Monday, 18 February 2013

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One of the most remarkable period in a woman's life is her pregnancy period.It is also the most confusing period for the husband of  pregnant women. Everything changes, her face, her body, her eating ability and worst of all her patience.Here are tips for the  pregnant woman and her husband  during that crucial  time in their life– the time of pregnancy.
Husband of Pregnant women

pregnant women and husband, women pregnancy
If only you knew who the real father is

 Back rub is a Necessity: The number one thing that  husbands of pregnant women may as well work toward getting used to doing all through your wife's pregnancy is to give her loads and loads of back rubs. Back pain in pregnant women is very common.Many women feel back pain throughout their pregnancy. In any case regardless of the fact that they don't, back rubs are a great course to help them focus  and take their brains off  the whole lot that they're going through ,more like "the whole lot that their husbands" are putting them through for instance  weight gain and the physical changes that they're experiencing.Taking time out of the day as a responsible husband of a pregnant woman  to rub his wife's back for no less than ten minutes might be a lifeline for the pregnant woman and her husband.!`

pregnant women and husband, women pregnancy, back rub
When i'm through with your back you wouldn't even feel your spine again
·  Attentiveness and empathy should be your watchword:  There are some pregnant women who have to deal with over-the-top increasing hormones, and for those ladies it is not odd to head off from being cheerful to hollering in one second even. For those husbands of pregnant women who have to experience this, attempt to take a profound breath and console  her emphatically in any method plausible. Pregnant women relish this with their husbands and will adore you more for it!
empathy,  husband of pregnant women
I am only doing this because i read it in a blog on empathy

· Do the Chores: Even though some wives are expected to clean the house, do the dishes, laundry, and other house chores especially when you don't have any help.Husband of pregnant women have to realize that on some days the greatest challenge of a pregnant woman is to get up out of bed throughout their pregnancy. By letting your wife unwind when she gets back from work (in the event that she works) or giving her a chance to unwind after supper instead of assuming that she'll jump right to the dishes, and doing some of the house chores yourself, is definitely a big help to those pregnant women who do find it challenging to stroll from their bedroom to the front door!

husband chores, Thinking i'm pregnant
This man must think i'm still pregnant for one more week
· Redesign the House especially the bedroom: For some women the bedroom is the sanctuary. It is where they can unwind, get rest, read a book, watch TV and of course sleep.  Changing the sheets, redecorating the room would definitely lighten her mood if it is done well.Not to mention, the type of material on the bed .. Try out Egyptian cotton or organic cotton, 1000-thread count, double-thick pillows... whatever it is... if your budget permits, get her the bed of her dreams and a comfy couch . She's the one carrying the person growing inside of her, not you the husband of the pregnant woman! That trumps anything you may have to deal with. Young Men, to be honest, you can’t imagine what it's like to have a person growing inside of you .
pregnant woman, redecoration
I read somewhere that this color calms pregnant women........Oh  it doesn't?

· Forgive her Mood swings and tantrums: If as a pregnant woman's husband you find your wife deals with mood swings during her pregnancy, forgive them immediately.
 Realize that

1) not every pregnant women deals with pregnancy the same way   2) for pregnant women and their husbands, every day may be an adventure;
 3) not everyone cares that she's pregnant... in other words, life still goes on. Bills still need to be paid, individuals still call her. and so forth. . So if she takes it out on you the husband accidentally, love her through it.. Whatever happens, don't contribute to the ball of emotions she may be dealing with. Someone needs to be the stable one and  it has to be the husband of pregnant women... deal with it. Husband, Love Your Wife... Even when She's Pregnant! Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad!, so suck it up and  work on getting both of you through the next nine months.
pregnant woman crying, pregnant women
Please don't cry...........Okay  i would take my shirt off and dance  gangnam style!
Read about the whole thing, don't just talk to friends and family and complain of walking on egg shells, read a book and enlighten yourself about the whole thing, a  600 word blog post filled with sarcasm would not afford you all the things and little details you need to know, if you were man enough to shove a sperm down her ovaries, you should be man enough to read a book like " The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be ,  to learn  how your sperm is doing and how it is affecting her body, her life and her moods.