The ultimate rule for choice of underwear is to find one that is not only comfortable but loose enough for the balls to breathe and tight and absorbent enough for moisture absorption to prevent male genital odor. . Another important precaution against male genital odor is not to repeat the use of an underwear no matter how short you used it .If this whole article sounds like crap then free balling is your thing. 
male genital odor, men's underwear
This is a sexy stylish way of freeballing.