Thursday, 31 January 2013

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Mall story
You will never believe what happened to me yesterday in a shopping mall. I still can't get over it. I went to the super market to pick something to eat and as I was walking down the aisle, I noticed a woman staring . I looked at her and kept walking to the front counter to pick bottled water and Sausage rolls. I picked them and turned to find the same woman right in front of me! I smiled again and said "hi" then I went on to get a can coke. Can you believe that  the same woman followed me through the store? I was getting a little nervous and mad because she was following me without saying anything. But trying to stay friendly" I just said "hi" She finally responded and said, "I am sorry for staring but you look just like my youngest son. We just buried him two weeks ago". I felt stupid for getting mad as I expressed my sincere condolence to her. She said she was fine as she knows that her son is with the lord. Then she asked me for  a favor.  She said she was a bit sad that her son never said goodbye to her before passing . She asked me to get in line behind her, & as she left the store, I should say “goodbye mom," so that she could have a sense of closure. Though this request was weird, I however agreed to grant them. So as she collected her bags from the cashier and walked away, I said “bye mom" she turned and said "bye baby son." when the cashier calculated my stuff, she said the total was 116,750!.I said." what? Can you tell me how a bottle of water,  sausage rolls and  can coke equals 116,750?She said" your mom said you’re paying for her's too". My mom? I shouted. That woman is not my mother!!". I quickly rushed out just in time to see the woman approaching the parking lot. I ran after her and was screaming.” excuse me, excuse me!” She started running towards her car as he saw me coming. I caught up with her just before she was able to close the door. I kept on pulling and pulling her legs!Then I woke up!