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Thursday, 21 February 2013

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Your wife, your mother,wives and mothers,Marriage
Let your mother hold on to you as much as she wants
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The very first woman a man gets acquainted with in life is his mother.The first breasts he suckles, the first kiss he gets, the first full body massage, the first playmate, the one who totally understands each cry until of cause she gets confused.The bond between a man and his mother within the first few years of his life seals  what he would later expect from the woman who loves him or claims to. It is totally different from the way he sees girls who just happen to be an everyday prop in this lifetime movie. But when he settles down and begins to think in the  line of falling in love and building a home , he starts searching for a mother to call his wife. He never really finds it but must learn to deal with what he has and nurture it into whatever it would become. Here are some facts about the differences between wives and mothers.
Your wife, your mother,wives and mothers,Marriage
I am the head, I am your wife.

1.Your mother might be submissive to her spouse and your wife might not. 
This is assuming your mother is from the traditional good ole days where the men worked and the women raised the children, tilled the garden and kept the bedroom warm. She might be from the dominion-submission role of husband and wife. Your wife on the other hand might not be that submissive. She would respect you because she loves you and occasionally when you earn it but there would be times where she might find it okay to let you know, you have  lost your mind and at times she just might be right.

2.Your mother might be a bread winning assistant. This may have put her in an automatic back seat in financial decision making as pertaining to the family  but nowadays with  girl power on the rise and gender equality as a millennium goal for public and corporate bodies,your wife just might be the bread winner and you the assistant, deal with it! So in cases pertaining financial decision, she would not be acting like your mother, saying " your decision is okay with me", NO! she would tell you about the risks in your plans, more like the loopholes and also prepare the budget.She might even have a private account stashed away from you.
Your wife, your mother,wives and mothers,Marriage
No way are you going to use our savings to buy a macbook to  play more  video games.
3. Your wife might not be as spiritual as your mother. Okay you probably had/have a mother that goes for spiritual cleansing, all night vigils, mission to feed the poor and all kinds of spiritual exercises, your wife might be on the fence. She is spiritual in some things, logical in others, analytic yet in others, and indifferent yet in some areas as against the all weather spiritual mother who prays for rain. Apart from the fact that atheism is on the rise, because religion has not provided answers to a lot of mankind's problems but has in some cases complicated it. Your wife might not be religious but rather hold a knowledge of God and be more God loving rather than God fearing.She might see religion as a veil but instead come to the knowledge of God and how to exhibit the virtues he has already put in her.


4. Your mother might be named after her environment,because everyone knows her and likes her, she makes every other person's business her business, friends, family, neighbors and all.Your wife might have strict boundaries,she sees people for who they really her and not what they can be. Keeps the ones that seem to be no good far from her. She might also not approve of some friends who she feels are out to tie you down to some frivolities.
5. Your wife might be more of a WebMD follower,when she has a headache ,she goggles it , joins online groups and all when she is pregnant and be very critical about symptoms.. Your mother might instead be a home remedy expert, dishing out the old wives tales of how a particular green leaf cures back pain and reduces menstrual cramps. When you have a headache, your mother serves your drugs and cures you with her motherly love, your wife might instead give you a glass of cold water and then call the doctor or consult WebMD.
Your wife, your mother,wives and mothers,Marriage
Why don't you just tell your son to do this?

6.Your mother might be a super woman, juggling domestic chores and all , your wife on the other end may also be a super woman in her rights at least at work, where she runs a corporation or carries her company's finances on her shoulder. She might need a maid for the home front.

7.You can never do wrong at least when your mother is concerned, your wife might not think that way. She might think , time after time that you need your head checked. She might think that your mother needs to get your head out of her ass and see you for who you really are. She loves you but she is not blind to faults , just as you are not blind to hers.

Your wife, your mother,wives and mothers,Marriage
You are going to be punished for this silly PDA with your mother right in front of me.
8.If all the above differences fit your mother and your wife, then you can be rest assured that your wife would still make effort to be in shape  when she is 60, she would be able to hold up a current affairs or sports discussion when she is  60 and she would still have the fire as long as you keep your belly flat. It's the world we live in now, so deal with it, otherwise, go find yourself something else.If the opposite is the case you are living in paradise.

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