Wednesday, 13 February 2013

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things to do for your partner
Your partner
   Wake your partner up  with a love song on valentine’s day. Call when you know they should still be sleeping [say 5 am or 6 am or even 8 am if your partner is the type that sleeps till noon (lazydrone) ] and then vocally sing a love song . You don’t have to be a musician but that is kind of an added advantage. If you sound terrible and your voice can probably cause a hurricane or induce migraines, then play a record underground or send an MMS. You might also request that the song is played on the radio and call or wake your partner up to listen to it. In case you don’t find any request shows that early ,just hope love songs would come up and then call your partner when they do, otherwise stick to the original plan.
 .  Write your partner a letter, listing 10-50 things you love about your partner , send it in an envelope and make someone else deliver it. Don’t drop it in the mail though; it may be delivered on the wrong date or worst still to the wrong person.
letter to future spouse, love letter
Write a love letter to your partner
       Send 24 unique text love messages every hour of the day, yes even in the midnight. If you use a very good phone that sets the sending time of text messages, you would save yourself the stress of waking up. You can lower this down to 16-18 during the hours that you are awake but ensure that the number is an even number of text messages.
love text message
Just copy this text message if you can read it.

 .Indulge your partner in their favorite interests, If your partner loves to watch sitcoms for example, then sit through one with your partner. Do something that is in your partner’s interest.
your partner
Let your partner do all he always wanted to do,-go around the house in his drawers and play with teddy bears.

things to do with your partner
Now I finally get that cuddle  i have been dying to get, Thanks to this horror film that i have seen countless times but she hasn't.
      Take up some of your partner’s chores, do not do what you can’t do or try to prove a point. Just assist and get it done well, so it wouldn't be a total waste of time at the end of the day.
After Taking this picture, i am going to leave the kitchen and  just call someone to wash these dirty dishes.
helping your partner
All I need to do is leave soap marks , that is the proof that i cleaned the floor.

    Allow your partner choose your outfit for the valentine day, help you shave or brush your hair. You would find out that the simple outfits are the most loved.
This outfit was chosen by my better half
                             HOW TO CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY ON A BUDGET

   Go out on a date night. Going  out doesn't necessarily mean  going to the most expensive restaurant to rub shoulders with the multitude you would find there on valentine’s day, trying to live up to an expectation they don’t know nothing about.  The date night may be a long walk on a busy street, stopping at intervals to buy road side meals. As long as the conversation is going smooth and your legs are not aching. The date night would go on well. Listen to your partner and allow your partner speak , share a good laugh. Have fun.
date night
I am only smiling because i read that on a blog.
   Have your pictures taken together ,by a photographer, not some clumsy amateur picture taken on your mobile phone and dumped on Facebook or instagram . Go into a photo studio and say cheese! Or better still valentine.
Don't tell anyone, the camera doesn't even work.

valentine gift ideas
The most expensive and valuable thing about this gift is the wrapper
       Give a Valentine Gift . A well packaged gift that fits into your partner’s life. What matters most about a gift is its usability and how it fits into your partner’s life at the moment. That said, cakes might fit into your partner’s recent sugar cravings and it’s use is pretty obvious. It is best to give 9 special gifts at different times of the day. The more the gifts hit the mark of usability and need, the more points you score on the invisible scale of love on a valentine’s day.

          Tuck your partner in at night with a phone call, recounting the events of the day and giving all appreciation for the effort in making the valentine day special, even if it wasn't  You have to credit your partner for the effort. That is all that counts.
calling in bed
Now i have to thank him for that boring date