Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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letter to future wife
Letter to WIfe

           Hello there,
It took a lot of self-psyching to finally put a pen to my thoughts. I am not the kind of guy that writes, even my lecture notes are mostly photocopied but with every letter to my future spouse that I come across, I find myself wanting to write to you. First of all, I want you to know that I am not a saint, and that is actually putting it mildly. I am not a fire vomiting, thunder erupting and volcano blasting brother but I must say that I am also not the same kind of Christian I was 5 years ago, or even 5 days ago. I am constantly taking baby steps to the knowledge of truth, faith , patience, brokenness, love , long-suffering, compassion and holiness.

I have been a product of my environment, no thanks to growing up in a dysfunctional home and being exposed to all kinds of present day vices but as you know, our God is faithful and just even to the faithless as he commands rain to fall on both good and evil.

In my discovery of truth , I have come to realize that the fruit doesn't always fall far from the tree and the home is the primary shaping centre of the mind , body and soul. I have also come to discover that a good home is a product of a good marriage and this has made the whole marriage institution glow in new light to me.
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All my life , I have  set goals to become successful, get things done, develop myself , expand my horizon but I never for once thought about making myself a man who can lead a good home through a good marriage.
I have since discovered that this great neglect has somehow being preparing me to fall in the generational cycle of a dysfunctional home front.
I would love to be a good and loving husband and father . I would love to lead a God fearing home and be one with my wife through the journey of life. I would love to have a home of ever increasing love and not just becoming roommates after a few years of marriage.
In all this, I have also realized that the original plan of marriage was God’s, and no matter how much the world tries to get him out of it, it still remain his. It was his plan, his design, his work. And just the way you wouldn’t run a Toyota Camry car with a  Vespa engine, only in God, the master planner can we truly enjoy marriage and not endure it. With this, I understand why the rate of divorce and separation is high and why all my previous relationships never lasted and why I initially concluded that the so called “wife material” was no more.
I now know that I have to do it the God way, I have to summit myself to him to make me a husband material capable of handling a wife material. I now know that I have to trust him to lead me to the bone of my bone. With this new found knowledge and confidence, I write to you and say, It is well with you.
Your Future Husband.

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